The Bloodline System - Chapter 877 Shooting At The Targets

Chapter 877 Shooting At The Targets

Chapter 877 Shooting At The Targets

"First location is Approximately forty miles from here..." Gustav mumbled as he placed the weapon on a railing standing railing area and locked his finger around the trigger.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

His sight zoomed in by several kilometres in a manner of seconds. It pa.s.sed through structures and multiple tall buildings up ahead.

It pa.s.sed through some business buildings and some residential areas, yet it kept phasing forward till it went beyond a small forest area.

Gustav stopped his sight from zooming in any further after it arrived within a household where the family were already asleep in their various rooms.

He moved his sight from the living room to the upper floor where he could spot three people sleeping in three separate rooms at first. Then he moved his sight further to the left where the last room was located.

Here he could see two people sleeping on the same bed together. A male and a female. It was obvious that they were husband and wife and most likely the parents of the ones sleeping in the other rooms.

Fortunately, they were not engaging in any triggering activities just as Gustav hoped. Gustav proceeded to move the weapon he was holding onto slightly, pointing it precisely in the direction he wanted it to head in.

His sight was focused on the neck area of the man who was sleeping right beside his wife.

Gustav's hand glowed with blueish energy that was transferred towards the weapon which in turn glowed a little.

'It has to be hard but at the same time gentle...' Gustav said internally as he slowly pressed his finger against the trigger.


A compressed firing sound rang out as the sniper-like weapon shot out a small yellowish-shaped item with immense speed.

It almost Instantly travelled across the forty miles and pa.s.sed through all the obstacles along the way effortlessly.


The man suddenly woke up as he felt a sting on his neck.

"Hmm?" He reached out to touch his neck but besides the small sting that only lasted for an instant, he couldn't feel anything else.

There was no blood oozing down his neck or anything, however, there was a visible small yellowish dot on the left side of his neck.

Just as he was about to stand up to check a mirror, a wave of drowsiness. .h.i.t him and he fell back to the bed before pa.s.sing out.

In the next few seconds, the yellowish dot on his neck disappeared entirely.

'One down... Six more to go,' Gustav said internally as he deactivated G.o.d Eyes.

He had just successfully planted an unknown item in one of his suspects who happened to be a Kilo Ranked Mixedblood.

The Vertigon man was a family branch head known as Moxitof and was pretty strong but Gustav had managed to get him due to good planning.

Not only was he extremely far away, but the Vertigon also would not have been able to figure out what was going on because of the high-grade sedative added to the shot.

This would make any victim fall asleep immediately and every trace or sign that something had happened would have disappeared when they woke up the next morning.

Gustav wasted no time in getting up after retracting his weapon and leaping off the sky rail.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

He activated Hover in mid-air and flew across the city.


His figure generated whitish waves across the night sky as he blasted across the air.

Gustav wanted to move as far as possible from the previous location due to the suppressed sound the weapon made after he fired it off previously.

They were no MBO officials in Mysonite City but there were Vertigon guards stationed all across the place in multiple locations.

Despite the sound being suppressed, the ones patrolling that particular area would have caught on to it and begun heading in the direction of the sound.

A few minutes later Gustav arrived over fifteen miles southwest of his initial location.

G.o.d Eyes made Gustav capable of targeting anyone in the city from almost any point but due to obstructions from structures or platforms, he would have to pick strategic locations.

He knew too many obstructions would hinder the shots from getting through smoothly no matter how strong the firing power of the weapon was so he knew to pick the right spots.

This time Gustav settled on the top of a tower-like platform on a bridge. There was a big rift below that looked endless. This was a big crack on one side of the island.

It made this particular location look a bit scary considering water couldn't be seen at the bottom since it looked bottomless.

Gustav squatted and mounted the sniper-like weapon once more while activating G.o.d Eyes.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

The night turned clearer in his line of sight as he began zooming in.

'Twenty-seven miles away...' This time the distance between Gustav's current location and the location he was aiming for was significantly shorter.

His sight kept zooming past several structures till it arrived in a neighbourhood-like area with multiple houses around. A similar scene to what had earlier played out.

The only differences were the location, number of people in this particular household and the target.

Gustav was able to successfully hit the target once more, smoothly downing the second one.

He wasted no time in moving away from this location as well as he pictured the map of the city in his head.

Gustav didn't keep G.o.d Eyes active at every point so he had to make use of his perception to move around as well as a GPS.

Over Thirty minutes later Gustav was floating in mid-air on the far west area of the island. He was so much at the edge that the ocean surrounding the island was just right beneath him.

"This won't work unless I find a platform that is at least three thousand feet high around here," Gustav muttered as his sight zoomed out of a particular location.

"Looks like I'll have to take this shot in mid-air,"