The Bloodline System - Chapter 88 - The Call

Chapter 88 - The Call

Chapter 88 - The Call

[Hidden Quest Completed]

[Dominate your roommates]


<+10000 EXP>

<+5 extra attributes points>


Gustav smiled as he traveled towards the hall.

'Looks like dealing with idiots always comes with rewards,'


Inside a large and luxurious-looking hall, teenagers in different outfits could be seen streaming in.

They moved in groups as they walked into the hall. Those wearing the same color of outfits were moving in together.

These were students from different schools in nearby cities that were also invited to participate in the exchange event.

Students from the same schools sat around one another so it was like a bundle of colors packed together making the hall look a certain kind of unique way.

Gustav sat amongst this large crowd of course.

The principal of Atrihea city high school walked to the podium to address the students.

He first welcomed them to the Atrihea city and proceeded to explain how the event was going to be for the next three days.

The students from other schools were going to tour the city and also tour Atrihea city high school the next day.

The day after, they were going to be exchanging knowledge on different subjects and topics.

Although it was called exchange of knowledge, in reality, it was actually a quiz based on the knowledge and intelligence of the students.

Calling it an exchange was a way of covering up the true meaning.

The third day which was the final day was when the duels were going to take place.

The students were pretty much very excited to hear about all this but they didn't expect that there would be also exchanging knowledge.

'Which students can I pick to represent us in the exchange of knowledge?' Principal Erwin who was seated behind the podium along with other dignitaries was thinking hard about this.

The truth was when it came to knowledge on normal subjects, the mixed-blood students of Echelon Academy in class 3 weren't very good at this.

Unfortunately no Slarkovs or Human came with them.

Only mixed-bloods from class 3 attended this exchange event. Most of these mixed-bloods only cared about how to increase their strength and were hardly concerned with studying.

Obviously, principal Erwin didn't think that something like this would happen if he did, he would have brought along students that weren't only muscle brained.

The principal of Atrihea city high school kept speaking about some other things for a few minutes before leaving the podium.

A round of applause resounded as he walked back to his seat.

The vice-principal came on the stage and announced the names of the schools participating in the exchange event.

There were up to twelve schools participating in the event. Two happened to come from Plankton city which was Echelon Academy and Black rock schools.

The rest of the schools were: Cheryl High, Brair Bullet High, Eagle wings high, Reflection academy, Mount Eve high, e.t.c. All of these schools were from neighboring cities.

They were about a thousand students present in the hall at this moment.

After the vice-principal finished announcing the list of schools participating in the event, he mentioned the time that students were supposed to gather for the tour and how they were going to be grouped.

Since they wanted students from other schools to mingle with one another, they decided that students from different schools would be grouped together.

Gustav just listened from his current position while yawning occasionally. He wasn't even interested in the exchange event anymore.

He wasn't only a bit interested in seeing different parts of the city.

After a few more minutes, the meeting ended and students were permitted to return to their rooms.

Of course, they were also free to wander around the vicinity.

The students left the hall in droves.

Gustav was walking within the large crowd when he heard his name.

"Gustav Oslov come to the east side of the hall!" A loud voice announced.

The students of Echelon Academy recognized this voice. It belonged to principal Erwin.

His voice was louder than a mega speaker which was why it reverberated across the entire hall.

This was Principal Erwin's bloodline ability at work. He could amplify sound multiple times if he wanted to.

'Tch, what does he want?' Gustav was irritated by being called out like that and being referred to as Oslov.

The students from other schools were already wondering who this Gustav was for him to be called out like that. They had no idea what he was being called for but they felt he had to be a big shot.

Only the students of Echelon Academy were shocked and confused at principal Erwin's call. They wondered why principal Erwin would want to meet with the well-renowned trash of their class.

A girl with long black hair had an uncomfortable look after hearing Gustav's name. She seemed to be moving with a group of friends earlier but paused in her tracks upon hearing his name.

"What are you doing Yuhiko? Let's go," One of the girls around her brought her out of her thoughts by calling out to her.

"So-rry, let's go," She muttered in a low tone and proceeded to keep moving with her friends.

Gustav had to turn around and start heading back into the hall after hearing the call.

He was practically moving against the current since everyone was heading out but surprisingly no one made contact with him till he got to his destination.

He arrived at the east side of the hall and noticed Principal Erwin and vice-principal Mark waiting by the side.

The principal seemed to have a look of relief when he saw Gustav walking towards them.

Gustav arrived in front of them and stared at Principal Erwin with an aloof look.

"What did you call for me principal Erwin?" Gustav asked in a cool tone.

"Good thing you're here Gustav," Principal Erwin started by saying.

"As you must have heard, there will be an exchange of knowledge the day after tomorrow... That is what they called it but I'm sure someone as smart as you are must have figured that it's just another competition," Principal Erwin added.