The Bloodline System - Chapter 839 - I Am Jack

Chapter 839 - I Am Jack

Chapter 839 - I Am Jack

Blue veins appeared on his arms as they glowed immensely while increasing in size.

Sending his fist upwards the moment he arrived at the same height as the fake Felicio, an explosion blasted across the sky as they collided.

At the last instant, the fake Felicio had crossed his arms to block Gustav's fist, but even with that, the explosion that went off sent a blast across the sky that sent him spiraling across the air.

This attack was big enough to obliterate multiple streets full of buildings with the radius that the blast covered.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

Gustav paused in mid-air after activating this and flew towards the fake Felicio's body that was still spiraling across the air.

It looked like he was affected as his body kept spinning while flying away uncontrollably. Gustav approached him intending to send out another attack when...


Felicio's body suddenly paused in mid-air, and he turned to face the approaching Gustav with a smile.

"Interesting... You're truly as interesting as they say," He voiced out while Gustav's fist was headed for his face.

Raising his left hand casually...


Felicio caught Gustav's fist and held him in place.

"It's high time we ended this right?" He proceeded to voice out as his presence suddenly started growing.

Gustav was surprised that all of his attacks, both the ones that hit and the ones that didn't, did not affect Felicio in any way. Even though the fake Felicio was blasted away from the impact, there was not single damage done to him.

Despite this, Gustav still didn't relent.

"Yeah we should end this... With your face in the dirt," Gustav voiced out as he pulled his fist back and threw it towards Felicio once more.

However, Felicio seemed to have gotten even faster than before as he dodged Gustav's close-quarters attacks.

"Okay I'll show you a fragment of my power so you can stop," Felicio voiced out as his eyes glowed a bright yellow color.

Gustav suddenly felt an indescribable force knock him from above, straight to the ground.


He slammed onto the ground heavily, causing debris to scatter as cracks spread across the place.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

-"What just happened?"

-"I didn't see it, did you?"

-"He just got smacked to the ground so fast our eyes couldn't follow,"

-"Even the number one is not capable of this,"

Both second and final year spectators couldn't believe what they were seeing.


Even before Gustav had got the chance to react to the sudden force that knocked him out of the sky, a ma.s.sive yellow circle with red carvings had appeared all across the ground.

It covered several thousands of feet, stopping right where the barriers surrounding the battle area were erected.


A ma.s.sive inferno pillar suddenly shot out of the ground, obliterating everything within the battle area.

The vicinity turned into a blazing ring of h.e.l.l as the inferno rose straight into the sky, covering everywhere in an instant.

Even outside of the barrier, the cadets could feel the immense heat and had to move further away as some of their outfits caught fire due to this.

A final year cadet had gone to report to one of the instructors some minutes back that Felicio wasn't the one in the ring, but the instructor shoved him off.

He could swear he spotted the instructor trying to hide his frightful expression. Other final year cadets also went to report the same issue, but the instructors didn't listen to them for some reason.

The barrier was starting to melt when the fake Felicio floating in the air snapped his finger.


The inferno instantly disappeared, letting the vicinity return to tranquility. However, the s.p.a.ce within the barrier had turned entirely black.

The grounds were darkened and had sunk, becoming hundreds of feet deeper than before.

A ma.s.sive bubble of milky-colored energy could be seen positioned somewhere on the ground within all this.

A smile appeared on the fake Felicio's face as he saw the milky-colored bubble disappear, and Gustav's figure was revealed.

"I knew you would survive that," He voiced out slowly descending to the ground.

Gustav's eyes squinted as he stared at the fake Felicio with a suspicious expression.

"Who are you?" Gustav voiced out.

At this point, it was obvious that this wasn't Felicio since the ability that had just been used was, in fact, opposite to his.

This person had also said that this was only a fragment of his power and used an attack capable of razing an entire city to the ground in an instant.

Everyone, too, was interested in finding out who this unknown young man was. The instructors had inexplicable expressions on their faces like they already knew exactly what was going on since the beginning but still let it happen.

The fake Felicio, who had a handsome and young-looking face like he was no older than twenty years old, suddenly aged a little right in front of everyone's eyes.

He went from looking like a twenty-year-old to looking like he had aged a couple more years, revealing a more mature-looking face and slightly buff body, around 6'7 in height. He looked even more handsome, and his presence kept growing, even more, causing the entire vicinity to quake.

There was no doubt that this person was a really powerful figure.

"I am Jack... Nice to meet you Gustav," He smiled as he walked towards Gustav.

Gustav's eyes squinted even more as he heard that. The face was starting to look a bit familiar to him, "Do I know you?" Gustav asked.

"You might have heard of me just as I have heard of you but this is the first time we're meeting," Jack smiled as he arrived in front of Gustav and stretched out his hand for a handshake.

The spectators had looks of awe as they stared at the battlefield. Some of them came to a realization, and their eyes widened as they heard his name.

-"It's Jack s.h.i.+rwin,"