The Bloodline System - Chapter 880 Stark's Arrival

Chapter 880 Stark's Arrival

Chapter 880 Stark's Arrival

Even in the dark night, the clouds parted ways due to the incredible speed of this creature as its golden scales glowed and gave off a majestic aura.

"Isn't that..?" Both guards eyes widened in surprise the instant they spotted the draconic figure.


It landed a few feet in front of them and began transforming back into human form.

"Family head Stark?" The male guard voiced out loudly.

"Not the family head yet haha," Stark laughed lightly as he approached them.

Both guards greeted him with respect as their faces still shone with disbelief.

"What are you two doing around these parts? Patrolling?" Stark asked as he arrived in front of them.

"We were tracking a presence we felt..." The female guard began explaining everything to Stark and what had happened so far.

Gustav who was still in the inanimate form was slowly starting to reach his limit after maintaining it for over ten minutes.

He reckoned he could still hold out for longer but with Stark arriving on the scene, he had no idea how his presence would affect the whole situation.

He'd rather not have to keep maintaining this form as it was pretty dangerous to stay this way for too long.

"Oh, I see," Stark voiced out after listening to their narration.

"We were just about to scan this place with an overseer device," The female guard added while stretching her hand forward with the brownish stone in her grasp.

"There is no need to bother with that, I was the one at the location where you heard the sound of a shot earlier," Stark voiced out with a dismissive tone while grabbing onto the device.

"That was you?" Both guards voiced out in shock.

"Yes, that was me. As you can see I'm also right here. I was busy with an exercise that has to do with the channelling of my bloodline so those sounds came from my body," Stark added.

Both guards looked at themselves for a split instant with contemplative expressions before looking back at Stark.

"Whoever or whatever the situation at the other branch, it must have been someone else so you two are searching in the wrong place," Stark stated once more.

"Alright family head, since that was you, we'll check somewhere else," The female guard voiced out first.

"You two do that. Keep up the good work I'll continue with my exercise in the meantime," Stark said with a smile.

Both of them nodded respectfully and turned around while transforming.

"Don't forget this," Stark three the brownish-looking stone-like device across the air.

One of them caught it in mid-air, before flapping their wings and flying off into the distance.

Stark sighed in relief after they left and turned around.

"They're gone, you don't have to keep hiding," Stark voiced out while staring at a particular part of the rooftop.

There was no response for some time even after saying that.

"Come on I know you're here. They would have too if they had used the device but not to worry everything is okay now," Stark said while walking towards the middle of the rooftop.

He arrived in front of one of the square-shaped appliances on the rooftop and looked down at it.

"I'm 99% sure this is you... disguising," Stark voiced out while staring at the appliance.

"Looks like the 1% wins," A voice was heard from behind.

"Huh?" Stark quickly turned around with a startled look and saw Gustav standing right behind him.

'I was wrong? How did he creep up on me so fast?' Stark wondered internally with an astonished look as he stared at Gustav then turned to the side slightly to stare at the appliance once again.

He then noticed one of the square-shaped appliances positioned a few feet behind was no longer there. It turned out he had missed Gustav.

"Why are you here?" Gustav asked with an unbothered expression.

"Ouch no 'thanks for saving me Stark' or anything," Stark voiced out with a wry smile.

"I would have handled it but yeah thanks," Gustav said.

"I don't doubt that hehe, you see I've been following you all night," Stark said with a chuckle while walking in a funny way around Gustav.

"That's impossible," Gustav said while his eyebrows creased. He didn't sense Stark's presence in the slightest.

"Well I kept my distance because from what I know about you, I'd get caught if I followed too closely... but even with keeping my distance, I was still able to follow you easily," Stark explained.

Gustav's eyebrows furrowed even more after hearing that. If Stark had been following then he must have seen everything that had happened and Gustav wanted to keep all of his plans private.

"I know whatever you're up to is for the sake of getting the emblem back so I don't mind. You just have to be careful. They would have been able to identify you with the overseer device which would, in turn, cause problems and affect your work," Stark said with a smile.

'How was he able to keep his distance while following me...' Gustav wondered.

"Alright thanks, you should head back now. I am not done," Gustav said while turning around to head towards the edge of the rooftop.

"Wait wait... Let me come with you," Stark said while quickly following after Gustav.

"No," Gustav refused bluntly.

"I can help. Something like this might happen again but I'll be able to keep the guards off you," Stark voiced out quickly before Gustav could leap off the edge.

"You're just gonna keep following me even if I said no wouldn't you?" Gustav mumbled while his eyes dropped.

"Yes... I mean no..." Stark chuckled lightly with a wry look as he responded.

"I can be of help," He added.

"*Sigh* alright," Gustav sighed before leaping off the edge.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

Gustav blasted across the dark sky with speed as Stark also transformed into his draconic form.

An immense pressure radiated across the environment as he flapped his ma.s.sive wings, flying after Gustav and catching up with ease.