The Bloodline System - Chapter 847 - That Was Impressive

Chapter 847 - That Was Impressive

Chapter 847 - That Was Impressive

Gustav looked down and could see the cracks on the grounds of the Isshur mountains. It was very hard to cause cracks since the surface was extremely st.u.r.dy.

A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as he lifted his right foot, which was transforming into a beastly shape with dark brownish scales and looking extremely muscular.


He slammed his foot on the ground in the next instant, causing the ground to cave in as debris scattered across the vicinity.

Within the debris, pebble-sized black stones could be seen rising up due to Gustav's sudden stomping and simultaneous activation of reverse gravity.

The instructors spotted his smirk this moment, and then...


The sacred Jewel appeared behind Gustav, its silver light flickering within.

Officer Cole's eyes widened as he spotted this and began das.h.i.+ng towards Gustav, but it was too late.

"Do it," Gustav voiced out as he retracted his arm and reached out to grab a black pebble that was currently in mid-air.

Zing~ Trrooooiiinn~

The black pebble disappeared before Gustav could grab hold of it, and in its place, the triangular-shaped device in Officer Mag appeared.


Gustav's palm wrapped around it and raised it up.

"I win," The smirk on his face widened as he voiced out.

The instructors had looks of awe as they stared at Gustav and also checked the timer. It turned out only five minutes had gone by; there were still extra five minutes left.

They were h.e.l.lbent on making sure Gustav had a very hard time in this segment that even if he managed to pa.s.s, it should be at the last seconds. Internally, they also knew that even if he didn't succeed in getting the device, he would still pa.s.s, considering the fact that he had pa.s.sed every other segment.

However, they had not expected the last trick Gustav employed. Only officer Cole knew that was possible. However, he never expected Gustav to be able to use it on Officer Mag and succeed.

He felt such abilities always had some kind of restrictions, and he was right. If Gustav had been unable to bring the triangular device out of Officer Mag's pocket, he would have been unable to exchange it with the black pebble he was about to grab.

Officer Cole had not informed the others about this ability of Gustav's because he was also just finding out.

They suspected it was due to the head-sized circular-shaped transparent stone floating beside Gustav, but they had no idea what it was.

Regardless of all that, Gustav had completed the test for today and pa.s.sed all segments with flying colors.

"That was impressive," Officer Mag voiced out as she restored the state of the gravitational force in the environment.

Gustav was able to move normally again as he also deactivated the skills he currently had active.

"You will receive your mission briefing in the next two days. Prepare yourself because I'm sure the MBO will be sending you on a mission no less than five stars in difficulty," Officer Mag voiced out to Gustav.

He nodded in response, "About the IYSOP... I will make my decision in the next six months," Gustav stated.

Gustav had calculated that he would be done with whatever mission he was embarking on first and get scientist ZiL's research before six months were done. Based on what he had figured out within that time frame, he would decide if he would be partic.i.p.ating in IYSOP.


Hours later, Gustav was in a park-like area within the camp. He sat on a bench beside Endric.

"Have you heard?" Gustav asked.

"IYSOP?" Endric was able to instantly able to tell what Gustav was talking about.

"Yeah, you need to partic.i.p.ate," Gustav stated.

"Is there something I'm missing?" Endric asked.

"Didn't Husaruis tell you the Myhbrids is closer to Flalencia galaxy than the milky way?" Gustav voiced out with a solemn tone.

"It will take extremely long if you had to travel back to earth before embarking on the journey to Myhbrids... It would be better to take a detour after the tournament and head straight there," Gustav added.

"Hmm I didn't think of that... Will you be partic.i.p.ating?" Endric asked.

"As of now, I'm not certain," Gustav responded.

Endric had a barely noticeable look of disappointment on his face as he heard that, but he quickly tried to hide it.

"But if I do partic.i.p.ate... I will join you in heading to the Myhbrids," Gustav added.

Endric face lit up a little as he heard Gustav's last statement.

"It will be tough but I'm sure with the two of us, the task will be easier," Endric stated.

"I will be leaving camp in a few days. We might not get to see each other till the appointed time of the tournament. Be ready," Gustav voiced out before standing up and walking away.

Even though it seemed like Gustav was still giving Endric the cold shoulder, Endric was glad he still had some sort of relations.h.i.+p with his big brother.

Be it six or ten months' time, he was glad he and Gustav might finally get the chance to do something together.

'I won't ruin this opportunity,' Endric said internally with a decisive expression.

He was willing to prove himself and show that he could be an a.s.set in Gustav's circle especially considering he knew secrets that even the others didn't know.


Later at night, Gustav sat in his room channeling his bloodline.

"I should try to complete all levels of the dungeon before I leave," Gustav opened his eyes as he voiced out.

He recalled he was still in level thirty-nine, and there were forty-seven levels of the dungeon in total. The lowest a cadet had ever gone was level forty-two, even for the final years.

Gustav had not really had time to visit, so his last limit was level thirty-nine without any party.

According to reports, the Mixedbreeds beyond level 40 were level eighty-two Mixedbreeds which were comparable to ten peak Echo ranked Mixedbloods.