The Bloodline System - Chapter 866 - E.E's Unstoppable Ability

Chapter 866 - E.E's Unstoppable Ability

Chapter 866 - E.E's Unstoppable Ability

"How the h.e.l.l is that fu*ker still able to move?" E.E voiced out with a tone of disbelief.

This was the first time he had seen any mixedbreed move after getting decapitated.

He wasn't the only one shocked, the others were just as shocked.

After slamming into the wall, the creature pulled itself out of the hole that was created and began to charge toward Gustav while blood was still jetting out of its empty neck area.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

Gustav dashed forward and leaped upwards, somersaulting in mid-air as the creature's claws missed him by a few inches.

A spherical orb appeared in Gustav's palm as he was flying above the creature, which he pushed down into its bleeding neck before flying past it across the air.

Weird sounds rang out as the orb forced its way down the b.l.o.o.d.y throat of the creature, causing its neck area to bloat immensely.

After landing several hundred feet away, Gustav gave the boy's signal to distance themselves while the creature held onto its headless neck, trying to stop the orb from going further down.

E.E who had turned around to puke was unable to move away or create any vortex for them so Gustav stomped on the ground.


Diamond-like stones protruded from the ground in a line up spreading and reaching where the others were.

In a few moments, it created a tall wall behind them, blocking them from the creature.

Gustav leaped backward, leaving more gap between himself and the creature before also creating an iro silk wall in front of himself.

At this point, the mixedbreed was still holding onto its neck but the orb was close to the internal walls of its chest area.

Gustav looked from beyond the barricade with G.o.d Eyes and snapped his finger.


An immense dark purplish and red-colored blast rang out as destructive waves of energy spread across the place.


It was so powerful the ground quaked immensely and even when the waves. .h.i.t the iro silk barriers Gustav had created, some chunks got blasted away despite their toughness.

The body of the Mixedbreed got blasted into multiple pieces and scattered across the place as a crater was left in the middle of the ground along with cracks that spread for over a thousand feet radius.

After many seconds, the place returned to tranquility as the debris flying across the air slowly began to clear up.

The iro silk sank back into the ground as Gustav and the boys slowly walked forward.

E.E had just finished emptying the contents of his stomach so his face looked quite pale. Aildris tapped on his back while comforting him and Falco pa.s.sed him some water.

Gustav looked up ahead at the location of impact and could barely see any body parts left where the creature was initially standing.



Just like the last time Gustav got a lot of EXP from this but he still couldn't take the form of this creature. He had reached the limit for acquiring Mixedbreed bloodlines.

He could still acquire Mixedblood bloodlines but he already had way too many Mixedbreeds he could transform into and now it had reached the limit.

The only way for him to get rid of one, was by transferring it somewhere else because it was impossible to use combination with Mixedbreeds bloodline like the way he did with that or Mixedbloods.

Combination would only work in a battle where he got to combine several transformations which resulted in Ultimate Combination unlike combining Mixedbloods bloodline where it could turn into an entirely different bloodline.

It was still disappointing for him since this Cosmic Armadillo had a lot of uses but there was nowhere to transfer any mixedbreed bloodline to at the moment.

Normally this blast would barely affect it if Gustav hadn't shoved the orb down its throat.

"You good?" Gustav voiced out as he approached E.E.

"Yeah... It just felt gut-wrenching," E.E said while wiping his mouth with his sleeves after blowing air into both cheeks.

"Hmm, you'll be okay," Gustav voiced out with a smile.

"Yeah, I just decapitated a level 90 mixedbreed even though the f*ker took me by surprise and didn't die," E.E voiced out before laughing lightly.

Everyone understood that E.E had mentioned opening a vortex within or around a person or a living creature and how it usually felt for him. He had killed someone by opening a vortex within them before and he felt everything the person felt.

It was never nice because at that moment he would connect to the being and that was the same thing that happened a while ago after he decapitated the creature which was why he reacted in the way he did.

E.E's ability was actually very powerful. He could practically destroy anyone but it was never a nice feeling whenever he used it in this way so he only ever did so as a last resort.

Gustav didn't want to join them in fighting all this time because he wanted to see E.E use his ability like this and also wanted to see the guys defeat a powerful creature like this without his input.

He was satisfied with their performance and was a.s.sured they'd never be dead weight when they went on missions together.

"We cleared the dungeon guys," Falco voiced out with an excited tone.

"Yeah!" Ria clenched his fist and yelled out as everyone had smiles on their faces.

Before they left, Gustav turned around to stare at the end of the floor.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

His sight pa.s.sed through multiple layers of walls and kept going down till it arrived at another floor where a mighty altar could be seen with a ma.s.sive creature chained to a towering icicle.

"I see you, Tabitha. We'll discuss one day if I ever come back here," Gustav muttered.



Gustav was in his room for the rest of the day preparing to leave camp the next day.