The Bloodline System - Chapter 864 - Summoning An Army

Chapter 864 - Summoning An Army

Chapter 864 - Summoning An Army

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


It flew off the blazing rock it was standing on, towards who it suspected was the leader of this mixedblood group.

"Let's put all out attack power on a few and block out the rest till we've destroyed these ones first," Gustav voiced out as he darted towards the side.


One of the creatures landed where he was initially standing on. Gustav turned to face it after dodging that and ran forward before sliding across the ground.


One of the creature's tail swept above his body sliding across the ground and Gustav raised his hand up which was armed with an atomic blade.


The atomic blade cut across the belly of the creature, slicing through it's tough hardened body as Gustav arrived on the other side.

Just when he was about to give the finis.h.i.+ng blow, the leader of the Flames Death Ace came charging out of nowhere with a blazing figure and slammed head onto Gustav's back.


Gustav was sent cras.h.i.+ng forward as his body went over the edge of one of the areas that had a fire pit. He was falling into the immensely hot pit of flames due to the attack that had taken everyone by surprise.

E.E was unable to react in time as well as Aildris and the others. The leader instantly charged towards the others to give them a tough time thinking it had already dealt with thier leader as well.


A similar looking figure to the leader of the Flames Death Ace suddenly flew over the edge that led to one of the burning pits in the area.


It's entire boy was burning with immmese flames just like the leader which made it freeze in place with shock and astonishment.

Gustav who had transformed into the Flames Death Ace leader which bloodline he took days before, swooped down with force and landed on the head of this leader.


An outburst of flames spread across the place as the ground also caved in while the creature's head was buried a few feet into the ground with Gustav standing atop with his gigantic body.

The shriek of the leader was heard as it pushed upwards with force, managing to release itself from Gustav clutches despite receiving the heavy blow to its head.

The other creatures in the vicinity had paused for a bit not knowing who to attack between Gustav and the leader since both of them had similar leading appearances.

'Oh I can also do this,' Gustav thought as he stomped on the ground.


A wave of flames spread across the ground in a circular format, forming a kind of runic figure on the ground as well.

In the next instant, Flames Death Ace Mixedbreeds began to phase out of the ground.

'It turned out to be more useful than being used only for flight,' Gustav said Internally as the creatures he had just summoned began to fight the other creatures from the leader of this floor.

E.E, Aildris, Falco and the others were shocked as they witnessed these creatures fighting their battles.

Things went from being difficult to pretty easy as they joined Gustav's army of beasts to push back the other Flames Death Ace.

Usually these creatures healed up after getting injured so it was necessary to finish them up as quickly as possible to avoid getting jumped by the same creature twice but it was initially difficult since there were so many of them.

Now E.E and the others could attack from the sides.

E.E ran forward as he conjured up multiple vortexes, sending them out with as much speed as he could.


Some of the creatures would fly through these vortexes by mistake as it appeared in front of them and in the next moment find themselves receiving the full brunt of a mighty attack.

Some of them would land on the ground and sink into it due to a vortex trap E.E already left, in the next moment they would find themselves getting impaled by one of the pointy rocks by the side.

Gustav dealt with the leader, overpowering it occasionally as both of them clashed with body of flames.

Gustav's mobility was greatly reduced taking on this form but his combat capabilities still aided him a lot despite being on the same level of strength with the leader while using this form.

In a few more minutes he ended the leader by wrapping his three serpentine like tails around its neck and pulling it's head off its body.


[Host Has Killed A Level Eighty Flames Death Ace]

[2,000,000 EXP]


[Host Has Killed A Level Eighty Flames Death Ace]

[2,000,000 EXP]


Multiple notifications kept popping up due to the his summoned creatures also dealing the opponents.

At this point things were already ending with Aildris, Falco and the others as well.

Gustav's army of forty two had been reduced to twenty nine but still they managed to wipe out all the opposing creatures.

Gustav didn't know how to unsummon them so they had to move to the 43rd floor with the creatures.

Things got tougher in the 43rd floor due to increase in strength of the creatures but since they had help from Gustav's summoned creatures they still managed to push through till they arrived on the 45th floor.

The 45th floor which was now labeled as the last floor had only one creature. This creature was way more stronger than the others in the previous floors and had impenetrable skin.

It looked like a fourteen feet tall armadillo with violet colored outer covering. It stood on two feet like a human with a muscular frame but it's look was nothing like that of a human.

It was considerable smaller in size compared to the other creatures but it's power was unmatched. It was the literal definition of smaller doesn't necessarily mean weaker.

Its violet outer covering would glow immensely anytime it charged forward like it was building up power, and the moment it slashed out with it's claws, it wreaked immense destruction across the place.

Despite dodging a lot of times, Falco and Ria had been blasted backwards by the residual impact.