The Bloodline System - Chapter 861 - Are You Ready For Your Mission Briefing?

Chapter 861 - Are You Ready For Your Mission Briefing?

Chapter 861 - Are You Ready For Your Mission Briefing?

All of them had looks of dissatisfaction on their faces after hearing what Gustav said.

"Thanks bro, I'm pretty sure we were unaware of that tip before," E.E stated with a sarcastic tone.

"You're welcome," Gustav answered from within the kitchen.

E.E; "..." 'This MF,'

Everyone burst into laughter in the next moment. Gustav later came out of the kitchen with food and everyone settled down to have dinner.

"Y'all want me to come with you to the dungeon tomorrow?" Gustav asked.

"Of course,"


"Seems like cheating but I wanna see what's on the 45th floor,"

They all agreed to Gustav coming with them. They initially asked Gustav about the lowest floors and what to expect. Gustav did tell them everything they wanted to hear except for the 46th and 47th floors.

Gustav left out a lot of details on that and just drew them a rough mental sketch with his words.

They could sense that he was withholding information but Gustav had told them if they wanted to know, they should try scaling all the floors.

Which was impossible considering the MBO had put a seal on the pa.s.sageways that led to the 46th floor. It was now impossible to go beyond the 45th floor.

Now they were trying to get to the 45th floor but it was proving really tough for them as well. They knew everything would turn easy the moment Gustav came along with them.

They had no idea that Gustav wouldn't be using Yarki so things would still be difficult with him around but it would be better than before.

"I won't help y'all too much. So don't expect things to still be very easy with me around," Gustav stated.

He didn't want it to look weird when they saw him struggling with the creatures on the lowest floors so he was saying this now. Using just his normal abilities would make things more difficult and he wouldn't be able to get past the 43rd floor all by himself but with the others around, it was possible even without Yarki.

"Sure sure, so long as you're coming with us hehe who knows your presence might even scare them away," E.E voiced out after gobbling a spoonful of food.

"I doubt that would happen. Anyways, we'll head there after my mission briefing," Gustav stated.

Everyone heard that and was reminded that Gustav would be having his next mission briefing the next day. Which meant he would be leaving camp the day after tomorrow and they wouldn't be seeing him for a couple of months again.

"Did you accept the IYSOP partic.i.p.ant invitation yet?" Aildris asked after some time.

"Nah, I told them they'd have to wait for a few months before I make up my mind," Gustav answered.

"Wow it's crazy they agreed. Originally they'd have picked all their candidates and sub candidates by now to start registrations," Falco voiced out with a tone of astonishment.

"Well, it's either that or they can forget about me partic.i.p.ating," Gustav said while shrugging his shoulders.

"It's Gustav, they wouldn't do that. They wouldn't want to miss out on the opportunity of him representing earth," E.E said with a tone of excitement.

"General world training will probably start in four to five months which means we might not even get the chance to embark on any missions before we get pulled into the IYSOP training program," Teemee voiced out.

"I heard that mixedbloods from other private training inst.i.tutions will get drafted as well. It won't be just cadets from the MBO," Falco said with a thoughtful gaze.

"This makes things very interesting... Only Gustav and Elevora have been ascertained to be main candidates... The rest of us will still have to fight for our spot on the main team so we don't get placed in the sub candidates group," E.E said with a look of interest.

It turned out the MBO had already informed E.E and the others about IYSOP and wanted them to become partic.i.p.ants but unlike Gustav and Elevora, the others would still have to undergo some kind of test and pa.s.s before they could be placed on the main team.

"Well, Aildris also has no issues... But the rest of us should be wary since final year cadets will also be competing to be on the main team," Falco voiced out with a slightly troubled tone.

They all knew Aildris was almost as strong as Elevora as of now. He had improved the most amongst all of them in these past months followed by E.E so they were sure he wouldn't have any issues competing to be on the main team even if it was with final year cadets.

"Mixed blood from other private inst.i.tutions as well... We don't know what to expect so we should prepare ourselves properly," Falco added.

"Gustav, will you be attending the general world training?" E.E asked.

"I don't think I'll have the time which is also one of the reasons I'm not so sure about partic.i.p.ating in IYSOP but I guess we'll see how things go," Gustav answered while finis.h.i.+ng up his food.

He felt it would be a waste of time attending the training since he might be busy with something important at the time. He had decided that even if he did partic.i.p.ate in IYSOP and the government made it a criterion for every candidate to attend the training, he still wouldn't attend unless he wasn't busy.

The night went by in a flash and the next morning, Gustav headed towards the main hall for his mission briefing.

Just like the last time, his briefing was taking place in Commander Cilia's office and an MBO personnel would be delivering it to him.

Gustav arrived there around 8 am as expected and an MBO officer was already waiting for him in the office.

"Welcome officer Gustav, are you ready for your mission briefing?" The MBO officer in orange striped uniform voiced out with a mild smile.

"Officer Xanatus, it's been a while," Gustav responded with a smile as well the moment he spotted this familiar-looking MBO officer.