The Bloodline System - Chapter 841 - Miss Aimee's Dissapearance

Chapter 841 - Miss Aimee's Dissapearance

Chapter 841 - Miss Aimee's Dissapearance

Her life signs also disappeared from the radar, proving that she was no longer on this planet. Of course, the MBO life signs tracking devices had limits, and they couldn't track someone like Miss Aimee with that; however, it was possible to tell if the person was still on the planet or not using the life signs tracking devices.

Miss Aimee had disappeared from the earth four months ago and had been unseen and unheard of since then.

"This still doesn't mean she's infected. There could have been a myriad of reasons why she disappeared. I'm sure she will come back soon," Gustav still didn't agree that Miss Aimee could be infected.

"Well, you're not wrong kid but it remains a suspicion," Jack stated.

"I found out that you were her student. Haha, pretty interesting. She never struck me as the kind of person that would ever have a personal student," Jack added with a look of interest.

"Gustav, do you have any idea on her where she could have gone? Any clues or anything she has mentioned in the past, she needs to be found," Commander Cilia asked.

It would seem that this was Jack's reason for coming here today.

"No, I haven't heard from her since I got back in here," Gustav answered.

He was even hoping he'd see Miss Aimee the moment he got back out of camp for his next mission. Now it looked like he wouldn't be seeing her for a long time.

"You're sure she didn't write to you or send you some kind of message during your stay in camp?" Commander Cilia asked once more.

"I wouldn't be so surprised right now if I knew anything about her being missing prior to this. I wish she left some kind of message but no she didn't," Gustav answered with a troubled expression.

"Hmm it's alright Gustav. This just means I will have to stay on earth a little longer than intended since one of us five at least have to be here," Jack seemed quite troubled as well as he voiced out.

Gustav could tell what he meant by "us five" being the five strongest Mixedbloods.

Jack went on to explain that all four of them had been away this whole time while Miss Aimee was the one who stayed behind monitoring the earth.

Her presence here would also cause external forces to refrain from coming to earth since she was the second most powerful Mixedblood according to the ranks. One of the five always had to stay behind to monitor the earth while others were away.

They were the four strongest and not the five because two of the five were the same person.

Number one most powerful Mixedblood, Mack Friendzer, and Jack s.h.i.+rwin. Both were the same person but also different people.

It was always confusing to the world why two people were always mentioned as the most powerful Mixedblood instead of one, but only some knew that the two persons was one person sharing a single body.

Two individual ident.i.ties shared twelve hours of consciousness within the same body. This was the case with Jack and Mack.

Many people still didn't understand, but Jack explained to Gustav that Mack would be taking over soon, but he wanted to make sure he met Gustav first.

While it was the same body, it wasn't actually the same body because Jack would transform into a different look when Mack took over.

"Don't worry Gustav, I'll make sure the best squads are picked to go in search of Aimee. She will be found," Jack stated with a comforting tone.

"But if you do hear something or remember something that can help, you can come to me directly when you leave here," Jack said while standing to his feet.

"I will," Gustav voiced out while also standing to his feet.

"It was nice meeting you today. If you have any issues or problems at all in the future, contact me," Jack said with a smile while giving Gustav another handshake.

"Sorry for earlier too haha I may have gotten too excited and wanted to spar with you after everything I heard. I wasn't disappointed," Jack added with a burst of light laughter.

"It's fine," Gustav said while shaking his hand.


Hours later, Gustav was back in his room contemplating what had happened today.

'How could she just dissapear like that?' Gustav was still in disbelief.

Hearing that Miss Aimee had disappeared threw him off course a little. His mind was spiraling around how he should try looking for her as well.

However, this was Miss Aimee they were talking about. Could she even be found if she didn't want to be?

If he decided to abandon everything on earth and go look for her, he wouldn't even know where to start or how exactly to look for her.

A part of him bore great worry about this whole situation, while another part kept making him feel everything was fine. Miss Aimee just probably had something to take care of on her own, and she was okay somewhere.

He was feeling conflicted at this point and hoped that she had left some type of clue or a message for him that would prove she was okay.

"This ash infection... Came from the case with the T-67 device," Gustav mumbled as he linked this connecting with the current situation.

"Which means Red Shadow will know about it. I should ask him when I get out of camp," Gustav decided.

He knew Red Shadow was on the mission all through with Miss Aimee, so he believed Red Shadow would have more information about the situation.

"This infection... I'll need to study it myself to see how it affects and corrupts human DNA..."

Gustav still believed there was no way Miss Aimee would be affected by something like this, especially if he found out that Red Shadow was okay.

There was also something else Gustav had decided to try in finding Miss Aimee.