The Bloodline System - Chapter 87 - Senseless Beating

Chapter 87 - Senseless Beating

Chapter 87 - Senseless Beating

"Why are you locking the door?" Whali asked with a look of suspicion.

Gustav didn't reply to him. After he locked the door, he turned around and started walking towards Whali.

"Why are you folding your sleeves?" Whali asked another question.

"So I won't get blood on them," Gustav answered while walking towards Whali and folding both his sleeves.

Whali was still looking confused but before he could think any further, Gustav had arrived in front of him.

"Hey trash, if you think..." Before he could complete his sentence Gustav swung his fist towards Whali's left cheek.


The force of the punch sent Whali body's towards the side.


His face slammed into the wall and blood started trickling down his forehead.

Gustav didn't even wait for a second more before sending another punch towards his face.


The fist slammed into his left cheek again, sending him crashing towards the wall once again.


The right side of his face slammed into the wall causing him to tilt towards the left side after contact was made.

Bang! Bam! Bang! Bam! Bang! Bam! Bang!

It became like a game of tennis as Gustav kept punching Whali's face towards the wall causing the same action to repeat itself numerous times.

The other boys in the room had their mouths wide open in shock as they watched Whali continuously receiving numerous punches.

They couldn't fathom what was happening right now.

'Isn't he said to be trash? Why is Whali receiving such a beating and not fighting back?' They had such questions running through their minds as they stared at the unbelievable scene.

Currently, Whali's left cheek was very swollen and red like a huge boil while the right side of his face had blood trickling down. There was a huge swell on his forehead and eye.

Even with all this Gustav didn't stop.

He kept punching Whali's face causing his head to slam onto the wall then bounce back to him before receiving another.

"If you're not beaten up, you won't receive sense!" Gustav voiced out as his fist kept swinging out like lightning.

It wasn't that Whali didn't want to fight back, instead, he couldn't.

He hadn't even been allowed to complete a thought since Gustav's fist started raining upon his face.

He was helpless and defenseless like a chicken before Gustav.

"You bastard trash what are you doing to Whali?" Whali's friend who occupied the bed in front lunged towards Gustav.

His arm turned into a blade and he stabbed it forward at Gustav.

Gustav who was still punching Whali suddenly swerved to the side dodging the blade smoothly.

While Whali's friend was still moving across the air Gustav swung his palm towards his cheek.


A hot slap reverberated across the place as the boy slammed his forehead onto the floor after receiving the heavy slap from Gustav.


Immediately Whali's friend's head hit the floor Gustav swung his foot at his face.


His foot slammed into the boy's face, catapulting him towards the wall.

Gustav stretched out his leg and slammed the boy's face into the wall again with his foot.

Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam! Blam!

He stomped on his face repeatedly before placing his foot down.

The boy had already passed out from the intense and multiple kicks.

Gustav turned around to face Whali who was currently laying on the ground.

He grabbed onto Whali's head with his right hand and lifted him again.

Whali eyes were still rotating due to the Intense punching session he received earlier so he hadn't come back to his senses.


Gustav gave him another slap to the face.

"Kiaarhh!" He screamed out as his swollen cheek busted with blood splattering across the place.

"For placing your stinking body on my bed, I should at least break a few bones don't you think?" Gustav voiced out as he grabbed Whali's left arm.

Whali who was still screaming in pain, tried yanking his hand back but it was of no use. He couldn't contend with Gustav in terms of strength.

Gustav clenched tightly onto Whali's wrist and twisted it.


A loud sound of bones breaking could be heard as Whali's right arm was twisted anticlockwise.

"Kiiarrrhhh!" He screamed out again.

Gustav grabbed his fingers, "We're not done yet," He muttered with a smirk.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

The sounds of bone popping reverberated across the room.

Whali's fingers had been broken. They were bent completely to the back.

"Erm, Gustav!" One of the boys on the other bed called out with a look of fright.

