The Bloodline System - Chapter 871 Suspicious Main Family

Chapter 871 Suspicious Main Family

Chapter 871 Suspicious Main Family

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"What is your bloodline rank kid?" One of them asked.

"I'm currently an Echo ranked," Gustav responded.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

"This is ridiculous, we need at least a Kilo ranked Mixedblood to take care of this case,"

?? n?? - ? o? ?? , ?`?`m "We need a replacement immediately,"

Most of the family members were immediately against Gustav being the officer to handle the case the moment these were revealed.

They continued to voice out their disagreements loudly until the current acting head finally spoke up.

"Quiet you lots!" She stated with a strong tone causing the chatter to die down.

"Madam Lilian as you know the matter is crucial... Are we really going to rely on this new officer?" Uncle Bila asked while giving Gustav another glance of disapproval.

Gustav just remain seated with an unbothered look. Contrary to their expectations he wasn't trying to defend himself. He just looked calm and uncaring which made some of them feel a little weird.

Some of them also felt, he might not want to say anything because he was afraid of p.i.s.sing off such a big family like theirs which but his look of calmness made them feel unnerved.

Gustav was in no way bothered because if they decided to take him off the case, he could ditch completing an MBO mission in the meantime and focus on trying to destroy Yung Jo.

Although he was truly fascinated about the lineage bloodline of the Vertigons, he didn't mind pus.h.i.+ng that aside for something more important especially when it regarded someone he cared about deeply.

"You all are just yapping away without knowing who exactly Officer Crimson is," Madam Lilian voiced out.

"Hmm?" Everyone turned to face her with looks of confusion after hearing that.

"This young man right here, Officer Crimson was already appointed as an MBO officer from the moment he was admitted into the MBO camp... Not only is he a Major Lieutenant officer but he also has the hero t.i.ttle since he saved Burning Sands city from potential havoc that could cause a planet wide catastrophe..." At this point everyone had looks of astonishment after hearing Madam Lilian narrate Gustav feats.

They turned to stare at Gustav in new light, feeling like they now understood where the calmness and unbothered expression was coming from.

"This same officer has several other feats to his name and has been completing five star ranked missions in the MBO since his first year admitted to the MBO camp. I believe he isn't even 20 years old yet and he's already an Echo ranked Mixedblood... Should I go on?" Madam Lilian had a look of annoyance on her face as she stared at her family members after speaking.

Some of them had slight looks of embarra.s.sment after hearing all this since they spoke out loud without even knowing more about Gustav.

Bila who started all this didn't do his research on Gustav well or maybe he did and just decided to only voice out the unfavorable parts.

'No wonder he looks so,' Uncle Bila said internally as he stared at Gustav who in turn made eye contact with him.

Gustav stared down at Bila without flinching even once despite the fact that this Uncle seemed to be a quite powerful Mixedblood as well.pan da-nov el ,c`o`m

Uncle Bila had to look away after seeing how Gustav was unflinching.

"I apologize for that Officer Crimson," Madam Lilian stated with a respectful tone.

"It's fine but the moment anyone doubts my capabilities again I'll leave you lots to handle the situation on your own," Gustav replied with a strong tone.

At this point, one of the three sisters stood to her feet and began heading towards the stairway.

"Juli, where are you going?" Madam Lilian asked.

"I'm coming mum, I'll get brother down in a few trust me," She said with a smile before storming off.

Madam Lilian was unable to ask her more because she was already halfway through the stairways before they knew it.

She looked even more embarra.s.sed feeling like Gustav would see their great family as the disordered type but Gustav didn't really care about all these.

"I recall the Emblem was well kept, can you tell me when it was found missing and where it dissapeared from," Gustav decided to get back into business as he asked.

"Please come with me to our private storage vault," Madam Lilian said while standing to her feet.

Gustav got up and followed after her down the west side of the living room which led to an hallway. Some of the family members followed after them as they moved towards a part of the ma.s.sive household.


A few minutes later, Gustav was standing inside a large s.p.a.ce luxuriously designed with silver color and lighting. It was like being inside an expensive new world with all sort of items arranged across the place.

There were weapons, rare stones, expensive jewelry, artifacts and all sorts of things stored in this vault room. Gustav estimated that the items here would be worth billions.

The s.p.a.ce was larger than a football pitch and they walked in the midst of these arranged items. There was a golden and silver pair of metallic looking wings up ahead as well.

It was very ma.s.sive and Gustav wondered why this would be needed when every single one of them could fly after undergoing transformation with their bloodlines. Gustav felt this item had some unique properties but there were many other items with unique properties here as well.

Up ahead a ma.s.sive 'C' shaped platform could be seen floating. Unlike the others it was placed there seperately and isolated at the top like it was more important than the rest.

However it was empty. From what Gustav could see, the outline of the 'C' was supposed to have something embedded within.

"This is where the emblem was kept after our previous head, my husband, pa.s.sed," Madam Lilian voiced out while gesturing at the C shaped platform up ahead.

"Hmm I see," Gustav said while looking around.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav looked around while G.o.d Eyes was activated. The 'C' shaped platform up ahead looked like a well crafted restraint that was capable of locking something in.