The Bloodline System - Chapter 89 - Refusal

Chapter 89 - Refusal

Chapter 89 - Refusal

"What exactly are you getting at Principal Erwin? Please go straight to the point," Gustav demanded with an irritated expression.

Principal Erwin gave a wry smile and continued speaking, "We hardly have any good student who can represent us so we're hoping you can take our beloved school into account and be the main student who represents Echelon Academy for the exchange of knowledge,"

Gustav stared at the principal, then at the vice-principal before staring at the principal again.

"Why should I represent the school? I'm a useless trash after all," Gustav asked with a look of confusion.

"You're not trash Gustav, we all know that none of the other students are academically as bright as you are... Please don't let our school name be dragged into the mud during the knowledge exchange, we need to maintain our prestige. The other schools will not let us hear the end of it if our school comes last. They will not hesitate to poke fun at us, so please we implore you to represent the school," Principal Erwin proposed once again after a lengthy explanation.

Gustav stared at him for several seconds with a poker face, causing the atmosphere to be awkward.

"No! I'm trash," Gustav turned him down and turned around to leave.

"This trash will mess up your glorious school even more so you should pick one of those students who are not considered trash," Gustav started walking away after saying that.

"Wait," Principal Erwin called out to him.

Gustav paused his steps and turned his head around to stare at him.

"What can I do to make you represent the school? Is there something you want?" Principal Erwin asked.

Gustav smirked internally, 'So many things... Sadly my hands are tied here,' he recalled something while speaking internally.

"I'm not interested," He replied and turned around to leave.

The principal wanted to call out to him again but Gustav had already disappeared into the distance after walking at a very quick pace.

The vice-principal had a look of displeasure on his face.

"Can't we just force him?" Vice-principal Mark proposed.

"I'm afraid we can't even lay a finger on him," Principal Erwin said with a defeated expression.

"What do we do now principal Erwin?" Vice-principal Mark asked.

"We have no choice but to pick from the long list of mixed-bloods that came with us... Let's pick those who don't have very bad grades in other subjects," Principal Erwin sighed after he finished speaking.


Gustav had left the hall at this moment and was heading back to his room.

He snickered internally as he remembered what happened a while ago.

'All of a sudden I'm no longer trash now that y'all need me... Hypocrites!' Gustav had the urge to laugh till he was rolling on the ground.

'Fools, I would have made y'all spend some money if not for my bet with miss Aimee,' Gustav said internally with a big grin plastered across his face.

"Gustav?" An excited feminine voice called out to him from the side of the corridor.

Gustav turned to look at the person who had called him.

He sighted a gorgeous female leaning on the glass walls at the right side. She had silver and pink shoulder-length hair with two small horns protruding out of her forehead.

She was clad in a black sports outfit making her figure look extremely athletic and attractive.

"Fancy meeting you here," Gustav smirked as he walked towards her.



Both of them voiced out at the same time as they approached each other.

Angy face glowed up, "I knew it was going to be you when I heard that name," she voiced out with a look of excitement.

"Oh, I see... For someone who's meeting a student from an opposing school, you seem rather excited," Gustav said.

"Ahn, well..." Angy's face turned a shade of red as she joined her palms together.

"Is there any reason why you waited for me here?" Gustav asked.

"Huh? Is there supposed to be a reason?" Angy asked with a confused but cute expression.

"Of course... Or you're already used to the habit of waiting in front of my door and you just decided to use this place as a door also to block my movement," Gustav said with a contemplative look.

"Now you make me sound like a stalker..." Angy said while looking down.

"Yes you are a stalker," Gustav answered bluntly.

Angy's face looked more down upon hearing that.

"Haha, I'm just messing with you," Gustav laughed lightly and proceeded to walk forward.

"Gustav you meanie," Angy voiced out while pouting and stomping her feet on the floor.

"You coming?" Gustav said while turning around to stare at her.

"Huh? Where are we going?" She asked while walking towards Gustav in front.

"Sightseeing... It's cool if you don't wanna come, it won't do you any good to be seen with trash," Gustav turned around to keep walking.

"Trash? What's that? I don't care about that? Who said I don't wanna come...?

I'm coming with you," She increased her pace and caught up with Gustav.

Gustav just smirked and kept walking, "Alright then let's go,"


Gustav arrived back in his room after at night around 8 pm.

He had spent more than six hours with Angy.

They walked around the hotel visiting different places floor by floor.

Where they spent a lot of time was in an arcade park where games were played.

Gustav was surprised to see so many fun games and gadgets.

He especially liked the virtual reality games a lot where he only had to use his mind to play.

There were quite a lot of them but the one he liked the most was one where he was piloting a spacecraft.

He had always wanted to go to space so the feeling of being completely immersed in the game which was like going to space for real, was second to none for him.

He learned how to play and even competed with some people there.

Most of them kept asking if he was actually a beginner like he said he was due to the way he learned fast.

"I guess it's not as boring as I expected it to be... Hopefully, tomorrow's tour brings some fun like this too," Gustav muttered while lying on his bed.

When he arrived a few moments ago, the room became silent. His roommates didn't have the guts to converse normally in his presence.

Gustav wasn't bothered by this. In fact, he was hoping it continued this way for the next three days. The silence wasn't a bad thing to him.