"Hmm? What is it?" Gustav asked with an intense glare, "Do you intend to partake in his suffering?" He asked.

The boy had his mouth wide open and all the words that he wanted to say initially, got stuck in his throat.

"I can assure you that if you plan on assisting them, you will suffer the same fate... If you think it's a bluff, stand up from your bed," Gustav warned with a smirk.

The boy shut his mouth after hearing that and sat on his bed properly without the intention of standing up.

Based on what he had seen here he knew that he had no chance against Gustav. Also, he felt Whali brought this upon himself so why would he join him to partake of his suffering.

Even though he didn't completely agree with what was going on, he decided to sit down silently and watch, same as the other boy.

"That's for the left arm now let's move to the right," Gustav brought his focus back on Whali who was still whimpering in pain.

Whali stared at Gustav with a look of unwillingness as he tried wrestling himself out of Gustav's grip again but it was of no use.

Gustav held Whali up with his right hand now and used his left hand to clench Whali's left arm.


Another round of screaming started again.


Several minutes later Whali was on hanging from the ceiling with a rope.

His hands were tied behind his back and as his body loosely hung above the ground.

His clothes were pulled off and he was currently wearing white panties.

There were red marks all over his body and his expression depicted that he had gone through hell.

Even if he wanted to use his bloodline at this moment he couldn't due to the beating he had received.

Also, it would be pointless since he would just be beaten to submission again.

Whali's eyes slightly opened wider and he stared at Gustav like he was looking at a demon.

"Now, do you still want my bed?" Gustav stared into his dim eyes and asked with a threatening gaze.

"N-no, p-pl-ea-se le-t m-e g-o," Whali begged.

"Alright, I'll let you go but you have to understand that my service isn't free," Gustav said with a smile.

"Serv-ice?" Whali questioned with a look of confusion.

"Yes, service... I spent more than thirty minutes teaching you manners do you think I wouldn't receive payment for that?" Gustav said with a solemn look.

Whali felt like he was going to pass out again from hearing Gustav's words.

'This is the most shameless bullying I have ever seen,' He felt just Gustav's words were enough to anger even the devil.

"Come on don't waste my time," Gustav voiced out again.

"Ho-w mu-ch?" Whali forced this question out of his mouth.

"Not very expensive, twenty thousand rad should do!" Gustav replied.

"Acck, twe-nty thou-sand rad?" Whali felt like he didn't hear properly.

"Are you going to pay or what? Mind you I have a recording of you hanging from the ceiling," Gustav whispered into the ears of Whali whose eyes widened upon hearing that.

"If you want I can post it on the net, I'm sure you'll get lots of views and likes," Gustav said and turned around.

"I agree! I just need to transfer it to you," Whali quickly shouted out to stop Gustav from walking away.

"Ah, you've made me spend too much time in trying to convince you, the price has gone up to thirty thousand now," Gustav said while shrugging.

Whali nearly had a mental breakdown upon hearing that.

"But...but.." Before he could complete his sentence Gustav cut him short.

"If you keep arguing the price will keep increasing... Are you sure you want that?"

Whali quickly stopped arguing and agreed to the new price again.

Gustav nodded and let him down.

The transaction was done and Gustav had gained another thirty thousand rad.

Gustav allowed Whali and his friend Dojar to use healing pills.

"By the way, you all are free to tell everyone what happened here... Tell them, both of you were beaten up by trash," Gustav laughed lightly and stepped out of the room.

It was already time for students to gather in the multipurpose hall.

Every floor was very large so each one had a hall but this floor's hall wasn't the one that was going to be used.

They would be using the hall that was located on the hundredth and fiftieth floor which was where Gustav was headed right now.

He already left the boys in the room to their thoughts. He wasn't bothered because he knew they wouldn't even have the guts to mention what happened there, in the public.

While heading there Gustav saw a notification appear in his line of sight once again.

[Hidden Quest Complete]