The Bloodline System - Chapter 851 - Door To Death

Chapter 851 - Door To Death

Chapter 851 - Door To Death

"Alright then stay here on your own. Y'all can come with me unless you're deciding to chicken out like her," Litch voiced out before running towards the opening.


The opening up ahead began to slowly close up. The others who were initially hesitant wasted no time in running forward as they saw the opening closed up.

Whether or not the glory belonged to them, they didn't want to miss such an opportunity.

Only one person stayed behind with her, while the other three followed after Litch.


The moment the opening up ahead closed up, both of them turned around and decided to head back.

But suddenly...


A new opening appeared on the east side of this floor.

"Hmm?" Avery looked to the side and already knew this opening probably led to a different s.p.a.ce on the forty-second floor.

"Should we check it out Cole?" She asked.

"It's just the two of us, we're not powerful enough," Cole voiced out in response.

"If we can't win, we'll use the emergency token and they'll get us out of here safely. It's better than taking glory that we didn't work for," Avery stated.

Cole gave in and followed her towards this opening. In the next few seconds, they were headed down the stairway towards level forty-two.

As they headed down with caution, they arrived at the 42nd floor of the dungeon.

"Uh?" The instant both of them arrived on this floor, they noticed the scene looked similar to that of the former floor.

There were ashes in different corners and the pungent smell of roasted flesh as well.

"Looks like the group that cleared the previous floor went in through here," Cole voiced out as he spotted the similarities.

"Then where did Litch and the others head to?" Avery's eyes widened as she voiced out.

Both of them turned to face each other with a look of realization.

They quickly turned around and began to head back to the entrance that led to this floor.

Meanwhile, in another s.p.a.ce on the 42nd floor...

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Sounds of intense collision and explosion rang out as ma.s.sive mixedbreeds looking similar to humans with eagle-like faces and on their backs surrounded a group of four.

This group of four yelled out as they tried fending off this group of Mixedbreeds with different powerful attacks.

However, no matter how much they tried, they had only slain one of these creatures who had the ability to move the ma.s.sive truck-sized on their backs to any part of their bodies and prevent attacks.

Not only were they extremely st.u.r.dy, but they were also powerful and were holding onto some kind of pillars. Each pound from a pillar caused a destructive force that spread across the vicinity and sent some of the cadets flying.

It looked like an impossible battle as over sixteen of these creatures crept in on this group that kept sending out enough firepower to total streets if this was a battle happening in a city.

"If you're out there, help us! Let's work together!" Litch kept screaming out as he sent forth attacks, but there was no response.

"There's n.o.body here! we have to use our emergency token and get out before we get killed!" One of the group members voiced with an urgent expression as he also did his best to fend off the creatures.

"No! We have to break the record and go beyond the 42nd floor today! They must be around somewhere! Help us!" Litch seemed h.e.l.l-bent on not leaving, believing the group that had been clearing the previous dungeon floors were around somewhere.

"He has gone mad!"

"Let's leave before he drags us down with him!"

The other group members voiced out as they brought out their emergency tokens and tapped on them.

Zing~ Zing~ Zing~

They began disappearing one after the others.

"Don't leave you traitors! I'll take all the glory for myself then!" He shouted out as he stomped on the ground with anger and charged forward.

In a few moments, despite all his outrage and use of destructive abilities, he was surrounded and trapped in their midst.

"No! Help! Help me! Let's work together! Arrrrrghhhhhh!" He screamed out as these creatures grabbed hold of him from different parts and tore him to pieces before he could use the emergency token.

What was left in this s.p.a.ce on the 42nd floor were a puddle of blood and incomplete body parts scattered all across the vicinity.


Meanwhile, Gustav had just arrived on the 46th floor, and he had no idea what had transpired behind him.

It had been over three hours since he began scaling the floors, and now he had arrived at the second to the last floor.

Gustav slowly walked down the stairway as he arrived at this ma.s.sive s.p.a.ce which had whitish-colored walls and what looked like an icy altar up ahead.

A ma.s.sive spike of ice that extended up to the roof could be seen. Gustav walked forward as he spotted what looked like ma.s.sive chains wrapped around the spike of ice.

Gustav was still thousands of feet away from this exalted white altar that covered a large s.p.a.ce, but he could see the chains clearly wrapped around the ma.s.sive spike of ice.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

His eyes zoomed in on the altar area as he followed the chains that jiggled occasionally.

"Why is it chained up?" Gustav voiced out with a confused tone as he spotted the ma.s.sive creature the chains were connected to.

The creature behind the ice spike shooting to the ceiling of this s.p.a.ce had shackles surrounding its neck, and the chains wrapped around the ice spike were connected to the shackles.

Gustav looked around and could see that this was the only creature present in this s.p.a.ce which made him wonder, "Wouldn't this make it easier to pa.s.s level 46?"

He had no idea why this was happening, but he resumed walking forward.

Outside the dungeon, a commotion was stirring.

-"What did you say? A group cleared the 42nd floor?"