The Bloodline System - Chapter 867 - Miss Aimee's Hidden Message

Chapter 867 - Miss Aimee's Hidden Message

Chapter 867 - Miss Aimee's Hidden Message

He had no idea how it was leaked but the entire camp knew Gustav was leaving for his next mission the next day.

A lot of them were still trying to befriend him so they tried to get some kind of parting gift and give it to him but Gustav had purposely refrained from leaving his room for the rest of the day so he was able to avoid them.

He held onto a small fingernail-sized device and placed it on the bed beside him.

"Why did Gradier Xanatus ask me to play this only when I'm alone?" He voiced out loud with a look of suspicion.

This was supposed to be where more information about his mission was computed so he still had to study it. However, he felt a little suspicious when Gradier Xanatus mentioned he should only check it when he was alone.

It was normal not to play such in public since it was a personal mission so why did Gradier Xanatus feel the need to specify it.

Gustav also felt he might also be reading into things too much but it didn't matter since he would be checking it now anyways.

He proceeded to tap on the device, causing holographic footage to appear in mid-air.

This holographic footage displayed information about the mission just as it was supposed to. More details were being displayed and some of them emphasize things Gradier Xanatus initially gave a brief explanation on.

Gustav took note of these pieces of information one after the other which included not just different locations in Mysonite City but also the Abilities of everyone in the main Vertigon family.

Gustav found out that Von's family was fairly close to the main family and was the third revered branch of the family.

There were also two more before them that was well revered since these branches had a few Mixedbloods who were already a part of the MBO.

Cousins, half cousins, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, step aunts, grandmothers, grandfathers, e.t.c. you could find all these and more in the Vertigon family.

There happened to be a particular location in the city where all of them were situated that took up half the city because of their size.

The person who was meant to become the next family head, Stark Vertigon happened to be quite a powerful Mixedblood at such a young age but he was never interested in joining the MBO despite how talented he was.

Gustav checked on more information about him and realized he was quite popular in the family not just because of his t.i.tle as the next head but also due to some feats he had performed in the past.

It took up to two hours before the different footage being displayed about more information on the Vertigon family finally ended.

"Oh so there was nothing then," Gustav voiced out after it ended without anything suspicious happening.

However, he seemed to have spoken too soon as the holographic image that was clearing up suddenly glitched repeatedly.


In the next moment, it changed into a footage.

"Miss Aimee?" Gustav voiced out with a surprised expression as a portrait of Miss Aimee appeared on the holographic projection.

"Gustav by the time you'll be seeing this I'll already be gone. This means he'll be one step closer to achieving his goals. He managed to get me to a certain extent but not to worry I'll be fine," Miss Aimee began voicing out.

It was obvious this was pre-recorded footage with the way she was speaking.

'So she did leave a message for me,' Gustav said internally as he focused on the footage.

"You have to kill him. He's close to achieving his plans so I want you to kill him since I currently cannot do it myself," Miss Aimee voiced out.

"Earth is no longer conducive for me and it's all his doing. I am looking for a way to reverse what he did but by the time I successfully do so, he might have already achieved his plans... I left this for you because you're the only person I can trust with such a mission. I cannot inform any other person on earth or it will cause adverse effects... I know you can do it little rascal," Miss Aimee smiled at the last sentence as her face began to turn grey.

"I need to leave now. Make sure you kill Yung Jo!" The instant she finished saying this, the footage scrambled and disappeared altogether.

Towards the middle, Gustav kept wondering who she wanted him to kill but at the end, his face lit up with confusion as she mentioned Yung Jo.

Miss Aimee had stopped Gustav from going after Yung Jo multiple times claiming he had different protection methods and she also mentioned how she couldn't outright kill him because it would cause problems.

Now that she was telling him to kill Yung Jo, he figured whatever she found out before leaving must have been very messed up.

So messed up, she decided to disregard everything and decided that at this point Yung Jo just had to die.

"She left because of him?" Gustav voiced out with a tone of disbelief.

He recalled seeing her face turn greyish when she mentioned there was no time left. Yung Jo was just a weak mixedblood from what Gustav remembered but his a.s.sets and connections and background made him a force to be reckoned with. If he was able to pull such a thing off with Miss Aimee, Gustav could no longer underestimate his intelligence.

It was one thing to have a lot at his disposal due to background and it was another thing to be intelligent enough to use all that to achieve your goals. He even managed to send Miss Aimee packing.

Everyone thought Miss Aimee was infected with the so-called grey particle from the city she saved, they had no idea it was due to Yung Jo who had successfully plotted against Miss Aimee.

"Well I've been wanting to kill him for a long time and now I have more reason to do so," Gustav's face turned cold as he spat out.