The Bloodline System - Chapter 848 - Scaling Floors With Speed

Chapter 848 - Scaling Floors With Speed

Chapter 848 - Scaling Floors With Speed

Since different Mixedbreeds had different abilities, some were more dangerous than others despite levels forty to forty-seven having around level eight Mixedbreeds.

Even when the cadets went in parties, it was extremely difficult to go below level forty.

Gustav had decided he would completely visit every nook and cranny of the dungeon and reach the lowest level... Level 47.

'Looks like I will finally be able to use my Yarki at full strength,' Gustav thought with an expression of interest.

He had never really gotten the chance to use it at its full potential, and this might be the chance for him to do so.

He had refrained from using it against the instructors because he still wanted it to remain hidden that he had such a power. He didn't know if anyone might recognize it.

Although there were cams even in the dungeons, most times, there were disruptions in the feeds due to outbursts of energy both from cadets and Mixedbreeds, so it was hard to tell.

This way, Gustav wasn't worried about being spotted, and he planned on reducing the range of his Yarki as he very well knew it could cover a much larger area now.

The next day arrived, and Gustav visited the dungeon early the next morning when the morning drills began.

Some final-year cadets were also moving into the dungeon, and some of them spotted him at the entry point.

"Gustav, I'm Killjay; how about we form a party together?" A noticeably pale-skinned 5'11 cadet moved toward Gustav while voicing out.

"No need," Gustav waved him off and continued to head in.

Unsurprisingly, other cadets who were also trying to form parties requested to be in a group with Gustav, but he also turned them down.

Gustav sped into the dungeon on his own, trying to avoid any future requests before they were issued.


The dungeon was like a labyrinth the further down a person headed. It was possible to get lost here with the intricacy of the structures with multiple pa.s.sageways and s.p.a.ces that occasionally s.h.i.+fted to take a different form.

At unexpected periods, pa.s.sageways would close, and new ones would be open. A group could be trapped with a mixedbreed until they killed it; there would be no opening to leave.

The only way to get out if one found themselves in danger they couldn't overcome was by using the emergency token the cadets were equipped with.

The moment the token was used, the cadet would be teleported out of the dungeon to prevent death.

Gustav sped to the lower floors of the dungeon, pa.s.sing one level after the other.

He wanted to get through most of the floors quickly so he could arrive at the thirty-ninth floor where he stopped earlier, but at times he would find himself trapped in a shapes.h.i.+fting s.p.a.ce with a creature.

Just like the other, he would have to battle them for pa.s.sageways to the next level to be unveiled.

In a span of thirty minutes, Gustav had already scaled through thirty levels and was already heading for the next.

This was the fastest that had been recorded, considering the fact that some cadets would spend over a day within the dungeon trying to scale through twenty levels.

Gustav kept bulldozing through these levels as quickly as he could. Considering he had already scaled them before, they were relatively easier this time.

After another thirty minutes, he arrived at the thirty-ninth level.

At this level, three gigantic ape-like mixedbreeds who could turn their arms into powerful axes could be seen charging toward Gustav with ill intent.

They were all above level seventy-five, which was equivalent to several times the strength level of peak Echo ranks mixedbloods.

The first one arrived before Gustav and hacked down with extreme force. Gustav glided towards the side and kicked the axe like the arm of the ten-foot-tall creature to the side.

He dove his fist into the belly area or the creature sending it blasting backward just as another one was slas.h.i.+ng towards Gustav's head from the left.

[Atomic Blade Has Been Activated]

The four-foot-long milky-colored blade appeared in his left hand, which he swung upwards to meet with the axe-like arm descending.


The atomic blade cut right through the arm, cleaving it in half as black blood was sent spilling in every direction.


As the creature growled in pain, Gustav was already swinging his right fist towards the creature's chest, but then the third one had already arrived behind Gustav and was swinging towards his back.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

The creature behind only saw Gustav make a single step and appear behind his comrade.

Gustav pushed the creature whose hand he had just cleared off forward, causing the one who was initially behind to end up decapitating his fellow mixedbreed by mistake.

The immense strength in each slash was so powerful that the residue energy slammed into the wall by the side and created a long gash that spread across it.

The blood of his fellow mixedbreed gushed out like a fountain pouring on its face as the decapitated body fell like a sack of beans.

Taking use of the opportunity where the creature was blinded by the blood of its own comrade, Gustav dashed forward and stabbed the Atomic blade into its chest.

"Ghhrrrahhhhhh!" The creature growled in pain as its eyes reddened, and it tried to use its last breath to hold Gustav in place as the third creature appeared behind Gustav, hacking down with an arm covered in blazing blue flames.

Gustav found the grip of this ape-like mixedbreed to be very strong, but unfortunately for it, Gustav was way stronger.

Spinning around while this creature was still holding onto him, the one that appeared behind Gustav ended up splitting his comrade in half, all the way from the top to bottom, as he hacked down.

Its eyes widened as he stared at the human figure in front of it that had managed to lead the fight into such a cunning situation.