The Bloodline System - Chapter 870 Doubts Of The Vertigons

Chapter 870 Doubts Of The Vertigons

Chapter 870 - Doubts Of The Vertigons

This was also another reason why a lot of them couldn't be found in the MBO.

It was actually a miracle that Von and the others were ever allowed to join the MBO.

The surroundings was teeming with all type of guards dressed in the same whitish robe-like outfit with the emblem of the three headed draconic figure on their backs.

Gustav walked into this ma.s.sive household with the others where the rest of the main family members were waiting as well.

The living room was so ma.s.sive, it made Gustav wonder how many people lived within. He only had information on the family members but they still had chefs, maids, cleaners, guards and butlers. He reckoned over fifty people could gather in this living room and there'd still be enough s.p.a.ce for more.

Expensive artistic pieces on the wall, chandeliers made from raw diamonds and rare stones, pieces of furnitures that looked like they'd sell for millions.

Gustav decided to stop observing the household for now as he sat on one of the sofas. The entire main household was gathering here. It looked like his arrival was going make them hold a meeting.

In a few seconds, Sixteen Vertigons had gathered in the living room. Gustav could recognize every single one of them. Three children of the previous head who were all women, four uncles and aunts which included the ones who welcomed Gustav upon arrivale.

Four grandparents, two male and female and lastly the acting head of the household, Madam Lilian.

Madam Lilian just like Madam Cilora was also dark skinned but the others had lighter skin tones yet they still bore some kind of resemblance to each other.

Some of them greeted Gustav when they saw him while others just stared at him with inexplicable looks and took thier seats.

"Where is Stark?" Madam Lilian voiced out after noticing that one person was still missing.

"I have sent a butler to inform him about the meeting," One of the uncles who had a mixture of white and black hair voiced out.

"I would like you to go and hasten him up. We cannot keep officer Crimson here waiting like this," She voiced out to the uncle who responded by nodding and standing to his feet.

He walked towards the Southside where one of the diamond structured stairways was located and began moving up.

"My apologies Officer Crimson for taking up your time like this," Madam Lilian said with an apologetic tone.

"No worries," Gustav responded with an unbothered tone.

He wasn't in anyway offended as this was a part of his mission after all.

The others also looked at him like they were scrutinizing him.

'This officer seems quite young... hopefully he is capable enough,' Most of them had thoughts similar to this and some of them were just waiting to ask Gustav all sort of questions when the meeting begins.

Minutes later the uncle who had left earlier arrived back alone.

"Young nephew Stark seems currently indisposed... He claims he can't attend because he is working on something and we should just go on without him," He voiced out while taking his seat.

Madam Lilian had a wry look on her face as she sighed. Gustav could see the frustration on her face which made it seem like this wasn't the first time something of this sort was happening.

"Let's just go on then," She said with a look of defeat.

"Welcome once again Officer Crimson. I believe you have been briefed on our current predicament," She said to Gustav.

"Yes. According to the information I received, I have to help you find the original emblem of your family," Gustav stated.

"Correct... You see this emblem is a symbol and without it, Stark can't rule the family in the future. We've pushed the timing of the new head appointment several times because we have been unable to find it with our capabilities so we believe the MBO sending you here, you must be capable enough," She said lengthily.

"No worries, I'll start conducting my investigation as soon as possible to find it. If the information I got about it is accurate and truly only a real member of the main household can activate it's power then it would very much lose its value if it was taken away from this island... I believe it's still here, the only issue will be how to pinpoint it's exact location," Gustav said with a contemplative look.

Some of them seem to agree with Gustav's words and nodded their heads while some still had unimpressed looks.

"Pfft the MBO sent a kid to do a man's job? What qualifications does this kid have that makes you lot believe he can find the emblem?" One of the uncles voiced out with a tone of disagreement.

"Oh Bila, Being in the MBO at such a young age is enough capability is it not?" Madam Cilora said on behalf of Gustav.

"It is not," Bila who happened to be the second uncle voiced out.

"Being young also means lacking in experience. The MBO should have sent us someone who has handled similar cases before. We cannot have a youngster wasting our time," Another aunt voiced out in agreement to Bila's words.

"I don't think the MBO would send someone who is incapable of handling the situation," One of the three sisters of Stark voiced out.

"Little niece you seem not to know that this kid just came here straight from the MBO camp. Which means he is still just a cadet or he just finished... That screams inexperience," Uncle Bila voiced out again causing the others eyes to widened.

Those who didn't initially doubt Gustav capabilities began to doubt after hearing this.

"Is this true?" One of the uncles asked after hearing that.

"Absolutely correct... I infact just completed my MBO training," Gustav finally responded with an unbothered tone.

-"What is the MBO thinking sending us an inexperienced officer,"

-"We need to switch and get a better one right now,"

Some of the family members instantly voiced out their dissatisfactions after hearing that.

"What is your bloodline rank kid?" One of them asked.