The Bloodline System - Chapter 874 Moving Out

Chapter 874 Moving Out

Chapter 874 Moving Out

'Bila is definitely suspicious, being so defensive and trying to get rid of me at the start... Rony seemed calm and collected and didn't make any weird expressions even after all my provocations... The grandparents barely spoke, ruling them completely out is not an option but they're less suspicious than the rest... Madam Cilora is also less suspicious as her body language indicates eagerness when I mentioned the investigation... Stark's three sisters, Juli, Leonara, and Pearl were also less suspicious as well. Their characters were more like the type that couldn't handle conflicts except for Juli who seemed more invested compared to the other two...'. Gustav continued to note everything he had noticed during the little time he spent with them.

His main reason for trying to get on their nerves with his announcement of not trusting anyone was to see how they'd react. Of course, he was being serious when he said all of them were suspects but this was something he would rather keep to himself instead of saying out, however at that moment where he mentioned it, his eyes were on every single one of them.

But there was something Gustav didn't mention... He was also suspicious of Stark.

He had asked if Stark was willing to become the family head but no one answered. He figured he'd have to get close to Stark to pick to uncover his true desires and know whether or not this incident was something he could plan.

After minutes of outlining everything he had noticed, Gustav had a list of seven main family members he suspected the most and he'd be conducting secret investigations on as well.

Of course, there was still a huge probability that this was plotted by other branches of the family so Gustav would still have to scout the entire Vertigon premises.

Then he'd extend his search to the entire city as well. His mission was to find the Emblem and it was still on this island so he'd have to act as soon as possible before any changes were made.

It was a big island but they called it Mysonite City. There was no other city here, it was just a collective people of a singular city on an island. This made things easier for Gustav.

Gustav brought out a card that was yellow with patches of red. This was something he had gotten from Mara.

Mara invented this card that read lingering energy from anything, a device, battery, weapon, anything that emitted a form of energy.

After reading the energy, the card would react alarmingly when it was within a certain proximity of the source of whatever energy it read.

Luckily there was still lingering energy from the emblem due to where it was kept all this time so the card was able to read a little. All Gustav had to do now was visit every nook and cranny of this city if he wanted to find the Emblem.

The only way the card wouldn't react was, if the Emblem had been buried underground or hidden in a water body and these were two possible scenarios considering they were on an island.

Gustav decided to study the map of the City once more before getting to work. It only took him a few moments of glancing through before he could tell the location of every place within the city.

Changing out of his MBO outfit, Gustav wore a dark hoodie and pants before moving towards the window.

He leapt through the window and activated Hover.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

Gustav flew several hundred feet into the air and found out there was a barrier up ahead so he floated in mid-air at this point and stared at the ma.s.sive main Vertigon household from this height.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav knew there was no way the Emblem would be hidden in the house but he still decided to leave no loose ends and scanned every nook and cranny of the house from above using G.o.d Eyes.

After doing so he turned around and flew off.


Gustav traveled across the air for a few hundred feet before dropping to the ground to walk.

Fwwhiiiii~ Fwwhiii~

Two ma.s.sive draconic creatures blazed across the sky with immense speed with their flapping wings making loud wind-breaking noises.

This was a normal occurrence here as almost every single Vertigon could fly after transformation. The skies would always be filled with these draconic beings flying across the place.

Gustav didn't want to arouse any suspicions since he was flying in human form without wings so he figured, using land would be a better option.

He proceeded to start scanning household to household across the Vertigon premises with the card in his grasp.

It would take some time for him to completely scan the entire premises because it was like a small city in itself. After this, he would still have to move out and scan the city.


"He's in Mysonite City right now," The raspy masculine voice of a dark cloaked figure rang out as he knelt behind a man dressed in a blue business suit.

"It doesn't matter, he poses no threat to us without his teacher here," The man in a blue business suit voiced out.

"You do not wish to have him killed anymore?" The voice of the cloaked figure rang out with a tone of surprise.

"Not right now. We should be more focused on the task at hand. Instead, watch Jack and report his every movement to me," The man in a blue business suit commanded.

"This is a high-ranking a.s.signment, Sir Yung... The pay will have to be increased," The cloaked figure voiced out.

"Just get the job done," Yung Jo stated before he began walking away.

'Time to proceed with the next step of this operation... Jack is not so attentive compared to Aimee... The most dangerous and alarming part has already been scaled through before his arrival so getting rid of Aimee paid off. So long as he doesn't catch on, everything will continue to go smoothly,' Yung had a crafty look on his face as he thought while walking away.