The Bloodline System - Chapter 846 - Ending The Test

Chapter 846 - Ending The Test

Chapter 846 - Ending The Test

To their amazement, Gustav was almost two times faster than before, which showed immense progress.

Now for the last segment, the five instructors surrounded Gustav from every direction.

"For this part, there's a traingular token on one of us. You have to try and get it by any means possible while we try to stop you. It is unknown who holds the traingular token amongst all five of us but you have to get it in no more than ten minutes," Instructor Kora explained.

Gustav practically had to battle all five of them while still trying to get this so-called triangular token. It was also unknown who was holding this token.

Gustav looked around; the instructors were all peak Kilo ranks except for Officer Mag, a Delta rank Mixedblood already.

This would be tough, considering they weren't going to reduce their strength in the last segment. The only boon Gustav felt he had was his speed. The difference between a Kilo ranked, and an Echo ranked Mixedblood was very high despite being only one rank apart.

Gustav's strength was already more or less that of a kilo ranked already, but these were peak Kilo ranked Mixedbloods.

While Officer Mag was just on another level entirely compared to the others.

But Gustav had been evading Kilo ranked Mixedbloods before becoming an Echo ranked, so he was sure his speed would be a great help.

Gustav felt this wasn't even much of a task considering he had G.o.d Eyes, but he didn't want to get too arrogant and look down on the instructors too much because he didn't know what they had up their sleeves.

The timer began, and Gustav instantly activated G.o.d Eyes.

From his point of view, the environment turned reddish as he turned to stare at the instructors one after the other.

He could use G.o.d Eyes to look through a person now, so he activated that feature, making his sight turn clearer as the instructors turned into florescent lumps of light in his line of sight.

The instructors ran around him, not giving him the chance to properly fixate on a person because they could sense that the red and golden glow in Gustav's eyes was not ordinary.

Gustav's lists of abilities were long and mostly unknown, so they didn't actually know what G.o.d Eyes could do, but they had their suspicions.

Unfortunately for them, Gustav's sight speed was faster with G.o.d Eyes activated along with his own speed as well.

He followed their movements clearly and locked onto one of them.


His eyes zoomed in on Officer Mag, and he spotted a triangular-shaped device stored in the small pocket on her waist area.


Gustav instantly sped towards the left while reaching out.

All the instructors leaped out at this point, charging toward Gustav the moment he arrived before her.

Pah! Pah! Bang!

Sounds of collision rang out as palms collided while Gustav tried to make contact with Officer Mag.

His advances were instantly restricted as one of the instructors also grabbed onto his shoulder and flung him backward.

Gustav repeatedly spun in the air and landed several feet behind. The instructors crowded Officer Mag after realizing that Gustav had already figured out where the device was located.

They weren't using so much force with him, but nevertheless, their strength was not something to scoff at.

Gustav dashed forward once more as the instructors channeled their bloodlines and began to send out attacks.

Swoosh~ Fwwoomm~

Gustav swerved across the place, dodging their attacks as he raced against time.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

Das.h.i.+ng towards the rear, Instructor Kora appeared at one side, and exchange of fists began.

Instructor Kora sent a chop towards Gustav's wrist, causing one of his attacks to change trajectory, but Gustav made use of that to spin around; he twisted his body and sent a kick towards instructor Kora's jaw.

Although instructor Kora had managed to block it at the last second, Gustav had activated Super Jump, causing the strength in his leg to increase by over thirtyfold.


The force sent Instructor Kora flying as he repeatedly spiraled in mid-air. Gustav sped forward once more, dodging several attacks, and managed to arrive where the rest of the instructors stood together around Officer Mag.

[Energy Discharge Has Been Activated]


A wave of gravitational energy along with red energy blasted out from Gustav, knocking the instructors flying as they didn't expect this.

The instant they had been separated from Officer Mag, Gustav's arm increased in length as it shot forward.


It arrived in front of Officer Mag, and Gustav tried to grab her by the waist, but suddenly the gravitational force in the environment underwent a great change.


The ground underneath Gustav's feet made a loud noise as it vibrated from the sudden impact of the gravitational force, becoming the opposite of what it was initially.

Gustav felt intense pressure descend on him, causing his hand to pause right before Officer Mag. The gravitational pull had suddenly increased by over a thousand times.

Officer Mag slapped Gustav's hand away, but his hand, which was already descending, suddenly moved again as he activated combination.

[Sprint + Dash]

He managed to evade Officer Mag's touch and slapped the bottom of her pocket, causing the triangular device to fly upwards.

At this point, his second arm was already shooting forward to grab it, but the...


Gustav's suddenly felt the immense gravitational pressure in the environment increase by multiple folds, causing his legs to buckle a bit.

This resulted in him stopping for a brief moment which gave Officer Mag the opportunity to grab hold of the triangular-shaped silver-colored device.

Gustav was unable to move quickly despite having combination activated with Sprint and Dash. The instructors were creeping up from every direction back, and it seemed like he would be unable to get the device due to the current development.

Gustav looked down and could see the cracks on the grounds of the isshur mountains. It was very hard to cause cracks since the surface was extremely st.u.r.dy.

A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as he lifted his right foot, which was transforming into a beastly shape with dark brownish scales, looking extremely muscular.