The Bloodline System - Chapter 842 - Locating Miss Aimee?

Chapter 842 - Locating Miss Aimee?

Chapter 842 - Locating Miss Aimee?

There was also something else Gustav had decided to try in finding Miss Aimee. He had never tried using it to find someone outside Earth before, so he had no idea if it would work or not, but Gustav hoped G.o.d Eyes was strong enough to achieve it.

[Life Signs Tracking Has Been Activated]

He had saved the life signs of everyone he cared about some time back. Even though he believed it wouldn't be necessary to do that at the time, since Miss Aimee was really powerful and wouldn't need protection.

However, it did cross his mind that maybe he might have to look for Miss Aimee one day or something, so he still saved hers just like the others.


As his sight suddenly blurred, Miss Aimee's life sign appeared in Gustav's mind.


Gustav felt his mind getting pulled into a different realm as his point of view completely transformed into a new one.

What appeared in his line of sight was a foggy-looking area with very low visibility. Although the visuals were bad, he could tell that Miss Aimee seemed to be moving.

He spotted a blue line in the distance as well as a barely noticeable sign that looked like an 'F' up ahead.

'At least she seems okay,' Gustav thought internally.

Although he still had no idea what he was looking at, Miss Aimee's seemed to be taking steps forward rhythmically.

Gustav noticed that his energy was getting drained greatly even though he had only connected with Miss Aimee's life sign for less than ten seconds.

He quickly deactivated Life Signs tracking, causing his sight to regain clarity as he once more saw the four corners of his room. It had been less than ten seconds, but he had already spent several thousand energy points just to connect with Miss Aimee's life sign.

He reckoned he would almost be completed drained of energy in a minute. This led Gustav to two speculations.

One, Miss Aimee was on a planet located in a galaxy extremely distant from Earth, which was why he was spending a lot of energy. And despite that, the clarity of the visuals was also bad, which he felt was another effect of the distance.

Two, Miss Aimee was just too powerful, so spying on her was a gargantuan task even for the power of G.o.d Eyes.

Gustav also felt both speculations could be correct, but the most important thing was Miss Aimee was okay.

Now that he had gotten this off his mind, the nagging feeling at the back of his head was gone. The only thing he was interested in was why she left and when she would be coming back.

Although he could see visuals from Miss Aimee's point of view using G.o.d Eyes, he couldn't locate her with it unless he spotted some kind of clue.

Miss Aimee was too far away for him to sense her location and follow it like a trail, unlike how it usually was whenever he used it on people on the Earth.

He decided not to stress about it too much and, from his initial speculation, felt Miss Aimee was probably up to something important. When she is done, she will return.

He should focus on his training which will be ending a week from now.

In the next week, Gustav's time in the MBO camp would be over, and he would be going on the mission that would determine if he would be spending more years in Camp or be finally placed in a squad that would determine if he would be getting missions on Earth or outside the planet.

He was conflicted on whether or not to inform Jack s.h.i.+rwin about this since they were looking for Miss Aimee, but then he figured there was really nothing to report. The only information this gave him was the fact that Miss Aimee was still alive.

'Jack s.h.i.+rwin... Mack Friendzer... Different individuals in the same body and they're both beacon rank mixedbloods,' Gustav said internally with a look of confoundment.

From what he had heard, both of them had a bloodline called 'Concept Of Ent.i.ties.' Although the bloodlines were the same, Jack could perform different abilities from Mack.

Gustav found the bloodline very interesting after finding out that the MBO camp was created by Mack using his bloodline to create a separate but similar world to Earth.

Gustav couldn't imagine just how powerful they were, but he still wondered how Mack's fight ended up in a draw with Miss Aimee since he was supposed to be stronger.


The days went by very fast within Camp. During the special training, Gustav had mastered practically everything related to s.p.a.ce travel. Officer Mag was mostly teaching him how to get out of emergency situations in s.p.a.ce and deal with different scenarios.

Amongst these teachings, piloting a s.p.a.cecraft was included. Since it was a broad subject and was only taught to those who had been categorized to become MBO pilots in the future, she was originally only meant to give Gustav a small training so he would know a thing or two about it just in case he found himself in a sticky situation.

However, unbeknownst to her, Gustav had taken hold of this opportunity to completely learn how to pilot a s.p.a.cecraft.

On a certain day, he asked for permission to fly. Officer Mag initially didn't want to let him, but she figured since she would be in the co-pilot seat, there would be nothing to worry about since she could take control the moment Gustav messed up.

Of course, the intergalactic s.p.a.ce existed here, too, since the MBO camp was constructed to be similar to Earth, but unlike in the normal world, s.p.a.ce here was finite.

To her astonishment, Gustav ended up flying the s.p.a.cecraft perfectly. Although she was the co-pilot, she didn't have to do a thing. Gustav had mastered the use of every b.u.t.ton, switch, panel, and literally everything needed to pilot the s.p.a.cecraft well.