The Bloodline System - Chapter 84 - Travelling Out Of The City

Chapter 84 - Travelling Out Of The City

Chapter 84 - Travelling Out Of The City

Gustav felt like entering into a hole to hide at this moment. His face had become slightly red.

'Damn recreation, how could you embarrass me like this?' Gustav still used his palms to cover up his bulge.

The bulge was still as strong as ever and it didn't seem like it would be coming down soon.

"Uh, excuse me miss Aimee," Gustav said and ran towards one of the rooms.

Miss Aimee smiled playfully before answering, "You're free to go masturbate for a few minutes... Just make sure you clean up properly!"

Gustav who had entered the room heard that and nearly tripped over himself.

He moved towards the bathroom and locked himself in.

He sat on the toilet seat in front and check the progress of the combination.

[Combination procedure: 99.89%/100%]

Gustav felt the bulge earlier was because the combination was almost done.

'Only a few more to go,' Gustav decided to wait for it to finish combining before deciding to leave the room.

Even with the low amount left, almost an hour went by before Gustav finally saw the notification appear in his line of sight.

[Recreation Successful]

The feeling of discomfort mixed with comfort finally disappeared and Gustav could no longer sense both bloodlines within his body, he could only sense one right now.

[Energy Transmutation and Gravity charge Bloodline have been successfully mixed]

[A B-grade bloodline has been created]

Gustav felt like his eyes were deceiving him.

"B-grade bloodline?" He muttered softly with a surprised look.

He stared at the new notification that appeared which displayed the name as well as the ability of the new bloodline.

"Wow," Gustav exclaimed in surprise after reading what the bloodline could do.


-Two weeks later.

Two weeks had gone by in a flash.

During these two weeks, Gustav had spent the time training and he had also killed two mixed-breeds in the past two weeks.

His defense now had the same amount of points as the rest of his attributes.

He had also been learning how to make use of his new bloodline but he was still lacking in controlling it.

Gustav wore a red leather jacket and pants that were tight-fitted, making him look athletic.

He was heading to school at this moment.

He wasn't the only one headed to school like this. Other students also had red leather jackets and pants on. An insignia of their school was placed on the right breast pocket area.

Immediately Gustav got to school he noticed that everywhere was bustling with life.

It was still six am so this was a pretty abnormal time for students to be in school but It was finally time for the exchange event to take place.

The students streaming into the school were students of class 3.

They all had excited looks on their faces as they headed towards the school hall where the principal would brief them before they were asked to board the bus.

It looked as if they weren't traveling anywhere since they weren't packing any pieces of luggage but the students of class 3 had packed their luggage and all their necessities inside their storage device.

No one would need to carry pieces of luggage when traveling since storage devices were available.


The principal briefed them in that hall about the rules and what they would be experiencing over there.

How they had to be respectful which Gustav called bullshit internally.

He talked for about five minutes more before leaving the podium and telling the students to head towards the bus.

Three big violet-colored busses floating above the ground were waiting for them in the parking lot.

All the teachers were allowed to come with them but some of them decided to stay back.

Miss Aimee included.

She already told Gustav beforehand that she wouldn't be attending so he had to be careful in Atrihea city which according to her, wasn't as safe as Plankton city.

The students went into the busses one after the other.

Each bus was big enough to contain up to forty people and there were a little over a hundred students in class 3 so the busses were enough to contain everyone.

Even when Gustav entered he was still thinking about the neighborhood.

He killed a mixed-breed last night which meant mixed-breeds were unlikely to appear again until after a week.

The exchange event was only three days so he had enough time but he was still worried.

He kept thinking, 'What if another mixed-breed attacks the neighborhood while I'm gone?'

Gustav was only traveling with them because he wanted to cross the border and inspect it on a closer scale.

He didn't even want to stay there for more than a day after crossing the border but no one was allowed to leave until the exchange event was over.

Gustav sat at the back inside the bus, beside the window, and brought out a headphone.

He wasn't privileged to have this before but now he would listen to music as they traveled even though he knew traveling wouldn't take long due to speed.

Besides him was a girl with white hair who occasionally stole glances at him from the side but he wasn't paying attention to anyone on the bus.

The bus engine finally started and then it zoomed off.


Just as Gustav expected, when the bus arrived outside the school premises, it turned towards the road that led to his apartment area.

The bus streamed across the road in mid-air.

There was a large teleportation ring ahead which it drove into.


They were in a world of blue and black for a few seconds before an opening appeared in front of their bus.


The bus entered the opening and they arrived at the edge of the city where Gustav's neighborhood was located.

He wasn't surprised since this was the closest route to get to Atrihea city. He already did his research earlier.

The bus kept moving forward.

It passed through the road that led to the middle of the forest region behind.

In a few seconds, they were already transversing across the road in between the sparse forest region.

Gustav could already see the border up ahead.

The familiar blue and green glowing lines on both sides of the road could be seen.

Normally Gustav was always on the left side of the sparse forest region, he never went to the right but now he could both sides.

The bus kept driving and was closing in on the barricaded route up ahead.

Once it crossed the next three thousand meters it would finally be in between the barricaded borders which were on the right and left side of the road.


It only took a few seconds for the bus to arrive in between.

The students could no longer see the forest areas on the left and right. Only glowing walls in form of blue and green lines could be seen.

The walls were thousands of meters tall and very long so that was all they could see for miles.

A notification popped up in Gustav's line of sight immediately the bus arrived in between the barricaded borders.

[Energy installment has been activated]