The Bloodline System - Chapter 834 - War Breaks Out

Chapter 834 - War Breaks Out

Chapter 834 - War Breaks Out



Gustav could hear shrill voices speaking in a foreign tongue.

Two short-looking red creatures were headed for Gustav with what looked like clubs in their grasp.

These weren't actual clubs, but they were shaped like that and made with a weird-looking green stony material. Grey spikes could be seen all over the weapons as they held them forward while moving toward Gustav.

Their weapons were just as big as theirs, yet they could lift them well enough.

These short red creatures had pointy tails and four eyes on their square-shaped head with pot bellies.

"Ssjjrryythhhjjeegghh!" The two made more weird sounds as they moved closer to Gustav.

[Rirdhaggle Alien Lifeform Language Has Been Successfully Decrypted]

As this notification appeared in his line of sight, Gustav heard more footsteps getting closer from up ahead and in front.

In a few moments, he was surrounded from behind and up ahead. They numbered in over sixty that had crowded him.


However, unlike the last time, Gustav could completely understand what they said.

"I am not here to fight. Stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours," Gustav voiced out as he began to walk forward.

Gustav spoke in English, but his speech was being translated to the creature s with the help of the system.

"Hvvthgc^`ffvbjjj," The one who spoke earlier voiced out once more.

It was the only one with a Ruby stone attached to his weapon, and Gustav a.s.sumed this was their leader.

"What enemy? I don't know what you're talking about. I'll only be here for some time and I won't bother anyone if I am not bothered," Gustav spoke calmly as he kept stepping forward.

The creatures wanted to know if Gustav was an enemy figure sent by an opposing clan. Therefore, they had a suspicious look as they saw him walking towards them.

The creatures yelled for him to stop in their unknown language, but Gustav ignored him and kept walking forward.

One of them jumped up and swung the ma.s.sive stone-like club towards Gustav's face.

Gustav swerved slightly towards the left and swung his leg a hundred and eighty degrees towards the right.


His feet crashed into the face of the creature sending it flying out of the open corridor area.

This action alone caused the creatures to stand in place with fear. Even though the pressure they felt when Gustav was flying over had significantly reduced, they could tell he was no easy target.

They parted ways as Gustav kept walking forward and arrived at the end of the corridor area. He leaped upwards towards the highest part of the structure and sat atop the roof.

The creatures just stared at each other with awkward looks and looked up to see Gustav sitting in place without any intention of harming them.

From up there, Gustav could see the environment better. This structure extended from the ground, where the fog was dense, to about a thousand feet high up.

The Rirdhaggles could be seen moving about on the ground. They seemed to be unbothered by the green fog, but this still didn't make Gustav any less bothered.

The composition of materials and creatures on this planet was different from the composition of an earthling. They all originate from this planet, so they were not bothered or harmed in any way by these toxic fogs, which were natural to them.

What was natural to them was unnatural to him, and he was not in any way immune, so he still decided to play it safe and remain at the top of the structure.

After what had happened, the creatures did not disturb Gustav anymore. Instead, they continued their initial activities, and Gustav felt he was finally free and could rest somewhere.

It had been a long twenty hours, and he had spent a lot of energy points. He was glad this wasn't a punishment that came in his initial weaker days. He wondered if this was one of the hidden punishments among the other quests in the past that he completed.

While Gustav was sitting in place, recovering his spent energy and waiting for time to pa.s.s completely, he noticed that the creatures were moving about the place like they were preparing for something.

The Rirdhaggles were taking orders from the one with the red ruby on its weapon. They seemed quite jittery as they moved about the place. He also realized that their numbers were greater than he thought. Right now, he could count no less than seven hundred of them from his current position, and there were still more.

Surely if they ganged up against him, he would have a fairly difficult time fending them off, but they seem to have believed Gustav wasn't here to harm them.

After what seemed like three hours, a series of yells made Gustav open his eyes.



The creatures could be seen lining up on the west side of the structure in a battle formation while holding onto their weapons.

"Hmm?" Gustav could sense movement from far ahead of them.

He turned to the side and activated G.o.d Eyes.

His eyes zoomed in, and he spotted a battalion of Rirdhaggle headed towards the structure with similar weapons. These ones looked slightly different from the ones here as they were a shade browner than red.

Gustav instantly figured out that this must be the opposing clan they mistook him for. It turned out there was a war going on around here.

Screams and battle cries were heard as the two fronts charged toward each other.

Gustav watched as a battle unfolded in front of him between the two sides.

From the looks of things, both sides were equally matched in terms of battle prowess and numbers.

However, things began to take a strange turn when the other side brought forth some weird-looking cauldrons, and it started shooting out round green sizzling b.a.l.l.s.

These projectiles started to decimate a lot of their numbers on this side. Gustav kept watching as the battle turned heated by the second.