The Bloodline System - Chapter 859 - Confusing Thoughts

Chapter 859 - Confusing Thoughts

Chapter 859 - Confusing Thoughts

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"E.E?" Gustav paused his movement as he spotted E.E within the crowd gathered at the front.

"You were in there this whole time?" E.E voiced out as he pushed himself out of the crowd.

It turned out he wasn't alone. Aildris, Falco and Teemee were with him as well.

"You guys... You're here too," Gustav said as he spotted the rest of them.

"Yeah we came here to team up and scale the floors. You weren't in your room when we knocked earlier so we had to come here by ourselves," Aildris explained.

"Oh, I was just leaving... I've been here for over half a day," Gustav responded with as he yawned lightly.

"Oh yeah these guys are saying your group cleared the 42nd floor! Tell us man how far did your group go?" Falco voiced out with an excited expression.

"Group? Nah, I went in by myself," Gustav stated.

"By yourself?" Teemee eyes widened as he voiced out lightly.

His voice wasn't low so the cadets in the vicinity heard this. Their faces were filled with astonishment and disbelief as they began chattering.

-"He scaled the 42nd floor all by himself?"

-"Impossible, he must be lying,"

-"Commander Cilia went in to get him and he's here all by himself so he must have gone in by himself,"

-"Or maybe all his teammates are dead,"

Different opinions and thoughts were being voiced out after the revelation.

"Yeah I was alone all through... I don't understand why commander Cilia came to find me," Gustav said while shrugging his shoulders.

"They said you went beyond the 42nd floor, how far did you go?" E.E asked with a look of excitement.

"The 46th floor and then the 47th floor.. But both are one time entry floors, no one will be able to get beyond the 45th floor anymore," Gustav stated.

"You scaled all the floors?" Aildris asked with a surprised tone.

"Yeah... Wanna go back to rest now, I'm exhausted," Gustav responded while turning around to leave.

"You gotta tell us all about it later man," E.E voiced out and Gustav proceeded to raise a thumb up as he walked away.

At this point the cadets in the vicinity were all astonished. It turned out that not only were there no groups but Gustav had managed to scale all the floors.

Gustav left the dungeon with Commander Cilia who said Jack might be coming over to camp again later to inspect Gustav.

Gustav just shrugged and said he didn't mind so long as they didn't try to do anything stupid like isolate him.


Hours later Gustav was sitting on his bed with his right hand held out. He had reminisced about everything that had happened in the last twenty four hours and it still left him astonished.

His senses peered into his hand and he could see a transparent orb like seal in which three overlapping slanted squares with different colors could be seen within.

This was where Cohilia had been sealed within him after he devoured it. However Gustav was unable to talk to Cohilia, sense it's consciousness or use it's ability in anyway.

It was like Cohilia was sealed within him but he had no access to it or he just didn't know how to unseal it.

Gustav had tried various ways to see if he could use Cohilia's powers but it was all to no avail. He could only stare at it within the seal.

Besides this, the power that manifested from Gustav when he was about to be devoured completely was also nowhere to be found.

Gustav suspected it might be from his cosmic superiority but at the same time he wasn't so certain.

Cohilia figured out that he was the outworldly before it was devoured completely so there was a chance that the power did not come from cosmic superiority but rather it came from his existence as the outworldly.

But at the same time this thought confused Gustav as Husaruis mentioned that a force had already tampered with his existence as the outworldly so his outworldly abilities were missing.

Everything just seemed kind of confusing but Gustav was mostly disappointed because it looked like he didn't get anything out of scaling the dungeon completely.

Besides the EXPs that had helped him in reaching level 73.

Also Gustav seemed to have gotten a few rewards from the system that included level increase in some skills. His silent Advancement Skill also evolved to Stealth after it had been at the max level for some time.

This made Gustav understand that system skills were capable of evolving after reaching max level. He thought of Sprint and Dash wondering why they were taking so long to evolve but he hoped they would soon.

"System, what really happened there?" Gustav asked.

("I am also unaware... All I know is the moment Cohilia began using it's power, everything went blank for me. I couldn't talk to you or sense the environment anymore...") The system explained it's experience at the last floor.

"Hmm... Just what type of power does Cohilia use that it has an effect on even you?" Gustav was amazed as he voiced out.

("A type of power that is unfathomable... Jack would have lost to it if he wasn't so powerful,") The system responded.

"It called me master in its last moments... And apparently it has been looking for me," Gustav was not aware of why this was so as he didn't browse through all of Cohilia's memories but he was really conflicted right now since he didn't have access to Cohilia anymore.

("Well I'm sure that's pretty simple Gustav... Have you not figured out by now that there is barely any type of power that is capable of having effect on me...") The system voiced out like it was hinting at something.

"Yeah? I don't remember you mentioning you could be affected by any power... Especially when you have transcended across galaxies..." Gustav said with a thoughtful gaze.

("Exactly but this one had big effect on me... And the only powerr I know capable of doing that is the power of the outworldly,") The system stated.