The Bloodline System - Chapter 868 - Off To Mysonite City

Chapter 868 - Off To Mysonite City

Chapter 868 - Off To Mysonite City

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"Well I've been wanting to kill him for a long time and now I have more reason to do so," Gustav's face turned cold as he spat out.

Gustav had actually been using the sacred jewel to secretly spy on Yung Jo sometimes and he had noted a few things.

The sacred jewel could show footage of anyplace so long as Gustav could direct it so Gustav had occasionally checked the household of the Jo's as well as where their company was located in Plankton City and Yung's office.

However he hadn't found anything of real substance except for maybe a few suspicious movements and disappearance.

He couldn't ask the sacred jewel to spy on places he had no idea about which was why he still hadn't found anything substantial even after spying on Yung a few times.

Yung Jo wasn't so stupid that he would engage in his suspicious activities in known places like his father's industrial areas or even his own place. He would always pick somewhere shady and well hidden. So long as Gustav didn't know where to look, it was impossible for the sacred jewel to spy on such places.

"I still need to find out what he's up to and device the best way of killing him..." Gustav voiced out with a contemplative expression.

Gustav had decided that he would kill Yung Jo no matter what. He just needed evidence that Yung Jo had been up to something that was detrimental towards the earth so killing him would be justified if it ever got revealed.

At this point Gustav didn't care about his backing or who was protecting Yung. Miss Aimee had said he had to die so he had to die.


The sacred jewel suddenly appeared in front of him. The flicker of florescent colored light within it had become as large as a half a baby's palm at the moment.

"I want you to check Yung Jo's office once more," Gustav voiced out.

The flicker of florescent light within it suddenly dimmed and dissapeared before the entire circular surface turned white.

A footage of Yung's office was displayed in the next instant. It was quite large with a luxurious looking desk at the right corner and arts on the wall. There was no one within the premises

"Can you keep tabs? Record this particular location and don't stop recording even when anyone comes in... until I tell you to stop don't stop," Gustav commanded.

The sacred jewel disappeared in the next instant. Gustav needed eyes to be on one of the environments where Yung frequented 24/7.

He couldn't decide to keep an eye on the office himself for long so the sacred jewel was going to record all the happenings within the office for the next few days and after he had left camp he would playback some of the footage.

Gustav's plan was to at least spot some type of clue or anything that could help him against Yung Jo. He already knew Yung Jo wouldn't do anything suspicious within his office but at the very least it was possible to find something that could help.

Maybe with this he could find out what Yung Jo did to miss Aimee and what he was plotting.

"Yung Jo..." A silent rage was slowly building up within Gustav as he calmly voiced out his name.

He had to quickly deal with his current mission so he could handle this afterwards but he actually wished he could go after Yung Jo right away.

"You will be sharing the same fate with your little brother soon," Gustav swore underneath his breath.

The rest of the night went by very quickly and the next morning arrived. Gustav was ready to go as early as 5:00am in the morning.

He had to move to the main hall where he would go through the mirror teleportation checkpoint that led to the ma.s.sive s.h.i.+p like platform in the middle of the ocean.

All his friends had come out to bid him farewell including the girls. Angy shared a pa.s.sionate hug with him before headed towards the main hall. She was too shy to kiss him in front of everyone.

Matilda, Vera, Elevora and Glade as well we're all present. E.E and the boys shared fist b.u.mps with Gustav and agreed to meet up in the outside world when they finished over here as well whether or not Gustav decided to partic.i.p.ate in IYSOP.

Minutes later Gustav was heading through the teleportation mirror after getting cleared to leave the camp. He turned around and looked at the place with G.o.d Eyes Activated.

For all he knew this might be the last time he would be here except he had some business with the MBO camp. As of this point he was done training in the MBO camp.

He turned around and headed in through the mirror before arriving on the ma.s.sive platform gliding atop the ocean.

The moment he went through, just like before one could see several building like structures on this platform and many MBO officers moving around the place.

Up ahead, many aircraft were parked with different sizes, all having the MBO emblem crafted on their sides. Gustav only moved forward for a bit before an Officer wearing pilot uniform approached him.

"Officer Crimson, I'm Jay Bach your pilot," He voiced out with a respectful tone while reaching out to shake Gustav.

Gustav received his handshake and the male officer who had a black alligator like head, lead Gustav towards his aircraft.

It was among the most luxurious looking ones in amongst all the aircraft with only a few pa.s.senger seat.

Gustav settled down in no time and they took off. Mysonite City was on the other side of the world which originally would take no less than six hours of flying to get there but this particular aircraft was pretty fast so the time was cut in half.


It glided off into the sky a few moments after the pilot started the engine. The aircraft was moving so fast, it already broke the sound barrier in a couple of seconds.