The Bloodline System - Chapter 838 - Who The Hell Is That?

Chapter 838 - Who The Hell Is That?

Chapter 838 - Who The h.e.l.l Is That?

"Come at me, Gustav. Let me see what you're made of," He added.

Gustav didn't know whether to see this overly confident or, but one thing he knew was that Felicio gave off a feeling different from others... An unknown feeling of a.s.suredness and superiority.


Wasting no more time, Gustav darted forward with immense speed.

It was never his intention to battle an opponent this way, but Felicio had left him no choice.

He swung his right palm forward the moment he arrived behind Felicio.

[Palm Strike Has Been Activated]


Felicio moved slightly to the left, just enough for Gustav's palm to miss him by a few inches.

The moment Gustav's palm pa.s.sed by the side of Felicio's face, he swung it towards the right.

Felicio squatted slightly with immense speed, causing Gustav to miss him again. Gustav proceeded to send out his right foot, to which Felicio dodged once more.

Swwhii~ Swooshh~ SwwhhiI~ Swowoosshh~

Gustav repeatedly sent out palm and leg strikes along with his fists occasionally, but even without turning around, Felicio could dodge every single of these hits seamlessly.

Gustav felt like Felicio could see through all his attacks and predict them before he sent them out. Felicio was not lacking in speed either, as he managed to do all this without even turning around.

The spectators were awed as they witnessed this. The final year cadets were no different as they didn't seem to realize Felicio had improved to this extent without even surrounding the vicinity with a body of water.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

Gustav increased his speed as he used more strength in his attacks, but he still hadn't managed to hit Felicio even after several minutes had gone by.

Felicio's movements were precise and well calculated that whenever Gustav tried to trick him and use feints, he was still able to see through everything and dodge every one of his attacks.

Gustav finally decided to use a wide-range attack as he made a little transformation and stomped the ground.


The surroundings covering a radius of up to three thousand feet trembled immensely, causing Felicio to lose his footing a bit. Gustav made use of this to swerve across the ground, sweeping his left foot towards Felicio.

In that split instant where his foot was about to make contact Felicio jumped upwards with speed to dodge the attack, but the moment he did, he found himself suspended in mid-air.

Gustav pushed his hands off the ground, causing himself to rise as his foot swung towards Felicio's side.

Being suspended in mid-air for that brief instant left Felicio unable to dodge the attack, and at the last instant, he pushed out his palm to the side.

Bam! Grab!

Wind burst forth from the point of impact as Felicio managed to grab hold of Gustav's foot before it slammed into him, but the force still sent him catapulting towards the side.

He landed on the ground several feet away and kept sliding towards the side even more from the force of the impact.

"That packed a good punch... Maybe I should get a little serious now," Felicio voiced out as Gustav charged toward him once more.

[Gravitational Displacement]

The gravitational force of the environment turned weird again as Felicio felt his body had turned heavier, which glued his feet further to the ground.

Gustav's fist was already headed for the side of his face from behind at this point.

This was the moment Felicio turned around, revealing his facial features.


His fist collided with Gustav's, causing shockwaves to spread across the vicinity as the ground underneath the feet gave way.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Both of them exchanged fists fiercely for a few seconds, and Gustav found himself being pushed back.

'He's fast... Strong and he still hasn't activated his bloodline,' Gustav noticed this and realized the familiarity.

He would always be the one in that situation, already pus.h.i.+ng back the opponent even without activating any bloodlines, but this time, it was the other way around.

Swooshh~ Swoossh~ Swoosh~

Both of them darted across the place with immense speed as they repeatedly clashed, causing waves of destruction to spread across the place.

The final year cadets in spectating squinted their eyes in confusion as they witnessed the clashes that had begun the moment Felicio turned around to face Gustav head-on.

-"That's not Felicio,"

-"Who the h.e.l.l is that?"

-"I've never seen that face before,"

Confusion arose in their midsts as many of them voiced out.

It would seem the face of this person clad in the cadet outfit was unknown to them.

They initially thought it was truly Felicio since Felicio had dark hair around the same length and a somewhat similar body figure, but now that his face was revealed, they realized he wasn't the one.

All this time, this person had a smile on his face as he occasionally clashed with Gustav.

The more strength Gustav made use of, the higher this person would also raise their strength level to match his.

Gustav conjured a ma.s.sive atomic disintegration blade and swung it forward.

This milky-colored blade was as long as a two-story building as it swung sideways fiercely in a bid to slice the unknown cadet in half.

He jumped upwards and landed on the atomic disintegration blade as his feet glowed a bright red color.


Running across the Atomic disintegration blade, he arrived in front of Gustav and swung his foot towards Gustav's face.

Gustav let go of the hilt at that moment and bent backward to dodge the attack.

[Power Boost Has Been Activated]

As the fake Felicio's body flew a few centimeters above his chest area, Gustav placed both his hands on the ground while still bending backward and lifted himself off the ground using his hands that were planted the ground.


Gustav kicked his feet upwards, slamming into the fake Felicio's back and catapulting him upwards.


The sound of the collision rang out like an explosion as Felicio got blasted upwards from the kick.

Gustav dropped his feet back to the ground at this instant and leaped upwards as well while arching his right arm backward.