The Bloodline System - Chapter 843 - IYSOP

Chapter 843 - IYSOP

Chapter 843 - IYSOP

Increasing the speed and entering an engine-generated wormhole to increase flight travel, knowing what to avoid in s.p.a.ce, and so on. Officer Mag couldn't believe her eyes when they moved across s.p.a.ce smoothly before Gustav piloted the s.p.a.cecraft back down after a few minutes.

The only thought that came to her mind at this point was, 'He's an all-rounded genuius,'

At this point, she started questioning if there was anything Gustav couldn't do.

Since the special training would be ending in a couple of days, the instructors had already informed Gustav that they would be holding a test for him.

They didn't tell him what the test was going to be exactly, but he knew to expect it to be related to everything he had learned during the period of the special training.

On this particular day, Gustav was in a secluded part of camp right beneath a s.p.a.ce underneath a waterfall.

This s.p.a.ce was practically inexistent before, but Gustav created it by blasting a ma.s.sive hole in the rocky part behind the waterfall.

He used his gravitational ability to cause the waterfall that would have been flowing into the hole to flow in reverse.

This way, he wasn't bothered by the water and had a place he could be just by himself.

Gustav stood in the hole with the sacred jewel floating in front of him.

"System have you figured out what exactly this thing is?" Gustav asked.

("Whatever it is... It holds a lot of power and from what I can sense, it's bound to you now,") The system responded.

"It's a good tool but it keeps asking for food..." Gustav could still sense the will of the sacred jewel.

It first consumed the Ulovonturian gem, which gave it the capability to use abilities related to the Ulovonturian. It could do things the Ulovonturian was incapable of doing at the time.

The last time it consumed the crystals he took from the mountain area where the second years used to climb back when they were still first years.

Gustav had gone back to pick some of those crystals so he could mix the energy with his...o...b.., but the jewel ended up consuming all of them.

The only change Gustav noticed in it was the flicker of light within got a little brighter each time it consumed energy from a source. The change was barely noticeable even after it absorbed close to a hundred crystals, but Gustav noticed it either way.

He wondered if this was hinting at something, and he just hadn't figured it out yet.

"Hmm? You can let me send messages and see footages from other places?" Gustav said with a surprised tone.

The sacred jewel seemed to be unveiling another one of its capabilities.

"Okay show me Plankton City," Gustav demanded and proceeded to add the place he wanted to see in Plankton City.

The jewel suddenly glowed with light as its transparent surface changed into a the color of the skies and then changed again to display footage.

Gustav moved closer and could see the display of the neighborhood area he stayed in with Angy. The sacred jewel was displaying this from above, so it was like he was looking down on the city.

He could see some familiar figures moving about the place, busy with one thing or the other. Gustav happened to also spot Angy's younger brother, who seemed to just be returning from school.

"Change location," Gustav voiced out.

The footage projected on the sacred jewel changed and displayed another part of the city.

Here Gustav could see the hunting organization he had created, and he could spit changes. The building was looking a lot more standardized than before, and he could spot occasional movements in and out of the place.

The jewel changed location a few more times, displaying the happenings in different parts of the city.

"Can you show me insides of buildings?" Gustav asked.


The jewel flashed with bright light once more, and the interior of a business building was displayed.

"This is very good... With this, I can spy on anyone in anywhere," Different thoughts began to appear in Gustav's head as he came to this realization.

"Does your range go beyond this planet?" Gustav asked.

"Oh... So I need to know where I want to check before you can display it," Gustav voiced out as he sensed the answer to the jewel.

He initially wanted to try and find Miss Aimee with this, but It turned out he couldn't just tell the jewel to display where Miss Aimee was unless he knew the location himself.

Even with this, Gustav was satisfied with the capability of the sacred jewel. The only problem he had with it was that the thing came out of his storage device whenever it wanted to and floated by his side whenever he was moving around in camp.

It had already caused suspicions, and even E.E and the others asked about it, but he just made up a story for them. There was no way he'd tell anyone he was stranded on an Unknown planet for twenty-four hours and managed to witness a war for which he ended and got rewarded for.

Gustav felt it was very advantageous to have the jewel and had decided to make use of it properly in accomplis.h.i.+ng his goals.

A few more days went by and today happened to be the day before Gustav would undergo his test with the instructors.

After arriving at the usual location, the instructors informed him that there was no training today, but they had something to tell him.

"Gustav, have you heard about the IYSOP?" Officer Mag asked.

"IYSOP? What's that supposed to be?" Gustav asked with a clueless expression.

"In full, it's called the Intergalactic Youngsters Show Of Power... It's like a tournament but it is done on an intergalactic scale with lots of powerful youngsters from all over the universe partic.i.p.ating," Officer Mag revealed.

"Okay..?" Gustav sounded a bit uninterested.

"It's coming up in ten months from now and the MBO wishes for you to partic.i.p.ate," Officer Mag stated.