The Bloodline System - Chapter 85 - Arrival

Chapter 85 - Arrival

Chapter 85 - Arrival

[Energy Installment has been activated]

'What?' Gustav stared at the notification with a look of panic.

The green and blue lines barricading the road on both sides suddenly started to twitch and blink.

At first, it was barely noticeable before the lines started blinking repeatedly and swaying.

Before extending towards their bus.


-"Is it supposed to do that?"

-"Why does it look like it's getting closer?"

-"It's moving?"

-"Ahhh! It's coming?"

There was panic in the bus as everyone noticed that the barricaded glowing lines on both sides started pulling towards them like it was elastic.

The lines were causing the space within the road to reduce.

The barricaded lines were boxing them in.

Even the teachers on the busses couldn't understand, they were trying to make sense of what was happening.

"Why is the barrier moving towards our bus?" These were the thoughts on their minds.

Gustav's face was twisting in discomfort as the lines kept extending towards their bus.

Everyone knew what would happen if it made contact.

Their bus was likely to turn into ashes due to the intense amount of energy radiating from the lines converging towards.

-"We're gonna die!"

Ruckus! Ruckus! Ruckus!

Chaos erupted in the bus as some of the students starting screaming out in fear.

"Everyone calm down!" One of the teachers in front shouted out.

They also couldn't understand why this was happening but they still tried calming the students down.

All of a sudden the lines stopped extending towards them.

They suddenly started to retract before completely moving back to their initial position.

The teachers sighed in relief as the bus quieted down after seeing that happen.

They were about to make a move if the lines came any closer.

The teachers assured the students again that they were safe and a test was probably going on, which was the reason for this.

The bus went back to its liveliness after a while and what happened here was quickly forgotten.

At the back left corner, Gustav had sweat running down his forehead even though the temperature in the bus was well-conditioned.

He sighed in relief as he stared at the notification that appeared in his line of sight.

[Energy Installment has been deactivated]

[Excess Energy accumulated disappeared]

'Good thing I was able to stop it this time... It didn't even allow me to control the amount that is being gathered... I would have surely exploded to pieces,' Gustav was internally grateful that he was able to stop the ability before the lines made contact with the bus.

Even though what happened a while ago was very dangerous it also made him inspect the border on a closer scale.

It was just as he suspected, the border was made from energy crystals.

He remembered the dangerous force he sensed within the underground facility was similar to this but not as unstable.

He felt that this was related to the fact that, the dangerous force was energy crystals being mixed.

The other difference was, he felt a certain kind of resonance with a particular bloodline inside his body... Beast Transformation Bloodline!


Even with the fast speed of the bus, traveling through the middle of the border took up to two hours.

It was more than three thousand miles after all.

When they were getting to the end they could see the road ahead blocked completely by the red and blue lines.

They could also see men in armor-like outfits standing there.

A small building was also constructed.

The men in armor-like uniforms inspected the bus with a triangular machine that was more than two meters tall. It scanned the bus with blue rays of light before an opening was created within the lines like barrier which the bus drove through.

After driving through the opening they had arrived in front of a long and wide bridge.

The forest and the first border were behind them while in front of them was the large bridge which had a body of water underneath it.

There was a spatial ring on the bridge which the bus drove into.

Since the incident passed, Gustav had been listening to music and looking through the window to check the environment.


The bus entered into the spatial ring and arrived on a road in the middle of plain fields.

There was nothing to be seen on both sides for miles.

Ahead a huge sign could be seen.

»Welcome to Atrihea City!«

It was floating in mid-air ahead. Some blue-like flames were responsible for suspending it in mid-air.

They could finally see the big city up ahead.

From what they could see, the structures were similar to that of Plankton city.

They passed through the city checkpoints after some procedures and were now driving through the city.

Gustav was surprised that, unlike Plankton city, there was no border preventing mixed-breeds from coming in.

Which had him wondering how they prevented mixed-breeds from coming in because, since they arrived in the city, not a single one could be spotted.

If they weren't using a border to block mixed-breeds shouldn't the city be full of them?

Another thing was he couldn't see the teleportation circles that existed in Plankton City here.

There were structures on the roads constructed for easy movement of pedestrians.

There were several differences between Plankton City and Atrihea city. Atrihea city seemed less advanced in technology.

Some of the things he could see as they traveled across the road were floating structures.

There was a particular building they passed through that was actually floating across the surface of the ground.

He suspected that this was a normal thing around here and he wasn't wrong.

Plankton city specialized in spatial constructions and some other things while Atrihea specialized in flights and space crafts.

According to their history, they could make anything fly including, a house.

A house could be turned into a jet.

Something could be seen in the skies, positioned in the middle of the city.

They had no idea what it was due to its distance from the ground but they noticed that it looked like a spaceship.

After the bus traveled for some minutes, turning left and right repeatedly, they could see a three hundred-story building that was looking extremely luxurious.

The glass panes of the building were so smooth and shiny that it could be mistaken for a body of clean water.

This particular area was bustling with activity.

People moved to and fro across the area.

People in luxurious outfits could be seen streaming into the vicinity.

In front of the vicinity which was barricaded, a sign could be seen that said, Atrihea lodgings and resorts!

After the bus received clearance, it was allowed to drive in.

What appeared in their line of sight once they arrived inside was a neat and beautiful environment.

There were small houses located in several parts and a water body that was similar to a beach positioned on the west.

The bus dropped the students in the parking lot and the teachers asked everyone to follow them after they got down.