The Bloodline System - Chapter 86 - More Discovery

Chapter 86 - More Discovery

Chapter 86 - More Discovery

The other busses also arrived and everyone got down and followed the teachers and principal.

The people within the environment stared at the hundreds of students with a look of astonishment.

They gave off a particular kind of lively vibe with the red outfit they were clad in.

From their young faces, they could already tell that these were students.

The students walked towards the large three hundred-story building up ahead.

Once they got to the front a man and young lady clad in business outfits came out of the building to receive them.

"Ah, Mr. Erwin welcome to Atrihea city," The man walked towards Echelon Academy principal who was a bald man.

They shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.

The man also greeted the rest of the teachers and waved to the students before they walked into the building.

The interiors were very beautiful and neat looking.

The ground floor was designed to look like they were in a garden of different types of flowers. These were actually projections coming from the walls and floors. It wasn't actually a garden.

A feminine statue made of ice block could be seen in the middle.

It was oozing so much coldness from the looks of things but the environment was warm.

Beautiful ladies in pink robes could be seen moving about the place. They were workers here.

The environment gave off a soothing vibe.

The students were lodged in at the reception area before they were taken to the two hundred and thirty-fourth floor.

Male and female students were not allowed to stay together so the floor was divided into two.

The first half was given to boys and the second half were given to girls.

Five students would occupy a single room.

The rooms were shared and Gustav happened to be in room 786C along with four other male students of course.

Gustav was given the key to the room and the four followed behind him. Two of them with unwilling faces while the other two weren't bothered.

-"Why did the principal give this trash the key?" One of them couldn't just help but voice out with dissatisfaction.

"Idiots will always complain over every single thing," Gustav muttered with an unbothered expression.

The student who spoke earlier was a boy with dark green hair. When he heard Gustav say that, his face twisted in annoyance but before he could retort, the other student beside him tapped him and gave him an eye signal.

He decided to keep quiet after receiving the signal.

They got to their room which was big and luxurious enough to contain even ten people if they wanted.

Five beds were placed in five separate spots.

Two on the left and three on the right.

The walls were practically screens as they displayed different kinds of digital images.

The room had a balcony up ahead that was very wide.

Gustav picked the bed closest to the door which happened to be on the left side and brought out his luggage from his storage device.

He placed his bag on the bed and turned around to leave the room.

The students have been told to head to the multipurpose hall two hours from now.

According to their principal, other school students would also be there and Atrihea city high school principal would be addressing everyone.

It was still around 8 am. Gustav wanted to familiarize himself with the environment for the next two hours.

It was his first time visiting another city after all. If he had a guide, he was would even leave the hotel to see other places but he didn't so he still had to stay within the vicinity.

There were different places within the hotel.

One of the places Gustav visited first was the mountain forest side which was said to contain exotic and rare animals.

Gustav wanted to use this as a form of research since it was hard to see normal animals nowadays.

Almost all the lifeforms on earth had mutated.

The combination of Slarkovs and humans was also a kind of mutation.

He wasn't the only one moving around the vicinity during this time, some other students decided to check out the environment too.

The forest area was a kind of highland located on the east side of the hotel environs.

Gustav went together with a group because according to the protocols of the place moving alone around there wasn't allowed.

Almost two hours later Gustav was returning to his room on the two hundred and thirty-fourth floor.

"Hmm, elephants, tigers, baboons, chimpanzees, squirrel... So more creatures existed outside of mixed-breeds," Gustav muttered softly with a contemplative look as he stood within the elevator.

He had seen different kinds of creatures today and he was surprised to find out that, more normal animals existed. He thought every creature besides humans, Slarkovs, mixed-bloods, birds, and a few other normal animals that he had seen before, would be mixed-breeds.

One couldn't find these animals in Plankton City. That was the reason for his surprise.

He got out of the elevator and walked to his room. Room 786C was the twenty-third room on the left side within the corridor.

Gustav arrived before his room and used the facial recognition registered there, after their entry earlier, to gain access.

He walked into the room which was noisy earlier but quieted down upon his arrival.

"Hmm?" He stared at his bed and noticed someone lying on it.

"Where's my luggage?" Gustav asked with a cool gaze.

The person lying on his bed was the same student who was dissatisfied with the principal giving Gustav the key.

The boy with the green hair was named Whali.

"Why don't you look over there?" Whali pointed at the balcony area.

Gustav followed his line of sight and noticed his rectangular luggage sitting there.

"And why are you on my bed?" Gustav asked another question.

"Haha, because this bed is mine now!" Whali voiced out with a burst of light laughter.

The rest of the students were also in their beds. The bed beside the one Gustav picked was occupied by Whali's friend while the two on the right were occupied by the other two.

The only other bed available was the one closest to the balcony.

"Oh, I see," Gustav said with a smirk and turned around.

He moved to the door and used the key to lock it so no one would be able to leave even if they tried to use facial recognition.


The clicking of the door was heard.

Gustav turned around after he finished locking the door.

"Why are you locking the door?" Whali asked.