The Bloodline System - Chapter 849 - Reaching Level 40

Chapter 849 - Reaching Level 40

Chapter 849 - Reaching Level 40

But this was the last thing it would ever see as Gustav charged forward the moment its axe arm slammed onto the ground.


Slas.h.i.+ng towards the side, Gustav cleanly separated this creature's head off its body as he appeared several hundred feet away after taking a pause.


The headless body fell to the ground as blood spread across the vicinity while the Atomic Blade disappeared from Gustav's hand.

Shrrrriuihhhh~ Gbam!

An opening appeared on the right side of this large rocky underground s.p.a.ce. Gustav turned to the side and confidently walked towards the opening, leaving the battleground of destruction and blood behind.

He had handled that relatively easily because Gustav was capable of dealing with anyone below the Kilo ranked level regardless of how strong they were.

He moved across the opening, which had a stairway that led to the lower level of the dungeon. He was finally going to level forty.

This was where the difficulty increased by a whole lot, and the Mixedbreeds were over ten times more powerful than Echo rank mixedbloods.

Gustav sped across the stairway arriving at what looked like a spiraling rocky ground with edges where furnaces of flames could be seen on the beyond.

It was an exalted area that had corners where a person could fall off and get roasted alive due to the flames at the bottom. Some pointy rocks protruded out from the sides of the wall and even the ceiling area, which was at least seven hundred meters high, proving just how low this dungeon level was.

Gustav got to the bottom of the nearly two thousand steps stairway and already spotted one creature behind a big pile of flaming rock up ahead.

The creature made a loud shrieking sound as it climbed the top of the pile of flaming rock and stared in Gustav's direction.

It was a ma.s.sive owl-faced creature with bat wings and black scaly beast-like body and three serpentine-like tails.

Gustav reckoned it was at least three times the size of a truck. Its head suddenly lit up in flames as it made a loud, screeching noise again.

Two more creatures looking similar to the one atop the flaming rock appeared by the side.

But this wasn't the end...

The creature atop the flaming rock took one step forward, and a strange flame spread from its leg to the ground.


A circle of runic flames spread across the ground of this s.p.a.ce covering everywhere, including where Gustav was standing.

This s.p.a.ce was so ma.s.sive it was comparable to at least thirty football pitches despite having some corners that one could fall through and get roasted by the flames at the bottom.

Suddenly, similar creatures began to phase out of the ground in large numbers. It was like a calling, as though the creature standing atop the flaming rock had opened a portal to another dimension, summoning creatures of its kind.

Some had appeared only a few feet away from Gustav and even lunged forward to attack him.

Gustav now understood why they said level forty and beyond was on a different level of difficulty compared to the others.

This would obviously be very difficult for a party to scale, talk more of just one person.

It was no wonder level forty-two was the highest that any particular had ever reached, and reaching here, it was even a wonder how they had managed to pa.s.s this one.

Each creature was at least ten to fifteen times stronger than a peak Echo rank, and there were no less than forty of them that had appeared here. There was no doubt leader who was standing on the flaming rock had strength on the level of a kilo rank, which would have increased the difficulty of clearing this floor by several levels.

The first creature appeared in front of Gustav, and he moved to the side before slapping it away.

[Power Boost Has Been Activated]


The creature was sent spiraling across the air as it slammed into one of its kind.

Gustav could feel that despite using a lot of strength, the creature only sustained minor injuries. Which meant he would have to use more strength if he had to battle one of them.

They surrounded Gustav on all corners and charged toward him despite feeling threatened after seeing him casually slap one of their kind away.

"It's time," Gustav muttered as he closed his eyes while these creatures lunged at him.

Deep within him, a dark reddish flame with hints of pink was burning pa.s.sionately.

The moment Gustav opened his eyes, a plus-shaped reddish glow appeared within...


An immense outburst of dark red and pinkish energy blasted out of Gustav's body, subjecting the creature in the vicinity to a world of terror as they fell to the ground, screeching in immense pain.

The energy spread across the whole vicinity surrounding the entire floor and even spilled towards the previous floor, but Gustav quickly controlled the range, letting it stop there.

While the creatures lay on the ground, unable to move, their looks depicted they were in some kind of pain, but it was unknown as to what they were currently experiencing.

Gustav walked forward gracefully, taking casual but powerful steps one after the other.

He was like a sovereign in the midst of an army that was subject to him. He walked past the bodies of these creatures, not even taking a glance at any of them before arriving in front of the flaming rock.

The temperature was immensely high around this rock, and the leader of these creatures had also fallen face flat on the ground, writhing in pain as well within this world of dark red and pink.

Gustav stepped on the flaming rock despite the flames and climbed till he arrived at the top.

"I want to see how fast you can fly," Gustav voiced out as he arrived in front of the leader.

The creature suddenly stopped writhing in pain at that point and stood to its feet.

"Come on, show me what you can do," Gustav commanded.

The creature spread its wings and flapped...