The Bloodline System - Chapter 872 Meeting Stark

Chapter 872 Meeting Stark

Chapter 872 Meeting Stark

Gustav was able to peer into it and note its properties well. He turned to the side and scrutinized the entire s.p.a.ce.

Not only was the wall so thick that he had to peer at a particular for a longer period to see through, but even the entrance was also crafted in such a way that it would be impossible for just anyone to get in here.

"I need a list of everyone who has access to this place," Gustav said while deactivating G.o.d Eyes.

"Oh, it's just us main members of the family... Except for the little ones below sixteen years of age," Madam Lilian answered instantly.

"Interesting... So only seventeen of you have access to this place and it can't be accessed by other branches of the family... "Gustav said with a slightly low voice.

"You understand what I'm getting at right?" He added.

"It's impossible... Someone else must have found a way to get access. There's no way anyone amongst us could do such a thing," Uncle Bila voiced out with a look of annoyance after hearing Gustav speak.

"You see, I didn't say nothing yet. Why are you getting so defensive?" Gustav asked with a look of ridicule.

"You... I... Of course, I'd get defensive when you're about to make speculations about one of us committing such a treacherous act. It affects us too so no one among us will be stupid enough to do that," Uncle Bila said with a strong tone.

"He's right, its not possible for the culprit to be among anyone of us. It affects everyone... Also because it got missing at a time when we were on a vacation outside the island together, only the guards were left to protect the main household and when we got back it was already missing," Madam Cilora voiced out from the side.

"Everyone wants Stark to become the head of the family right away, no one would want to try such," Madam Lilian added as well.

"Hmm I see, but does Stark want to become the family head though?" Gustav asked and what came next was a few seconds of silence.

Their looks gave Gustav the answer to the question. Just as Gustav was about to speak again, two people walked through the entrance of the vault.

"Goodness, it truly is you," A masculine voice filled with shock and astonishment was heard from up ahead as the two approached.

Gustav stared at the person who had just spoken. It was the dark-skinned young man who looked no older than eighteen years of age.

He had curly-looking hair with braids at the front that reached down to his chin area. Beside him was a girl who looked a bit older but they bore semblance to each other. She had long dark hair and beautiful brown skin. This was the same girl that left the living room earlier, Juli.


"I thought he wouldn't come out of his room,"

The other family members were surprised as they spotted Stark walking toward them.

Stark arrived in front of Gustav and held his hand before shaking it himself, "I'm a huge fan Officer Crimson," He said with a look of excitement.

"Oh... Good to meet you Stark," Gustav was a bit surprised that Stark knew him, considering the others mostly had no idea who he was when he arrived here.

"My goodness I can't believe you were put on this case, I'm sorry I didn't show up earlier," Stark voiced out while still shaking Gustav's hand.

The others in the vicinity were surprised as they watched this exchange because it seemed like Stark showed himself after being made aware of Gustav's presence.

Originally Stark wouldn't even show up for any meeting even at times when his mother went in person to call him but now he was showing so much interest in a person.

"Stark I thought you said you were busy," The uncle who went to call Stark out earlier voiced out.

"Yeah uncle Rony, I'm less busy now haha," He laughed lightly.

Everyone looked at him like they knew he was just messing around and only showed up because he found out it was Gustav.

This led them to believe they had truly looked down on Gustav if Stark of all people could be turned into such a fanboy.

"You guys don't know Gustav Crimson? He is most powerful new generation Mixedblood..." Stark voiced out after he felt he was being judged by their eyes.

"Madam Lilian pointed out something similar earlier..." One of them stated in response.

'We truly underestimated this kid... He must have a lot of influence in the outside world,' Some of them had thoughts similar to this.

"I have followed all your achievements, it's great to finally meet you in person," Stark voiced out again.

"Yeah, it's good to meet you too. I believe you're the next head of this family?" Gustav said while scrutinizing Stark's reaction.

"...Yeah... They want me to be so I guess I am," Stark responded with a wry smile.

"Good, I'll be needing your help in the future to find the missing Emblem... Can I count on you to be of help?" Gustav asked.

"Sure sure anything you need," Stark responded with a look of delight.

"Alright, I'll get down to work immediately but first..." Gustav said as he walked towards the 'C' shaped floating platform up ahead.

Everyone stared at him wondering what he wanted to do. Gustav arrived below it and activated Hover.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

He floated upwards while bringing out something that looked like a platinum-colored card and placed it before the 'C' shaped platform.

'It's been a month but it should at least have some residual energy,' Gustav thought as he waited.

A few moments later the platinum-colored card slowly transformed into a pale yellow color with hints of red.

'Good, now I can properly start the mission,' Gustav said internally while descending with the card in his grasp.

"What did you just do?" Uncle Bila asked with a suspicious tone.

"A necessary procedure is all... I will only consult with Madam Lilian and the next family head as I make my investigations," Gustav said as his eyes turned into slits.

"What do you mean by that?" Another one of the aunties asked.