The Bloodline System - Chapter 860 - The Power Is Mine?

Chapter 860 - The Power Is Mine?

Chapter 860 - The Power Is Mine?

"What do you mean?" Gustav asked while squinting his eyes.

("It called you master because it was initially a part of you... Cohilia was using your power,") The system added.

"What? It was using my power? I don't understand how that is even possible, none of all these makes any sense," Gustav said with a slightly confused expression.

("The items scattered across the universe that the time candidate is supposed to help you find are actually items belonging to the Outworldly... A part of his power... Your power... Cohilia is one of the items and it came looking for you by itself,") The system explained.

("I wasn't supposed to reveal this to you but since you already acquired one of them, I guess there is no problem in telling you. Although it was unexpected that one of them was on earth,") The system added.

"So that means the power is mine..? How is it that I can't use it then?" Gustav asked.

("Your body took the necessary steps and sealed it away because you are currently too weak to wield such a power...") The system responded.

Something that could make even the most powerful Mixedblood on earth wary and render the strength of MBO officers that were stronger than Gustav useless, of course it's power was no joke.

Gustav wielding such a G.o.d like power would make him almost invisible but it seemed such power was too much for him as he was now.

"Wait... Is this why one of the five years quests is for me to become the most powerful Mixedblood on earth?" Gustav asked.

("I can't tell you the answer to that,") The system responded.

"If the other items just like this one have nearly invisible abilities that could render lots of powerful people useless... I would not be able to wield their power due to weakness and they would end up getting sealed within me just like this one... I have to get stronger to be able to wield them in the future upon acquiring them," Gustav held his chin as he voiced out his theory.

The system kept silent, not revealing to him whether he was correct or not.

However Gustav felt his theory made sense, 'Become the strongest to become even stronger'. Whatever was coming was probably no small thing considering being the strongest on the planet and one of the most powerful in the universe wasn't enough.

"When will I be able to unseal it?" Gustav asked.

("When you're powerful enough?") The system answered.

"How powerful?" Gustav wanted a specific answer.

("When you're powerful enough,") The system answered with the same phrase once more.

Gustav; "..."


Gustav decided to stop asking and started thinking of how he would exploit the MBO to get anything he wanted for keeping his mouth shut on the Tabitha and Cohilia matter.

He already knew that even if Jack inspected him he wouldn't find the presence of Cohilia within him since it was sealed.

Of course the MBO would still be suspicious of him even after finding out he scaled all these floors all by himself. But there was nothing they could do to him unless they found out he did something wrong.

Even with Miss Aimee being away from earth presently, they were still reluctant about treating Gustav anyhow they willed.

In a flash another day went by and Gustav spent the rest of his time, moving around camp and spending time with E.E, Angy and the others.

Except for channeling his bloodline in the middle of the night, Gustav didn't engage in any form of training.

At this point it had already circulated all across camp that Gustav completed all the levels.

It was a very hot topic and multiple cadets had approached him to ask for insights after saying they got stuck in floors above forty even with their groups.

Gustav mostly avoided all these group of people because there was no way he could tell them, he scaled through because of Cosmic Superiority. If Gustav had tried using just brute strength and his normal abilities, at most he knew within himself he wouldn't be able to get beyond the 43rd floor.

The 43rd to 45th floor had mixedbreeds that rivaled multiple peak Kilo ranked Mixedbloods. Not only was Gustav all by himself, he was still far from being a Kilo ranked Mixedblood, more so a peak ranked one at that.

Cosmic Superiority was just too powerful at this point but Gustav was still unaware of whether it could affect anyone beyond the Kilo rank.

At this point everyone on camp was comparing Gustav to the most powerful Mixedblood who was a final year cadet.

This number one final year cadet had not accomplished such a feat and had only been said to visit the dungeon with groups in the past. Compared to what Gustav recent feat they felt he didn't hold a candle to Gustav.

However, the number one who went by the name Danny had been away from camp for some time, so it was unknown whether he had improved in strength since they hadn't seen him in so long.

This made it hard for a lot of final years to accept that Gustav was stronger. But thinking of it, they were unable to tell if anyone was capable of clearing the dungeon all by themselves without any group.

Gustav was unbothered by all the debates occuring across camp. A lot of cadets were disappointed Danny wasn't around at this time. They were hoping they'd see a duel between him and Gustav.

Such event would not take place because Gustav would be leaving the camp soon.

His next mission briefing was taking place the following day.

"How is it that we still can't get past the 42nd floor? Gus you gotta give your boys some tips," E.E voiced out as he laid on Gustav's couch with a fatigued look.

"Hmm let me see," Gustav said as he held his chin like he was thinking of a good tip.

E.E sat up and Aildris as well as the rest in the room stared at Gustav attentively waiting for what he was going to say.

"...When things get too tough, use your emergency token and escape from there," Gustav said before turning around and heading to the kitchen.



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