The Bloodline System - Chapter 837 - Unique Vibe

Chapter 837 - Unique Vibe

Chapter 837 - Unique Vibe

The buildings rose back to their initial height, and everything in the vicinity that was initially sinking.


The flicker of light suddenly appeared back in the jewel as the area returned to tranquility.

"What was that?" Gustav asked with a look of confoundment.

The light flickered once more, increasing and decreasing in size occasionally.

"Oh? What else can you do then?" Gustav asked once more.

"Wait wait... Not here, let's get to a secluded location first," Gustav voiced out and proceeded to keep the orb in his storage device once more.

It was already early in the morning, so everyone was headed out for the morning drills when the incident happened. An instructor appeared in their residential area after sensing the disturbance.

He was investigating it while telling the cadets not to worry and leave for their morning drills. There were about eleven buildings in this particular residential area, and every single one of them had experienced the same thing.

Gustav ran into E.E, Aildris, and the others when he stepped out of his room, but he managed to throw them off after a while, saying he had to leave for his special training.

They had no idea that Gustav had just experienced a crazy twenty-four hours, and the incoming days were about to get even crazier for him as he would trying to unveil more about the jewel as time pa.s.sed.


Time moved quickly, and another week had pa.s.sed before everyone knew it. Nevertheless, things were moving as expected at camp with the training and the drills.

Gustav's special training, in particular, was yielding growth, and with every pa.s.sing day, he grew even more powerful. Gustav also spent this time unveiling more about the jewel and was shocked to see its capabilities.

Surprisingly, the jewel obeyed all of his commands and did whatever he asked, which Gustav suspected was a feature of the clan leader handing it over to him personally.

However, Gustav wondered why they would possess such an item and struggled with battling other clans. Giving something as valuable as this out to him as an appreciative gesture was also something he couldn't wrap his head around.

So far, the jewel had displayed four main abilities that made Gustav see it as a treasure trove.

The first was its ability to consume anything with a special type of energy and turn it into its own power. The second was its ability to boost Gustav's capabilities when it s.h.i.+mmered light upon him.

The third was its ability to mimic and take the form of any object or piece of machinery. It had even transformed into a mech for Gustav to make use of earlier.

The fourth ability, which was the craziest, was being able to manipulate the state of things to a certain extent. In other words, reality-warping. Gustav was still figuring this part out as it was not only confusing but had rules and conditions to it.

However, Gustav was sure he had truly been given a G.o.dly item so far.

He could already picture how much of a help this jewel would be to him when he finally leaves the planet to embark on missions.

As this week arrived, so did talks about Gustav's fourth duel with the thirty-sixth ranked final year cadet.

Only about a day was left till he had to battle him. Gustav had a little bit of information on him, but he knew Felicio Vardinez had a bloodline that granted him the ability to manipulate liquid.

It had also been mentioned that Felicio could turn anywhere into an ocean in a manner of seconds. Being in a water body increased his strength exponentially, and he could turn anyplace into his territory.

Despite knowing all of this, Gustav was still unbothered and looked forward to the battle even more.

Gustav believed it would be an interesting battle. Of course, he still couldn't go a hundred percent with anyone because that would mean he would be revealing too much, but he would still fight the best he could.

-The Next Day

The time of the battle arrived, and everyone moved toward the battle location as quickly as they could.

More cadets were interested in witnessing this, and a lot of them were unsure of who would win. The final-year cadets who came to spectate weren't as as the last time.

After witnessing Gustav's capabilities with their own eyes, they didn't want to a.s.sume he would lose, but they also knew Felicio to be quite powerful.

They had their fingers crossed, waiting for the battle to begin.

The instant Gustav arrived on the scene, in this area that looked like a wilderness, he could already see a person in a white cadet outfit waiting in the middle of the battlefield.

The person had his back facing Gustav as he stood in place up ahead. His hair was black and short, but he looked quite slender from behind.

"Hmm?" Gustav didn't know why but he could feel a kind of unique vibe coming from his opponent.

A bit of chatter could be heard across the surroundings as the cadets stared at the battle area with slightly confused looks on their faces as well while chatting.

The instructor erected the barrier for the battle and voiced out for the battle to begin.

"Are you just going to remain standing there?" Gustav voiced out while squinting his eyes.

"Come at me Gustav Crimson... Let me see if you're truly worthy," He voiced out while standing in place with his back still facing Gustav.

-"What is he doing?

-"Why hasn't he turned around?"

-"How is he to believe he could take on Gustav without even facing him?"

The cadets kept voicing out their dissatisfactions as they witnessed this scene.

"Are you sure you want me to come at you like this?" Gustav asked.

"Indeed... I am interested in seeing your capabilities because I have heard so much about you," He responded with a light chuckle.

"Come at me, Gustav. Let me see what you're made of," He added.