The Bloodline System - Chapter 844 - Confliction

Chapter 844 - Confliction

Chapter 844 - Confliction

"It's coming up in ten months from now and the MBO wishes for you to partic.i.p.ate," Officer Mag stated.

"Ten months from now?" Gustav had a contemplative expression as he voiced out.

"Yes, ten months from now the IYSOP will be holding in the Flalencia galaxy... Planet Ozious," Instructor Kora added.

"What is it all a about?" Gustav asked.

"Just as the full meaning suggests, it's a tournament of power for youngsters all over the universe in alliance with each other. Besides Earth, many other alien planets will be sending their youngsters to partic.i.p.ate in this tournament.

There are different categories involved that test the skills and strength of youngsters all around the universe.

Not only does winning bring glory to one's planet, but it also brings about different rewards, such as mineral resources from all over the universe being gifted to the winning planet; the winners also get rewards that not only add to their riches but also helps in improving their strength even more.

The most important profit of all is that whichever planet wins gets to lead the alliance for the next hundred years, and there are boons that come in accordance with that," Officer Mag explained.

"Interesting..." Gustav had lots of questions to ask about this, but the instructors seemed to already know everything he wanted to ask and proceeded to explain more.

"Earth was the third runner up in the last one?" Gustav was a bit surprised after hearing a little about the past IYSOPs

"Yes, at that time Jack was still young like you, so he led the team that was chosen," Instructor Kora answered.

"It was a close one... Even though Jack was quite powerful for his age, there were no shortages of genuises and talented alien youngsters. A lot of them were even powerful than he was, it's a miracle earth even managed to reach top ten," Officer Mag explained.

According to what they had mentioned so far, this tournament was held every hundred years. This meant Jack was over a hundred years old, yet he looked no older than twenty-five.

What surprised Gustav the most was that even with the Earth's prowess, they still lost a hundred years ago. Of course, a hundred years ago was no different from right now, considering Earth has been basking in power and technology for thousands of years.

They explained to Gustav that the difference in power between youngsters from Earth and other planets in other galaxies was always big for one reason.

The concept of time was different in other places.

According to the rules of IYSOP, no partic.i.p.ant is allowed to be beyond the age of twenty. However, twenty years on Earth was like a year on other planets. If converted to earth time, some aliens that were twenty years old were over a hundred years old.

These aliens were young on such planets, especially where they lived for thousands of years, but the difference in time made it, so they had lived for a very long time compared to earthlings.

For some of them, a year was over two thousand days.

Gustav understood this concept and realized this tournament might be a lot tougher than expected.

Time was more favorable to some aliens based on their planet of origin.

"Here take this," Officer Mag voiced out while pa.s.sing a small circular device to Gustav.

"There's more information on that drive and report back to me after making your decision. Registration has already began," She added after Gustav received the device from her.

After a few minutes, Gustav left the isshur mountains and went back to his room.

He immediately tapped on the device he got from Officer Mag the moment he got back to his room.


A holographic simulation appeared around the room, displaying a planet and an artificial intelligent lifeform who started narrating.

This planet was lemon in color and spherical-shaped, with two diamond-colored rings in an 'x' format circulating around it.

-"This is Planet Ozious the last winner of the IYSOP and currently alliance head. The next IYSOP will be holding two clock world moons from now and we are honored to be the host...."

The AI continued to voice out as the planet kept spinning. After finis.h.i.+ng its introduction, it went on to expand the planet for a more visual representation of how it looked on the surface.

Gustav found himself in what looked like a world of lemon and could see several weird structures. The AI displayed some locations where different categories of the IYSOP would be held and also showed some important places on the planet.

It went on to voice out the rules of the tournament and added that more information would be revealed over time before the day of the tournament arrived.

After about two hours, the holographic projection of the simulated footage ended, and his room returned to its initial state.

Gustav had a contemplative expression as he held the device in his hand.

"Ten months from now... I will be acquiring Scientist ZiL's research a few months from now but then I'll also have to complete one or two missions along the way," Gustav mumbled.

"I'll still need to make more research and continue Scientist ZiL's research... There's barely enough time," Gustav thought out loud.

If acquiring Scientist ZiL's research was the end of everything, he wouldn't be so conflicted in making a decision on whether or not to partic.i.p.ate in this tournament.

Regardless of how good the rewards of the tournament were, the five-year quests still took priority. After all, if this led to the destruction of Earth, what would be the point of winning the tournament.

Ten months seemed like a lot of time, but in reality, Gustav knew it could go by in a flash, especially when there was a lot to do.

The MBO really wanted Gustav to be among the partic.i.p.ants, but they knew they couldn't force him. Whether or not Miss Aimee was around, n.o.body would want to risk being on her bad side.

If Gustav decided to report any maltreatment, they knew it was going to cause severe problems for them.