The Bloodline System - Chapter 863 - Clearing The Floors With The Boys

Chapter 863 - Clearing The Floors With The Boys

Chapter 863 - Clearing The Floors With The Boys

Gustav had a serious look on his face as he heard this but internally he was rejoicing. There was nothing he wanted more than to embark on this mission alone.

Besides he had dealt with five star missions before so he was sure this was something he could handle on his own. Currently it's a five star mission but it could increase based on any change in situation which was why Gustav didn't want to be too complacent.

However this was perfect for him as he felt he would be able to perform actions without worries since he was going to be all by himself.

"Mysonite City is place where the Vertigon Family is located. Von Tridistle would have also been a perfect candidate for this mission considering he comes from one of the branches of Vertigon city but he seems to be currently indisposed as you well know," Gradier Xanatus voiced out the last sentence with a hint of sarcasm as the holographic image changed to a new one.

Gustav knew very well that Gradier Xanatus was referring to how he left Von with an injury that would he would not recover from for a couple of months.

He ripped off his wings after all and such an act dealt damage to Von's lineage bloodline. It was a miracle Von's Bloodline rank didn't decrease.

Gustav still didn't care about all these, he was glad he would finally be visiting a city that had tens of thousands of mixedbloods with the same type of bloodline he was interested in.

The holographic image had changed to display a small city located in between a body of water. It turned out the city was on an island.

"You'll be heading here first the moment you arrive..." Gradier Xanatus began to catch Gustav up on the different locations in Mysonite City.

From there he went on to brief Gustav about the suspicions of the main family and how they noticed the emblem got missing. Gustav was shown the pictures of all the people in the main family as well as the person who was chosen to become the next head of the family.

"He's just a kid," Gustav voiced out as he stared at the dark skinned young man who looked no older than eighteen years of age.

He had a curly looking hair with braids at the front that reached down to his chin area.

"Yeah he's quite young but he's the next head according to the hereditary line up," Gradier Xanatus responded.

'If it isn't normal for the next head to be this young before being placed at the seat of power, this may be where the internal issue lies,' Gustav thought as he took notice of every main family look.


Hours later Gustav was within the dungeon scaling the floors with E.E and the others. They talked about Gustav's new mission which he only told he would be heading to Mysonite City for.

They laughed at the irony saying, Gustav just dealt with a family member of theirs and now he had to visit their place.

Hopefully Von wasn't well known in the big family or someone would definitely try to make things difficult for Gustav if they found out what he did to Von.

Gustav also had such thoughts but instead of hoping for it not to happen, he wanted the opposite.

It was almost like Gustav wanted violence over peace with his current mindset and only him knew why.

Bang! Bang! Boom!

Sounds of collisions and small explosions rang out as they wreaked havoc across the floors while scaling them.

In a few more hours they had arrived at the 41st floor.

This was the same floor where Flames Death Ace Mixedbreeds were gathered. A similar scene to what happened when Gustav visited the 41st floor alone the last time played out again.

These gigantic owl faced creatures with bat wings and black scaly beast like body charged at all of them the moment they had been summoned.

Their three serpentine like tails, slashed across the place as they flew. Some were able to shoot out flames from these serpentine like tails and their body temperature was also very high so it made it even difficult to go near them.

Gustav was currently just using his normal abilities so as expected, the difficulty level had gone up by several heights.

Teemee hands glowed red as he grabbed hold of one of the three tails of a creature, causing it to start turning grey.

However he had to let go in the next moment to dodge another swing of the second tail but while doing so the third tail was swinging at him.


A purplish vortex ring suddenly slid forward, swallowing Teemee whole. He appeared on the other side of the creature in the next instant.

E.E who was several hundred feet behind turned his left palm anticlockwise causing the vortex to open as his right hand turned clockwise.

As Gustav flung one of the creatures towards the side, a vortex opened up and swallowed the creature. Only for it to reappear several hundred feet towards the east with its body still propelling forward.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

With it's ma.s.sive body that was three times the size of a truck, it slammed into multiple others of it's kind.

On another side of this floor, Aildris eyes opened up as his held a creature that had lost its color up in the air and and teleported to its top before sending a devasting punch towards it's head that sent it hurling downwards.

Dark Falco on the other hand was being a.s.sisted by Ria who trapped a few of the creatures in the ground while Dark Falco darted across the place wreaking havoc with his power of darkness and sharp claws.

Despite the group managing to hold their own, it was still a difficult battle due to the numbers of these creatures as well as the st.u.r.diness of their body that made it immensely difficult to kill one of them even after raining down barrages of attack.

The leader of the creatures would not just sit back and watch it's kind slowly getting defeated so at this point it flew off the blazing rock it was standing up, towards who it suspected was the leader of this mixedblood group.