The Bloodline System - Chapter 83 - Embarrassing Situation

Chapter 83 - Embarrassing Situation

Chapter 83 - Embarrassing Situation

Gustav checked the percentage of the combination procedure almost every hour in school.

It was still moving as slow as ever.

Even after the entire day had passed the procedure was not still completed.


While he was training with miss Aimee, she noticed his weird state and asked if all was well.

Of course, Gustav replied that everything was alright.

Sometimes he would get a soothing feeling that caused his actions to delay.

Even though it was only for a split second, miss Aimee would notice it because Gustav hardly paused for a millisecond during a battle.

His brain was always in full mode thinking and plotting. Before his first attack has landed he was already preparing for the second and third but this time it wasn't quite so.

He already decided that the next time he was going to try out recreation, he would lock himself indoors until it was done combining the two bloodlines.

Miss Aimee could see Gustav staring into thin air sometimes which gave her a weird feeling but since he said he was okay, she decided not to pursue it.

After their training ended for the day, Gustav went home immediately.

He didn't want to stick around to embarrass himself by mistake or something.

He got home and sat on his bed.

He distributed today's points from completing daily tasks first.

He placed everything in defense since he wanted to raise it as high as the rest.

"Add five points to defense,"

[+5 points has been added to defense]

Gustav was finally starting to sense a little bit of change in his body after defense reached 15 points.

He would have loved to test it out but at the moment there was nothing he could use to test out his defense and he was more worried about recreation right now.

He decided to check the progress again.

[Combination procedure: 57.89%/100%]

Gustav lied on his bed in frustration after seeing the progress.

He knew it would still take till the end of the next day before it would be done.

Gustav was thinking about staying indoors the next day but he decided not to because of his training with miss Aimee.

He only trained with her three days of the week now so he didn't want to miss any days.


The night quickly passed once again and the next day came.

Gustav was feeling excited when he woke up because he was sure the combination would be finished today.

He checked the progress once again.

[Combination procedure: 78.57%/100%]

He got prepared to leave home for school.

After Gustav got to school he started feeling a kind of hotness from within.

Gustav hissed in pain as he felt his blood bubbling again.

[Combination procedure: 80%/100%]

He noticed it was at 80% which meant it was closer to completion. He guessed that this was the reason for the burning feeling within.

After a while, the hot feeling was replaced by the refreshing feeling again.

Gustav was already starting to regret coming to school because when the feeling of hotness came he was forced to stop his steps.

Also, he noticed something around his pants area that he never thought would be possible for him to develop right now.

He walked to the kitchen and asked boss Danzo for a break today.

This came as a surprise to boss Danzo and he asked if Gustav was alright.

Gustav only told him he needed to rest and Boss Danzo gave his consent.

Gustav went to class and sat there alone.

It was still very early in the morning so there was not a single student to be seen in the class.

Gustav just sat there trying to calm his urges till students began to stream into the class.

The first two who arrived were surprised to see him in class by that time.

Unlike before where they might have uttered snide remarks, they ignored him and went to their seats.

When the class became filled, discussions of the upcoming exchange event could be heard again.

Gustav just blocked his mind from the class and focus on calming himself.

Throughout the day, he was absent-minded.

He later went to the dojo to train with miss Aimee after the day had ended.


Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

Miss Aimee was currently using a long staff-like weapon to spar with Gustav.

Gustav was holding onto a red weapon that was a mixture of a gun and a broad sword.

He rotated three times slamming the sharp part of the weapon onto the staff on miss Aimee's hand.

Miss Aimee used the lower part of the staff to slap Gustav's weapon towards the side before rotating the staff and slamming the tip on his head twice.

Bang! Bam!

Gustav fell to the floor after taking that hit.

He laid down like a log of wood and breathed in and out profusely

He stayed in that position for a while.

"Hmm, what's wrong with you lately?" Miss Aimee asked with a look of worry.

"I'm fine," Gustav said and got back up.

"Let's get back to..." Before Gustav completed his statement he suddenly felt hotness welling up underneath his gut.

"Uhhh," Gustav exclaimed with a look of discomfort.

"Are you alright?" Miss Aimee asked as she noticed sweat forming on Gustav's face.

"I'm fine," Gustav muttered again as he felt the hotness being subdued and being replaced with a feeling of Intense coolness.

He sighed in relief and stared at Miss Aimee.

"I'm fine," He said once again only for him to notice that miss Aimee's eyes weren't on him instead, her eyes were focused on a certain part of his body.

"Oh, I see why you've been spacing out lately... Going through puberty eh?" Miss Aimee voiced out with a smirk while staring at Gustav's lower half.

Gustav followed her line of sight down and stared at himself. His eyes widened as he saw the huge bulge protruding in between his upper thighs.

The bulge was so huge that the Yukata he was putting on couldn't hide its liveliness.

Gustav quickly turned around and with a look of embarrassment and used his hands to cover his privates.

"It seems to have grown bigger since the last time I saw it, so much life and vigor, I wonder if you've been thinking of doing that with a girl lately... Anyways, Congratulations, you've gone from having a thumb to a..." Before miss Aimee could complete her statement Gustav interrupted her.

"Miss Aimee why in the hell are you staring?" Gustav voiced out in dissatisfaction.

"You pointed it at me like a gun... Of course, I'll stare at it," Miss Aimee said with a burst of playful laughter.