The Bloodline System - Chapter 879 Tracking Gustav

Chapter 879 Tracking Gustav

Chapter 879 Tracking Gustav

They were about twelve that had arrived at the summit and they understood this as well.

In the next instant, they began to transform into a draconic form with black scales. Flapping their wings, they lifted off into the sky and began to fly in the direction of Gustav.

They felt whoever the culprit was, they would be no easy foe since they were able to get the branch leader.

However, they had no idea that the shot came from over thirty miles away. They would never expect that the culprit would be that far away so while they flew across the air, their focus was mostly a few miles ahead beyond their territory.

Gustav who was over thirty miles away had already begun to move away from the instant he successfully made the third shot.

The super-grade sedatives within the bullet were enough to put him down despite being a Beta rank so long as it managed to dissolve on his skin.

Gustav wasn't so sure if it would work when they were in their draconic form since they had one the toughest defence in the world with their lineage bloodline.

However, so long as they were in human form it would work which was why going on this operation in the middle of the night was the best course of action.

Gustav had expected one or two situations where his target would be awake but at the very least since it was late at night he expected their guard to be down.

That was the case for Kotario too even though he was awake and channelling his bloodline.

As Gustav flew across the air towards a different location, heading towards the east he felt fluctuations in the air.


He spread out his perception across the place, making it cover a radius of up to ten miles.

Gustav could sense two figures flying towards his direction from the west area.

"Over there, I can sense his presence," He heard a masculine voice coming from the same direction.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav turned towards the direction where he could sense them as he activated G.o.d Eyes.

'Guards... They must have followed me from the previous location,' Gustav said internally as he spotted these figures in his line of sight.

These weren't the same people from the triple mountainous area. Gustav guessed these guards must have been patrolling not too far from where he took the shot earlier but he must have missed them because they were probably out of his perception range.

The issue now was these guards were very good at tracking, having followed him to this point despite hearing the shot from outside his range of perception.

And even now they were about to catch up to him since they were moving way faster.

Gustav would increase his speed but based on what he had heard from the dialogue between both guards, he could tell that they would be able to pinpoint his location even better if he decided to use more speed and then this would turn into a midnight chase.

He didn't want to risk causing raising more alarms which would make more guards join in.

Gustav looked down and could see he was above an area of tall buildings.

Flying towards one of them, he landed at the top and stared at a square-shaped electrical appliance by the side.

Gustav looked around the rooftop and could see others like that placed in specific spots of the rooftop.

[Cognitive Concealment Has Been Activated] s s .

His presence disappeared as he moved towards the middle of the rooftop. He activated one of his original bloodline abilities, causing his body to start making small squirming sounds as he morphed.

In the next few moments, Gustav had transformed into the same look as one of these square-shaped appliances.

Gustav spread his perception across the place after taking this inanimate form and could sense the two guards approaching this particular location even though his presence had disappeared.

There was no doubt that their tracking ability was top-notch.

The flapping of wings turned louder and in the next few moments, two gigantic looking draconic figures with ash-coloured scales could be seen approaching this two hundred-storey tall building.

They landed right atop it and transformed back into their human form.

Gustav had no idea how they did it but even after going from ma.s.sive back to their human form, they were still dressed in their black and silver-coloured guard robes.

The transformation didn't affect their wears in any way.

"The presence vanished around here. I believe the culprit should be hiding somewhere," The one on the left voiced out.

"Hmm they might be able to conceal themselves, we should use the overseer device," The one on the right stated with a feminine voice.

Just as one of them brought out what looked like a brownish stone, a call came in through the communication device placed behind their left ear.

"Hmm, there seems to have been a disturbance at branch leader Kotorio's area," The female guard stated.

"The direction pinpointed leads to the position where we heard the shot,"

"It's over thirty miles away, could the culprit be responsible for the situation at branch leader Kotorio's area?"

While they spoke, Gustav began to sense another presence approaching this particular area.

'Another one?' Gustav was surprised that another draconic figure was approaching from the south.

However, unlike this two he could sense this one was faster and stronger since it carried a more domineering presence.

Gustav wasn't really bothered because unlike before he could maintain transforming into an inanimate object for longer than two minutes.

He only hoped they'd leave soon since they were starting to link him to the place he targeted.

"Let's use the overseer device, it will make it faster to find the culprit," The female guard spoke again as she stretched it forward.

Just as she was about to activate it, both of them sensed the presence approaching from the south.

"Someone's coming," The male guard voiced out as he looked up

Fwwhiii~ Fwhiii~ Fwhiii~

In the next instant, a two-headed golden scaled draconic figure could be seen approaching from the south.