The Bloodline System - Chapter 840 - The Most Powerful Mixedblood

Chapter 840 - The Most Powerful Mixedblood

Chapter 840 - The Most Powerful Mixedblood

The spectators had looks of awe as they stared at the battlefield. Some of them came to a realization, and their eyes widened as they heard his name.

-"It's Jack s.h.i.+rwin,"

Shock lined the faces of the audience like they had just seen a ghost as they began to realize who this was.

-"My goodness, it's actually Jack s.h.i.+rwin in the fles.h.!.+"

-"Gustav just had a battle with Jack s.h.i.+rwin?"

-"He reduced his age and strength level?

-"Why is he here?"

-"Where is the real opponent?"

Chatters rang out in the background as the spectators voiced out their thoughts, awes, and confusions.

"Jack... s.h.i.+rwin..?" Gustav voiced out.

"Yes, it is me," Jack responded with a smile as Gustav shook his hand.

It turned out he had been battling the person who was hailed as the most powerful Mixedblood in the world, and he had no idea.

Everything made sense now with how he could never injure him with any of his attacks and how Jack's strength would always match his whenever he used more power. Jack decided to match Gustav in power just to see how Gustav would fare against him.

Regardless of that, Jack still had the upper hand, and despite not using any ability till when he wanted to end the battle, he fended off Gustav easily.

"What is this? I'm supposed to be battling Felicio today," Gustav voiced out as he retracted his hand.

"Sorry to barge in on you like this, I figured I'd just take his spot since I came here looking for you. You're truly as interesting as they say," Jack voiced out as his outfit transformed into that of a long blue jacket with the MBO emblem behind it.

"Came here looking for me?" Gustav voiced out with a suspicious tone.

Fwwhiii~ Fwwhiiii~

At this moment, two figures flew over from the east and landed on the battlefield.

"Gustav are you okay?" One of them happened to be Officer Mag.

"He's fine Mag, we were just having a friendly chat," Jack said while wrapping his arm around Gustav's shoulder.

"You dueled him knowing very well that he is still a cadet," Officer Mag voiced out with a disgruntled expression.

"Relax, I only used a fragment of my strength. Him being in one piece proves he's just as good as you all mentioned," Jack said while patting Gustav's shoulder repeatedly.

"Sir Jack, please refrain from impulsive acts while you're on camp grounds," The other person who had arrived with officer Mag voiced out with a respectful tone.

This was Commander Cilia, who was in charge of the entire camp.

"How many times will I tell y'all to call me "Jack" now you're making me look like an old dude in front of Gustav," Jack voiced out as he heaved a heavy sigh.

"What is all this even about?" Gustav questioned as he felt the most powerful Mixedblood wouldn't just appear here for nothing.

"He has something important to reveal to you," Commander Cilia stated.

Minutes later, all four of them were seated in Commander Cilia's office. At this point, it had already spread across a camp that Jack had was in camp and dueled with Gustav.

This had caused a large uproar as everyone saw Gustav as a lucky guy since it seemed like Jack was very interested in him.

"How long as she been gone?" Gustav asked as his eyes dropped.

"It's been around four months according to the reports," Jack responded.

"I initially came here to rest for a bit since I just completed a mission in Planet Thrizho but then this was the first report I got the moment I arrived back on earth," Jack said with a slightly troubled expression.

"And no one has any idea of where she could have gone? Her last whereabouts or any information that could help?" Gustav asked with a worried tone.

"She was last seen in an MBO underwater facility and then she suddenly disappeared. There are suspicions of her getting infected by an unknown toxin which was why some believe she left," Jack explained.

"Infection? It's Miss Aimee, an ordinary infection won't get the better of her," Gustav scoffed as he voiced out.

"But that is the problem Gustav... It's not an ordinary infection," Commander Cilia b.u.t.ted in.

Gustav looked around with a look of confusion as he heard that.

"About a thousand normal people have been isolated as of now due to this insidious infection and they can't even be called human anymore due to how it has corrupted thier DNA," Officer Mag added.

"Still... She's an Alpha ranked Mixedblood, there's no way this infection..." Gustav was cut short by Jack.

"Even I can be affected by this infection if I don't guide myself against it properly," Jack stated.

Gustav was still in disbelief and didn't want to accept that Miss Aimee could have disappeared for this reason.

"So why wouldn't she guide herself then?" Gustav asked.

"Not saying she didn't but she was right there in the middle of it when the outbreak began," Jack responded, then proceeded to narrate the happening within Hamidah city several months back.

Miss Aimee got rid of the fog after the explosion of the second bomb and was in the midst of it while she fended it off. Jack was explaining what he heard from the eyewitnesses.

He added that Miss Aimee managed to save the entire city, but some people were not lucky enough because it was an airborne toxin that had already mixed with the oxygen before they escaped far enough. Those were the people who got infected, along with some MBO officers who were also on the scene a.s.sisting in getting the citizens out of there.

Some MBO officers on the scene were not infected, so it was possible that someone as powerful as Miss Aimee would definitely be okay as well.

However, it was said that when she came in for an examination, she left while making a ruckus and causing minor destruction to the facility.

The results of her body examination were lost due to that, so there was no proof of whether or not she was infected, but then she disappeared after that.