The Bloodline System - Chapter 869 Arriving In The Vertigon Premises

Chapter 869 Arriving In The Vertigon Premises

Chapter 869 Arriving In The Vertigon Premises

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


Despite how immensely fast it was moving, everything seemed smooth. It was almost like turbulences were being cleared for them to move with ease.

Gustav just sat in one of the pa.s.senger seat strapped in and kept going through some of the information for this mission in his head.

???? ??????? At the same time his mind was alert as he recalled his last time flying out of camp. Internally he was hoping he got attacked again so he could finally lay his hands on evidence that would be traced back to Yung Jo.

Surprisingly the travel went smoothly and in just two hours, they had nearly reached the other side of earth. Although Gustav now had flight ability, he knew he could never match up to the speed of this aircraft. At least not now.

The only person he knew capable of moving even faster was Miss Aimee as he recalled that when she was unsealed she moved like she was teleporting.

Gustav could never forget the day Miss Aimee took him almost halfway across the world in barely a few seconds and displayed her true strength to him.

Sometimes he forget that Miss Aimee was one of the most powerful beings in the universe presently. Destroying a planet was truly something she could do if she willed it but then Yung Jo who was significantly weaker had managed to get the better of her.

This proved that intelligence was truly powerful in a sense. Although he knew Yung Jo's was more of scheming, nevertheless it was still a part of intelligence.

Gustav just had to beat him at his own game or literally beat him to death.

After another hour went by, the aircraft began to lose alt.i.tude as they took a particular route in the sky. Gustav could feel they had descended by a few thousand feet compared to their initial height.

He looked at the holographic monitor which displayed the outside and could see a kind of thick fog up ahead blocking the entire sky.

The pilot kept moving and flew straight into it.

Few moments later they phased through the fog and what appeared in their line of sight was an island situated in the middle of the ocean. No land could be seen at all in the surroundings except for this particular island which looked well structured.

One could already see tall buildings and we'll constructed paths from this height in the sky. Mountains, trees and other natural views looked good from the sky. The aircraft had significantly slowed down as it descended at this point.


Gustav could see the city on this island better as they glided above the structures towards the eastern part.

?"Vida 001 is cleared for landing,"?

A voice was heard through the communication device on the aircraft as they closed in on a part of the city that looked way more better structured than the others.

a??a ???????

A few seconds later they landed in a private airs.p.a.ce. Gustav got off the aircraft and a few people were already waiting for him up ahead.

"Welcome to Mysonite City officer Crimson," A dark skinned woman who looked no older than the age of thirty voiced out as she walked towards Gustav.

"Thank you," Gustav said as he received her handshake.

There were two other men beside her who also welcomed Gustav as well.

"I am Madam Cilora Vertigon and these are, Marklin and Jude," She said with a respectful tone.

Gustav recognized all three of them from the information he had gotten on the family recently. Madam Cilora was the direct aunt of the next head of the family while the other two, Marklin and Jude Vertigon were his uncles from his mother's side.

They were important members of the main Vertigon household and they had come here to meet with Gustav directly. Some guards were positioned around the place. It would seem they were followed around by guards even though they were currently within the Vertigon premises.

"This is the Vertigon hangar, please come with us to the main household," Madam Cilora said while gesturing for Gustav to follow them.

"Sure," Gustav responded as they moved towards one of the small land vehicles parked at the side.

There were about three of them and Gustav got into the first one with Madam Cilora while the other two got into the next one and the last one was occupied by the guards.

As they drove off, Gustav looked around. The runway of the private hangar area was quite ma.s.sive. There were also multiple private aircraft parked by the sides all looking luxurious with some engineers attending to one or two.

There was no doubt that the Vertigon Family was very wealthy. They probably had a s.p.a.cecraft as well since it was not news that very rich families could own s.p.a.cecraft if they wanted to.

The entire Vertigon premises was like a small city itself as they drove for about twelve minutes, bypa.s.sing multiple well structured houses and people moving across the place before arriving at their destination... The main Vertigon Family house.

Gustav got off the land vehicles with the others as they arrived before this gigantic building that was at least thrice the size of a mansion.

It was silver and violet in color with the golden statue of a three headed draconic creature in front. This was the most luxurious looking household Gustav had ever been to and this wasn't so surprising considering this family was one of the top three richest in the entire world.

Before this he had also seen multiple households and there were at least a thousand Vertigons living in this Vertigon premises.

Everyone he had been seeing all bore some type of resemblance to one another which depicted they were all blood relatives living in this large city like premises.

Unlike the others they were also a mixedblood family with a Lineage Type Bloodline which was another reason why they were so close guarded and lived isolated from the rest of the world.

It was very rare to find any mixedblood with a lineage type bloodline because of how families like this liked to keep to themselves and keep the bloodline from getting out of the family.