The Bloodline System - Chapter 865 - Scaling The Last Floor

Chapter 865 - Scaling The Last Floor

Chapter 865 - Scaling The Last Floor

They already sustained minor injuries at this point, meanwhile Aildris, and Teemee had engaged it in close combat throwing lots of attacks at it but they still hadn't managed to deal any damage to it.

Gustav's summoned creatures are well were lunging at it with everything they had and it was taking them down one strike at a time.


With a single slash, he ripped one of the creatures which were at least three times larger than him in half.

Internal organs fell out of the air as the creature dissected body parts flew in two opposite directions.

The toughness of the creature they were supposed to defeat on this floor was the main problem. Even though its power was something to watch out for, they wouldn't be as worried if they could inflict damage on it.

But all their attacks seemed to be repelled back by its body, leaving them running across the place aimlessly.

Teemee's power that could cause anything to degrade didn't seem to be working on its body. Even after using a very powerful attack that covered a large range and was supposed to degrade the body of the creature, there was no effect. What Teemee didn't know was it was having an effect but the effect was so minimal it looked as if there was none at all.

E.E had conjured up multiple vortexes saving the others from the attack of this mixedblood multiple times.

At the moment he was about to use a powerful vortex attack which he was sure would work against the creature but he was reluctant to use it because of the way it would make him feel.

Gustav was sitting behind far behind them, on a small rock protruding from the ground, crossing his legs while watching them battle with the mixedbreed.

"Daum! How did you kill this MF alone Gus?" E.E voiced out from up ahead as he sank into one of his vortexes dodging another attack that caused the entire vicinity to descend into shambles.

Of course, Gustav couldn't tell them he only had to use Yarki to cause it to submit and one touch from him caused the creature to get obliterated. With Yarki, the toughness of the creature didn't matter since it was being obliterated from the inside out but he couldn't perform such a feat without Yarki.

"Focus your attacks on one point or aim for its internals," Gustav voiced out.

This was easier said than done as getting close to the creature was close to impossible due to its speed and power. Aiming for its internals was also something no one there could do except for E.E.

Aildris appeared at the creature's blindspot as it was being flanked by Dark Falco, Ria, and Teemee.

The instant it fended off their attack and speedily turned around to counter Aildris, he had already opened his eyes at this point.


The environment turned into black and white as the Mixedbreed lost color and found itself unable to move for an instant.


Aildris's fist slammed into its jaw area sending it flying upwards. His speed increased exponentially as afterimages were left in his wake while he leaped upwards and continued to thrust his palms forward repeatedly.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

In barely a second, he had already slammed his palm on the chest of the creature up to a hundred times. He kept aiming for the same spot despite the fact it was barely having any effect on the st.u.r.dy body of this creature.

The others joined as well sending multiple strikes. The body of the creature suddenly glowed up immensely as it began to regain color forcefully in mid-air.


A charge blasted forth from it sending all of them tumbling backwards.

Gustav pushed his palm forward, constructing a gravitational barrier before him to prevent the blast from making contact with him.


It landed right in front of Aildris who was no longer able to extend the colorless world towards it. As it swung out, E.E's vortex had already opened up and swallowed Aildris before contact could be made.

The mixedbreed angrily jumped forward, heading for E.E.

Gustav wasn't interested in partic.i.p.ating in this fight because he wanted to confirm something.

E.E pushed his hand forward, causing the beast to be swallowed up by a vortex that teleported it to E.E's back.

The creature had a confused look as it appeared in a different spot, only for it to feel a hand on its head.


E.E had climbed onto the shoulder of the creature and placed his hand on its head.

A reddish-colored vortex appeared around the neck of the creature like a collar and began shrinking in size.

The creature began thras.h.i.+ng around as it felt what was happening but E.E latched on strongly. A vortex opened up beneath the feet of the creature, causing it to sink in a bit before getting trapped there.

The creature reached out its hands to grab E.E so it could forcefully rip him off its shoulders but then, Aildris and Dark Falco appeared on its left and right side respectively.

Aildris grabbed hold of its left arm while Falco grabbed hold of its right. It was slowly starting to overpower them but then, Ria and Teemee appeared on the right and left as well, a.s.sisting both of them.

They managed to hold the creature in place till the red vortex E.E conjured and shrunk completely, causing the creature's head to be yanked off.

Blood jetted out crazily but then the creature wasn't dead yet.

With its headless figure, it swung all four of them away and turned to swing at E.E who had just fallen to the ground with a nauseous look.


A burst of wind blasted across the place as Gustav's figure arrived behind the Mixedbreed and he sent it hurtling towards the wall with a fist.


"You good?" Gustav asked as he stretched out his hand to pull E.E up.

"How the h.e.l.l is that fu*ker still able to move?" E.E voiced out with a tone of disbelief.