The Bloodline System - Chapter 836 - The Sacred Jewel

Chapter 836 - The Sacred Jewel

Chapter 836 - The Sacred Jewel

"It's time to go," Gustav said as he kept the stone in his storage device.



A bright glow encapsulated his entire figure in the next instant, and he disappeared.


After he had suddenly disappeared from the spot, the Rirdhaggles stared at each other and nodded.

"Kbbmhayhvv`|^" The leader voiced out.

This translated to, "Now that we have pa.s.sed the sacred jewel to our savior, the wars will come to an end,"


"Finally back home," Gustav heaved a sigh of relief as he stared at the familiar four corners of the room he had just arrived in.

He sat on his bed as the events within the last twenty-four hours replayed in his head.

It had been the longest twenty-four hours of his life. Gustav felt a sense of thrill and adventure even though it was immensely dangerous.

The ma.s.sive creature whose head he stood upon while on the Shardis.h.i.+ planet was one Gustav felt he'd have to go all out to battle.

He wasn't willing to deplete all his energy battling the creature when he didn't know what would come next, so the best option was to escape. The punishment only asked him to survive after all.

Gustav wasn't stupid so he didn't see the need to battle every creature he came into contact with just to prove his strength.

However, now Gustav was imagining just how much EXP he would get from killing such a creature. And since the system gave him the ability to steal the DNA of alien species, that meant he would also be able to take the form of the creature after killing it, adding immensely to his strength.

"Good thing I placed a marker on that planet... The only thing I have to be worried about is if the dimensional bracelet will have enough energy to transport me that far away," Gustav voiced out with a contemplative expression.

While he was on Shardis.h.i.+ planet, Gustav had tried to use the dimensional bracelet to see if he could teleport back to his room, but the system had made it unavailable for teleportation uses due to the punishment so it didn't work.

However, he could still place a marker on the planet since only the teleportation function of the dimensional bracelet was offline. It was only a thought for now, but Gustav was thinking of going back there when he was stronger.

He was skeptical about it due to whether or not there would be enough energy to teleport him there and also bring him back. He wasn't even sure there was enough to send him there, but he wouldn't be testing it out anytime soon.

"Hmm?" Gustav felt a strange beckoning from within his storage device.


The stone that the Rirdhaggle clan leader had pa.s.sed to him suddenly appeared in front of him.

It floated in mid-air as the flicker of light within it occasionally increased and decreased in size.

Gustav was astonished not only because it came out of his storage device without his control but also because he could somehow sense the intention of this circular piece of jewel.

"Food? Food where?" Gustav voiced out with a confused expression.


A small black stone appeared in front.

"You want this?" Gustav voiced out slightly surprised as he stared at the pinky finger-sized black stone.

This stone had been kept in Gustav's storage device for a long time.

This was the Ulovonturian gem he got back then from killing the Silhouette that murdered lots of MBO candidates in the underground prison.

[Author's Note: Refer to chapter 258]

The underground prison where not only mixedblood fugitives but also rogue alien species from other planets were kept. The Silhouette happened to be an alien species.

However, after Gustav killed it, he was unable to scan its features because its body disintegrated. The small black stone was left in its place.

The system had identified it to be the core of the Silhouette.

Gustav never was able to find out how to make use of it after multiple tries, so he just kept it in his storage device all this time, hoping there would come use for it later.

The stone reacted the moment it appeared from his storage ring and began to vibrate intensely, and ash smoke drifted out of it.

"So you'll get power from eating that?" Gustav voiced out like he was speaking to someone.

However, the room was as silent as ever, with only the light within the jewel flickering occasionally.

"Alright, go ahead then," Gustav was interested in seeing what would happen after he gave the go-ahead.

The dark stone was compelled and pulled towards the sacred jewel. The instant it was only a few inches away, it blasted into pieces, turning into a dark smoke absorbed by the jewel in nearly an instant.


The small light within the transparent jewel increased in size, becoming a finger larger than before.

"That's it?" Gustav was a bit disappointed as he was expecting a different reaction.

The only response he got back was silence as the jewel continued to float in mid-air.

"What exactly can you do?" Gustav asked while squinting his eyes.

The flicker of light within the jewel suddenly dimmed and disappeared completely.

"Huh?" Gustav voiced out in confusion, but dark energy oozed out from within the jewel in the next instant.


It suddenly burst forth like a wave, and then the shadows all across the residential areas began to extend.

A radius of several thousand feet turned dark as the shadows kept extending, and then it suddenly stopped.

Gustav's eyes widened as he spread his perception across the vicinity.

All the buildings, trees, and practically every object began to sink into the shadows.

This alerted the cadets in the vicinity as everyone began to jump out of the buildings, but the instant they landed on the ground, their bodies sank into the shadows as well.

"Stop!" Gustav voiced out.


The shadows suddenly retracted, and the dark energy oozing forth from the jewel disappeared.