The Bloodline System - Chapter 862 - The Vertigon Family Crisis

Chapter 862 - The Vertigon Family Crisis

Chapter 862 - The Vertigon Family Crisis

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


"Gradier Xanatus, it's been a while," Gustav responded with a smile as well the moment he spotted this familiar looking MBO officer.

Just like the last time, Officer Xanatus was the same person who came to give Gustav his next mission briefing.

"I don't need to ask if you've been doing well, your feats are spreading across the MBO so I hear of your tales a lot," Gradier Xanatus smiled as he voiced out with a praiseful tone.

Gustav just chuckled lightly in response. It was nice seeing Gradier Xanatus again after so long.

This man had always been an ally and Gustav was not in anyway doubtful that he must been a great help to situations regarding himself and Miss Aimee.

Even though the MBO had lots of corrupts leaders and officers, Gustav was sure of Gradier Xanatus unbiased att.i.tude to the duty that concerns Mixedbloods just as the MBO was created for. Except he had strict orders from the higher ups.

Both of them sat in Commander Cilia's office alone as Gradier Xanatus began to break down Gustav's next mission.


"This is the emblem of Vertigon Family," Gradier Xanatus voiced out as he gestured at the holographic picture that had just appeared in mid air.

What could be seen was a flat diamond shaped object. It was gold and white in color with a sharp looking edges.

In the middle was the carving of a three headed draconic like creature. All in all this emblem looked quite domineering as well as luxurious.

"It's actually a true piece of luxury in physical form and it suddenly went missing a month back from the main household of the Vertigon Family," Gradier Xanatus voiced out.

"Before anything, let me explain to you why this emblem is important," He added so Gustav would not think he was embarking on some lackl.u.s.ter mission.

"The Vertigon Family is a big extended family that has been existing for several centuries and they have grown in such large numbers during a long period of time that they even own a city of their own and are a major ally to the government," Gradier Xanatus began explaining.

"Not only are they just a mixedblood large family comparable to the size of a small city but they're also possess a lineage type bloodline which you might recall since you recently dueled with a cadet that comes from a small branch of the Vertigon Family," Gradier Xanatus went on to mention Von who Gustav dueled recently.

Von was also able to transform into a draconic like form and spit out lightning from his mouth.

Lineage Type bloodlines were always very powerful and would be pa.s.sed down from generation to generation so everyone in such a family would have the same type of bloodline but in different variations.

While Gradier Xanatus explained more about the Vertigon Family, he didn't know Gustav was already aware of the information he was spewing out.

Internally Gustav was feeling excited after hearing his next mission related to this family contrary to what Gradier Xanatus thought.

'Wouldn't this make it a good chance for me to do that?' Gustav thought internally.

"So the emblem is pa.s.sed to the next head of the main household who would lead the entire family and it posseses a special type of power that not only makes the every family member unable to disobey the new head but also adds a boon to their strength.

Now that this emblem is missing, the ceremony of the next Vertigon head cannot take place. Whoever may have taken it away, if they figure out how to access the power within the emblem it would cause a catastrophe," Gradier Xanatus explanation to this point had brought Gustav to an understanding that the mission was not as simple as it looked.

For all he knew this could be some type of family feud. For such a big family like this, it could be that another branch of the family or maybe some forces from the main family were not satisfied with the new head that was about to be appointed.

There could be a ton of reasons, like unknown internal strife and it was really unwise to meddle in this type of business.

However, it was now a case of crime amongst mixedbloods which also made it dangerous for them as well as the people living in their city. Now the MBO had to step in.

"It's been a month, why haven't the MBO sent someone to look for it?" Gustav asked.

"Well first off, the main Vertigon Family didn't inform us when it went missing. They tried to keep it under the wraps to prevent any form of panic or negative situation it could cause and decided to look for it themselves.

However, they were unable to find it even after weeks had gone by. The MBO was initially going to send you on a different mission but we found this suiting considering you've mostly embarked on investigation missions in the past even though some were rough and quite b.l.o.o.d.y," Gradier Xanatus explained.

It turned out this mission was given to him based on his other performances in other missions. The things he discovered during his undercover missions as well so Gustav was deemed intelligent and powerful.

This was precisely what the MBO needed for this type of mission. There was no doubt that at some point it might turn out physical. A scuffle could not be avoided and they were sending him to an area where one of the most powerful Mixedblood force on the earth was located. Besides being intelligent, he had to be strong enough because no one knew what might happen and the opponents he might have to face.

"Solo? Or am I getting a team?" Gustav asked.

"This is currently a five star mission but you will be going solo officer Gustav. The MBO needs to keep their engagement in this issue under the wraps to prevent any leak outs. It could harm the image of the main family which is not in anyone best interests. You are allowed to use lethal force when necessary but you will be the only officer embarking on this mission," Gradier Xanatus clarified.