The Bloodline System - Chapter 835 - It's Time To Go

Chapter 835 - It's Time To Go

Chapter 835 - It's Time To Go

The Rirdhaggle clan that owned this structure was putting up a good fight and tried as much as possible to decrease the other side's numbers.

They changed their strategy to reduce the number of casualties and fight back.

Gustav suddenly felt movement from the east and turned to the side. His eyesight zoomed in on that area, and he noticed large numbers headed towards this structure as well.

These types of Rirdhaggles that were headed for the structure also looked a bit different, which made Gustav believe they were probably from another clan.

"Skirmish on both sides?" Gustav voiced out with a contemplative tone.

He wondered why other clans would choose to be enemies with this one and attack them, but Gustav was sure they wouldn't be able to handle attacks on two fronts when one was already difficult.

As they drew closer, the Rirdhaggle clan Gustav was currently in became aware. They panicked, but they quickly took battle formations and brought out some new weapons.

"Thirty minutes left hmm... I should be able to hold out easy,"

At this point, Gustav stood to his feet and walked forward to the ledge of the roofing.

"Get back!" He yelled out towards the Rirdhaggles of this clan.

Even though they were over a thousand feet beneath, they heard his voice clearly.

The system, too, had translated his voice to their language, so they understood.

They first had confused expressions on their faces till they saw Gustav leap downwards.

A wave of milky energy covered his figure as he descended with speed and pressure.


He landed on the ground, causing the greenish fog to scatter across the vicinity.

His body was currently coated in layers of atomic disintegration energy, so the fog could not get to him without disappearing.

The instant Gustav landed in front of them and stretched his hand forward.

[Gravitational Displacement Has Been Activated]


The other side, which numbered over five hundred, found themselves floating in mid-air as Gustav activated that energy.

Fwhiii~ Fwwwiihh~

Gustav dashed out with immense speed while atomic blades appeared in his hand.

The Rirdhaggles behind could only see a white line zig-zagging across the place and in mid-air, along with bodies getting sliced into multiple parts.

Blood rained down across the battlefield as Gustav wreaked one-sided havoc upon the place.

Slas.h.!.+ Slas.h.!.+ Slas.h.!.+

It only took a few minutes for him to turn over five hundred Rirdhaggles into incomplete corpses.

"Get back into the fortress!" Gustav voiced out once more.

The Rirdhaggles, who had awe-stricken looks, did as they were told and began moving back into their weird-looking structure.

Gustav leaped across the air, over the entire structure, and landed right on the other side where the new enemies were closing in on.

"One should be enough," He voiced out as a purplish orb cackling with red, electric arcs appeared in his line of sight.

The enemies were still over ten thousand feet away, which Gustav considered being a safe distance from here.

Pus.h.i.+ng his palm forward, the orb flew with immense speed in the direction of the incoming enemies.

This new Rirdhaggle clan headed over numbered in the thousands, and they even had some giant ones in their midst. They were charging forward intensely with malicious intent written all over their faces.

One of them suddenly spotted the orb as it flew over. They spoke their strange tongues again as they saw it flying towards them.

One of them tried to catch it, but it evaded them and flew right into the middle of the horde.

In the next instant...


A violent blast reverberated across the vicinity as a ma.s.sive purplish and reddish waves spread for miles.

The Rirdhaggles and everything around them were obliterated into smithereens as a big cloud of blue mixed with red and purple appeared ahead.

The destruction was so immense that even the residual energy slammed heavily into the structure and caused it to quake immensely. The grounds still vibrated for many seconds before everything returned to tranquility.

At this point, Gustav leaped back towards the rooftop of the structure and sat down.

"Hmm, twenty minutes left," He muttered and proceeded to close his eyes again.

The Rirdhaggle had looks of confusion and bewilderment as they looked up to the savor. Gustav just sat there acting like he didn't do anything.

However, they knew just how much his actions had saved them. The Rirdhaggles were overjoyed and glad they had just left Gustav alone. Seeing his prowess, they believed he could have obliterated them as well if he was their enemy.

In a flashover, eighteen minutes had gone by, and now Gustav was just counting the seconds until he was teleported back.

He stood to his feet and looked around, "Finally, the time has come," He knew for sure that he wouldn't miss this planet.

Except for the fact that it was a fascinating-looking planet, it was not conducive for earthlings to stay here.

He most likely would be able to survive for a long time here, but there were too many dangers on this planet, and he wasn't powerful enough to say he could explore the entirety of it without getting killed.

"Hmm?" Gustav mumbled as he spotted the Rirdhaggle clan leader climbing upwards to come to meet him.

He was accompanied by two other Rirdhaggles.

"Rryyffcchlvvbf^~" The leader voiced out as he moved closer to Gustav while unwrapping an object covered by weird-looking leaves.

"What? You want to give that to me as a reward?" Gustav said with a slightly surprised look.

The leader answered affirmatively as it unwrapped what seemed to be a circular-looking jewel. Despite being transparent, it was translucent in composition, and a flicker of silver glowing light could be seen in between.

Gustav could feel a weird type of energy coming from this, but there was no time to a.n.a.lyze it at the moment. He received it from the leader of the clan and nodded.

"Thanks," Gustav voiced out.

[Host Will Be Teleported Back To Planet Earth In...]




"It's time to go," Gustav said as he kept the stone in his storage device.