The Bloodline System - Chapter 850 - The Power Of Yarki

Chapter 850 - The Power Of Yarki

Chapter 850 - The Power Of Yarki

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It lifted up into the air and began flying across the place at its fastest speed.

Gustav calculated the speed of this creature and compared it to hover.

"Faster than Hover but slower than Ultimate Combination," Gustav noted.

He felt this would be good for a default flight ability, considering hover had a time limit. Using transformation would only cost him energy points, so he wouldn't have to worry about reactivation or falling out of the sky, or overly depleting energy from activating Ultimate Combination Form.

Gustav commanded the creature to fly downwards, and it landed in front of him.

Gustav squatted slightly and dug his fingers into the body of the creature, adding to the pain it was already feeling.

No expression of empathy could be seen on his face as he activated Bloodline Acquisition.

[Bloodline Acquisition Has Been Activated]

[Does Host Wish To Extract Flames Death Ace Mixedbreed Form]


Gustav proceeded to answer affirmatively and began the system extraction process.

In a few seconds, it was done, and the creature turned into ash.

[Host Has Killed A Level Eighty-Two Flames Death Ace]

[+2,500,000 EXP]

Gustav looked around and could see the other creatures still subjected to the power of his Yarki. Gustav moved towards the one on the right and poked his index finger forward.

The moment it made contact with this Flame Death Ace, the creature began to disintegrate.

It burned up and slowly turned into ash.

[Host Has Killed A Level Eighty Flames Death Ace]

[2,000,000 EXP]

"Hmm... The new features that come with my evolved Yarki are quite interesting," Gustav voiced out as he began walking towards another Flames Death Ace.

("According to the records there have never been a cosmic superior being with this type of Yarki,") The system stated.

"Yeah, you did say it evolved," Gustav responded as he arrived in front of another one and poked his finger into its forehead.


The creature disintegrated as well, just like the other two.

[Host Has Killed A Level Eighty Flames Death Ace]

[2,000,000 EXP]

("This isn't normal at all... Moving to the next level of Cosmic Superiority would have been longer than this,") The system added.

"Well... Since I am the Outworldly... I guess normal can no longer be attributed with me," Gustav voiced out as he moved towards another Flames Death Ace.

There were over forty of them in the vicinity, and Gustav didn't spare a single one.

He killed off every last Flames Death Ace.

[Host Has Leveled Up]

It had been quite some time since he last saw a level-up notification, so he was glad his visit to the dungeon was paying off.

The opening to the next floor appeared somewhere ahead after Gustav had killed off these creatures.

[Partial Flames Death Ace Transformation Has Been Activated]

Large bat-like wings phased out of Gustav's back as he lifted off the ground and flew towards the opening with speed.

After leaving this floor, several figures appeared on the same floor a few minutes later.

"What happened here?"

"This floor has been cleared?"

"There are ashes everywhere and the pungent smell of flesh,"

"Looks like a powerful team already took care of this,"

The group of six that had just arrived had looks of awe as they moved about the place.

There were usually different s.p.a.ces on the same floors, which meant a group could be battling the same type of creatures as another group on the same floor, but they wouldn't come into contact with each other.

That was exactly why the dungeon was built that way; even if different groups advanced to the same ground level at the same time, they would be in different s.p.a.ces to avoid meeting up, but it seemed this time a mistake had occurred as this group that had just cleared level thirty-nine were sent to the same s.p.a.ce in level forty that Gustav had just cleared.

Fortunately for them, they were able to move onto level forty-one without having to fight any battle, but the opening ahead led to the same s.p.a.ce Gustav had just headed in.

Which meant that when they moved further, they would into Gustav up ahead.

"Let's hurry up and meet up with the group so we can work together. This might have been a mistake but it could work in our favor and we may be able to break the record of surpa.s.sing level forty two," The person who seemed to be the group leader voiced out.

The other five, who were also final year cadets, nodded in understanding and followed after him towards the opening that led to the nest floor.

They ran down the stairway that led to level forty-two as quickly as they could, arriving on the next ground.

To their surprise, this place had been cleared as well. Despite being a dark area, they could still see scorch marks and ashes in some areas, which depicted a battle had gone down.

The group had come out Victorious once more, and the opening up ahead that led to the next level was still active.

"Level forty two," The leader of their group voiced out with a look of excitement.

The others, too, were all excited as this hadn't happened in at least four years since the last two batches. During Miss Aimee's time, the dungeon wasn't in existence, so it was difficult to tell whether her batch could have cleared it or not.

"Let's go," The leader voiced out.

"This seems like cheating," Only one of them, who happened to be the second girl in their group, voiced out with a dissatisfied tone.

They paused as they heard that, "Avery are you saying you don't want to come along?" The group leader voiced out.

"Litch, we ain't doing this with our own strength... A group is just clearing the path for us," Avery stated.

"So what? The only thing that matters is we scaled the forty second floor or the dungeon. Our names will be pa.s.sed down in the MBO camp annals of history," Litch voiced out with a pa.s.sionate tone.

"This feels wrong," Avery stated once more.