The Bloodline System - Chapter 876 Nightfall Actions

Chapter 876 Nightfall Actions

Chapter 876 Nightfall Actions

He arrived back in the room he was given later on and started to make new plans after setting up a monitoring screen that was displaying footage from the location he had just tapped.

Thinking about it now he felt he would need to tap not just the locations they were expected to be at but themselves as well.

'I need to be able to see where they are at every given time,' Gustav thought.

Using Life Signs Tracking would help him see them at certain moments but using it extensively would drain him of energy so it wasn't a wise option.

"I might need to make use of that last resort but then I will have to make sure I am not spotted while doing it," Gustav voiced out loud as he pulled a five feet long weapon out of his storage ring.

It was like a sniper weapon but it glowed a dark blue color and gave off a weird kind of energy.

"I'll just need to replace the energy shots and wait for dark," Gustav said as he started to tweak the weapon.

He pulled out a blade hidden at the top area and took off the scope as well. He wouldn't be needing that since his eyesight was good enough.

After finis.h.i.+ng up the necessary change, Gustav was ready to move out but he still wanted to wait for nightfall first.

'The only problem should be getting the main family members... Bila is a Delta rank, there is a low possibility of getting him with this,' Gustav thought about the only problem currently since Bila was the strongest amongst the main family members.

The two Vertigons who were Alpha-ranked Mixedbloods were not from the main family but they had the t.i.tles 'protectors' since they protected the main family for generations.

They were mostly not seen on the surface unless there was a huge problem that required their strength and currently only one of them was on the island.

Right now there was no huge problem that required strength and they couldn't handle the current situation Gustav was investigating so he didn't have to worry about them.

The main household had some type of barrier so he couldn't target the members of the household in whatever he was planning at the moment. He'd have to focus on just the family branch members and leaders he was suspicious of.

Nightfall arrived soon and Gustav jumped out the window before flying halfway across Mysonite city.

Kom! Kom! Kom!

Knocks were heard at his door a moment later.

"Officer Crimson, are you there?"

Kom! Kom! Kom! .

The knock mixed with the tone of a masculine figure rang out for several seconds before stopping.

"I guess he's busy again... It's been three days since anyone last heard from him *sigh*" Stark sighed as he voiced out.

"I really wanted to spend more time in his company," Stark muttered as he stared at Gustav's door with a slightly dissatisfied look.


He had a small breeze-like sound as he turned around to walk away.

"Hmm?" Stark had a suspicious look as he turned back to stare at the door with his eyes turning yellow with a mixture of red.

"No this is wrong I shouldn't use my powers this way, he could be naked or something," Stark said as the glow in his eyes began to dim.

"But what if he's in trouble..? I need to be sure he's ok so just one peek," Stark gulped down saliva as his eyes glowed up again.


His sight turned cloudy and all of a sudden he could see three hundred and sixty degrees within Gustav's room.

"He left the window open... There's enough air conditioning within the room to keep it at the best temperature level," Stark mumbled with a suspicious look.

Besides, Mixedbloods at this level of strength would be unaffected by any sort of change in temperature unless it was very severe.

"It's empty... This is probably how he has been sneaking out to conduct investigations," Stark said with a look of realisation.

"It's past 11 pm, what would he be up to by this time?" Stark mumbled with a tone of interest.

In a few moments, he began walking away. Stark avoided everyone's eyes and found his way out of the household, before making a turn around the house.

He arrived in front of the area where Gustav's room windows could be seen above on the second floor and stared at the one that was opened.

Stark traced the open window with his eyes turning to stare at a particular direction in the sky. Golden scales began to appear on his body as he bloated and began to increase in size.

His clothes got ripped off as another neck grew out the side of his shoulder that was also transforming like the rest of his body to look like a beastly figure.

A pair of wings two times bigger than ancient aeroplanes' wings sprouted out of his back as he grew to over sixteen feet in height. Powerful energy spread forth across the place as he finished his transformation.

What could be seen here was a ma.s.sive golden scales draconic with two long heads four horns and blazing yellowish eyes with hints of red. Stark's transformation looked so majestic and domineering that Von's transformation in his past fight with Gustav could not be compared to this.

Spreading his wings out, he flapped hard causing wind to spread across the place as he almost instantly disappeared into the southwest part of the sky.


Gustav was currently standing at the top of a bridge-like rail track suspended several thousand feet in the air.

He squatted on this rail area in mid-air despite it having thin metal poles and brought out the sniper-like weapon from his storage device.

"First location is Approximately forty miles from here..." Gustav mumbled as he placed the weapon on a railing standing railing area and locked his finger around the trigger.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]