The Bloodline System - Chapter 875 Stark's Inexplicable Strength

Chapter 875 Stark's Inexplicable Strength

Chapter 875 Stark's Inexplicable Strength

'Time to proceed with the next step of this operation... Jack is not so attentive compared to Aimee... The most dangerous and alarming part has already been scaled through before his arrival so getting rid of Aimee paid off. So long as he doesn't catch on everything will continue to go smoothly,' Yung had a crafty look on his face as he thought while walking away.

Two buff figures in dark bodysuit-like outfits phased out of the dark and followed after Yung as he walked away in the middle of this dark and dodgy-looking underground s.p.a.ce.


-Mysonite City

In a flash, two days had already gone by. Gustav had spent all this time scanning across the city from house to house, leaving no stone unturned.

The other day while checking the houses of the other branches of the family, Gustav had overheard some rumours about Stark.

Stark was quite powerful for a mixedblood of his age but even his own family barely saw him. It had been rumored that he was not only antisocial but also liked to engage in rather strange activities.

Whenever he was seen it would be with different technological items.

He barely attended training sessions with the rest of the family, yet not only was his strength still crazily improving but he would always come to test out weird items on the training grounds whenever he was seen.

It was like he had a pa.s.sion for other things and not the affairs of his family or their current state. This made most branch family members believe he was unserious with the t.i.tle of the next family head.

The previous family head died due to an incurable Mixedblood illness about seven years ago

He was also Stark's father and Madam Lilian's husband. Ever since his death, Madam Lilian had been the acting head due to Stark's young age.

Stark's father was said to have been the serious type who had been dabbling in the family affairs since he was little.

Some branch members of the family were dissatisfied seeing that his son who happened to be their next family head was the polar opposite.

Stark's father would always attend training, family meetings and even reached a high level of their lineage bloodline mastery becoming a two-headed at the age of thirty.

For the Vertigo family, there were three levels to their Lineage bloodline. One-headed, two-headed and three-headed transformation. The most powerful form for a Vertigon was the three-headed and being that powerful brought about respect from other members of the family.

Most Vertigons never even managed to become two-headed all their lives and achieving the three-headed form was something that only the head of the families had been able to do for the last one thousand years with the a.s.sistance of the Emblem.

While it was possible to achieve the three-headed form without the Emblem it was immensely difficult and it would take a Vertigon all their lives to get to such a point but once a new head was picked, so long as they had achieved the two-headed form, the Emblem would be able to upgrade them to the three-headed form instantly.

However, achieving the two-headed form in itself was no minuscule task. Even Stark's father only managed to achieve such at the age of thirty and there were even previous family heads who got to the ages of fifty to a hundred before achieving the two-headed form.

This common knowledge is what makes everyone still astonished about Stark today even though he was the opposite of what the family wanted in terms of personality. Stark had achieved the two-headed form from the age of fifteen becoming one of the strongest in the entire main household.

He was paired with others that were older in a duel that happened two years back and he defeated every single one of them. No one could understand how someone who was barely trained was able to achieve this.

He was eligible to become the next family head since he was fifteen but he was still too young so the rest of the main family members decided to push the date till was eighteen. Stark turned eighteen about a month back which was also when the emblem went missing.

It was obvious at this point that this was some sort of conspiracy to stop Stark from becoming the next head. Even though Madam Lilian had been the acting family head for seven years now, there had been silent unrest and low exclaims of dissatisfaction amongst the family members.

She couldn't pair with the Emblem because she was a woman and also not the true next family head so controlling the others with the power of the Emblem was impossible.

With the support of the main family members she had been in authority but she knew very well that Stark had to become the family head soon to quell any blossoming unrest.

At this point even though Gustav hadn't found the emblem, he had already made investigations to the point that he knew all of the branches of the Vertigon family who were secretly dissatisfied with Stark becoming the next head.

Now he had his eyes on the movement of a particular family branch and was watching the head of that family branch at the moment.

Different Vertigon family branches were tasked with different responsibilities to keep the city flouris.h.i.+ng especially the top-ranked ones and this particular branch, Caldur, was number four.

They handled the infrastructural companies the Vertigon family owned in the city which of course dealt with building projects.

This particular task brought a thought to Gustav's mind, 'Handling the Infrastructure also means they have the capability to hide something underground without the notice of anyone... They have absolute control in this field,'

There was something else that linked with this thought...

Gustav couldn't find the emblem even after searching across the city for two days but the card he had gotten from Mara would not react to the location of the emblem if it was underwater or buried underneath the earth.

Today Gustav followed the family head around observing his activities and movements all across the city. He supervised several places where projects were ongoing in the city before returning to his office to stay there for the rest of the day.

Gustav was unable to obtain any kind of information but he decided to infiltrate the office within the infrastructural company building.

This was a city of mostly powerful mixedbloods but there were still normal people who lived in the city besides the Vertigons even though they were not allowed within the Vertigon premises.

Gustav had to disguise himself using the ident.i.ty of a worker to get in.

He found his way to the office after some time moving around and hiding his presence at certain points.

Vertigons even though they were not allowed within the Vertigon premises.

Gustav had to disguise himself using the ident.i.ty of a worker to get in.

Gustav proceeded to plant a tapping device in the office of this branch family head before leaving.

He decided he was going to do this to every one of his suspects and watch them closely from a fixed point.

He arrived back in the room he was given later on and started to make new plans after setting up a monitoring screen that was displaying footage from the location he had just tapped.