The Bloodline System - Chapter 878 Raising An Alarm

Chapter 878 Raising An Alarm

Chapter 878 Raising An Alarm

"Looks like I'll have to take this shot in mid-air,"

After saying this, Gustav flew higher into the sky, ascending across the air with the weapon in his grasp.


After reaching up to three thousand feet in the air Gustav paused and held out the sniper-like weapon right in front of him.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

His sight zoomed-in heavily into the distance as he aimed the weapon forward with a steady grasp.

'Thirty-two miles...' Gustav said internally as his sight kept zooming in for several seconds.

His sight closed in on a mountain region. Three different mountains side by side could be seen as well as series of buildings erected on them. Gustav aimed for the first building on the tallest mountain of all three which was positioned right in the middle.

There were several people in guard's outfits positioned around the place. Some patrolled up and down the mountains but they had no idea that they were being watched from over thirty miles away.

Gustav looked inside the building he was aiming for and could see a few people already asleep.

However the person he was targeting happened to be missing from this household.

Gustav began to look from household to household since he couldn't find this person in the expected location.

The person who happened to be the leader of this family branch was nowhere to be found amongst the multiple buildings erected across the three mountains.

"Hmm?" Gustav felt he spotted something and looked higher up the mountain.

There was a faint speck of light that shone from up there for a split instant. He looked further up, at the highest part of the mountain in the middle and found someone seating in a crossed-legged position atop it.

This was the person Gustav was looking for, family branch head Kotorio. He seemed to be channelling his bloodline as he sat up there because there would be an occasional red glow in the middle of his chest area.

'He's awake... This will make things a bit tougher,' Gustav thought as he aimed for the neck area of this man.

Kotorio was a Beta-ranked Mixedblood so this had made things entirely more difficult than before since he wasn't asleep. Although being in a state where he was channelling his bloodline made him a little more vulnerable but nevertheless, he was still conscious.

Being asleep raised the success rate of this operation by a whole lot.

For all Gustav knew, he could even get spotted before he took the shot. Beta ranks were no ordinary Mixedbloods since they were just at the rank before Alpha.

Alpha rank was a whole new G.o.dlike rank entirely but with Beta being one rank away, they would be able to floor any lower-ranked Mixedblood easily and Gustav was no exception.

He would have to make sure to things went swimmingly or he would be found out.

Gustav's eyes focused on the neck area of this branch leader and finally, he took the shot.

Bang! Bang!

...Instead of once, Gustav took the shot twice...


Two yellowish-coloured lines cut through the air at immense speed, following after each other and arriving at the target of thirty miles in almost an instant.


An invisible circular barrier suddenly appeared around Kotorio as the first shot arrived before him. Cracks appeared around it but the yellowish dot which was the item shot out was stopped right before him.

In the next instant, he opened his eyes and looked forward with a sharp gaze.

...But then the second shot arrived almost in a split instant after the first shot was stopped.

It slammed into the exact area with the first one, breaking through the barrier and moving towards Kotorio's neck.


His hand moved with lightning speed as he raised it slightly with index and thumb spread.

He caught the small yellowish item right before it could make contact with his neck and raised it slightly to stare at it.

He gritted his teeth in annoyance as the yellowish item dissolved into a small cream on his fingertips.

"It came from..." Just as he opened his mouth...


A yellowish streak suddenly appeared right in front of him just an inch away from his mouth that was opened.

He tried to close his mouth back in time but it was too late...


He felt a force slam into the back of his throat in the next instant, sending him flying a few feet backwards.

"Its presence and visibility were masked?" Kotorio voiced out with a shocked look as the shot dissolved into his throat.

'Just how skilled is this culprit that he was able to mask even the bullet?' He thought internally as he staggered slightly after regaining his balance.

"But he's not here to kill me... I will find him and make him confess his intentions," Kotario voiced out as a ma.s.sive pressure phased out of him, causing the mountains to quake slightly.

Everyone in the vicinity began to wake up as they felt the powerful pressure he exuded. They could already tell that something was wrong and began to make their way toward him.

However just as Kotario was about to transform and take flight into the sky to chase after the culprit, he felt a wave of dizziness overtake him.

Those who had just arrived at his position after getting the alarm, saw him staggering and trying to keep his eyes open.

They had no idea what had happened and seeing him in such a state made them think it was an ambush but there was no one in the vicinity. Before falling to the ground on the mountain top, Kotario pointed in a direction.

In the next instant, he had fallen asleep.

"Branch leader," One of them voiced out while checking his vitals on the ground.

He found out that Kotario was not hurt in any way, he just fell asleep.

"The culprit must have gone that way," Another one of them voiced out as he pointed in the same direction Kotario had pointed at before he pa.s.sed out.