The Bloodline System - Chapter 833 - Finding A New Highground

Chapter 833 - Finding A New Highground

Chapter 833 - Finding A New Highground


Gustav lifted up into the air and zoomed off. He only had to survive for twelve more hours before the punishment would end.

The serpentine-like creatures with rocky skins swarmed across the position he had just left.

From above, it could be seen that they were coming from every direction, and some were even coming from under the ground.

Gustav glanced back for a moment while zooming off across the sky. There were at least a thousand of them.

While flying away, Gustav pulled out a pill from his storage ring and swallowed it. This was meant to help him with the issue of no oxygen for the next twelve hours.

Hours later, Gustav had repeatedly changed from one high ground to the other, still facing the same issues. The species on this planet were trying to kill him.

Just as many species with different DNAs lived on earth, this planet also had numerous species that were even more dangerous.

Considering the planet's size was at least eight times the size of earth, it could even be speculated that there were even more crazy creatures to be found here.

Gustav wondered if there were intelligent lifeforms living on this planet like humans on earth. However, he felt he might never find out since he had not even managed to travel past a single region since he arrived here, even though he had been flying all night.

Presently, it was daytime, and it turned out that the planet had three suns, and stars were still present in the skies even during daytime.

One of the Suns was light red with a part of it having blue features, while the other two Suns, which were smaller than the first, were both bright aqua.

The temperature of the planet during the day was neither cold nor hot. Gustav couldn't even describe how it felt basking under the glow of these three suns.

While flying, Gustav noticed the color of the fog was changing once more. He looked down and saw it had transformed from red into a green color.

"Is that safe?" Gustav asked as he paused in mid-air.

("I don't have information on the green fog but I'm picking up different foreign components which I'm currently scanning for it's effects,") The system answered.

Gustav conjured a diamond-like object from his palm and flung it down. It disappeared into the fog a few moments later after landing on the ground.

G.o.d Eyes was currently active, so Gustav was able to see the ground from high up despite the fog being very dense at the bottom.

He watched the iro silk for a few seconds, observing it to the very core and composition. However, there was no change to it in any way. The fog didn't affect it, but even with this, Gustav still wasn't convinced whether it was safe or not.

"Oh, I guess I should stay away from the ground in the meantime till you determine whether it's safe or not," Gustav said before resuming flying.

Gustav initially wanted to drop down and use himself as an experimental guinea pig to find out what exactly the effects of this fog were going to be on a living person, but he discarded the thought.

Who knew if it would have irreversible negative effects on his body.

Gustav spent the rest of the seconds he had left from hover, flying across the place and looking for safe, high ground. Unfortunately, Hover ran out before he found any high ground, and he had to activate the Ultimate Combination Form once more to remain above the ground.

After thirteen good minutes of flying across the air at a speed of forty miles per second, Gustav finally could see a highland that looked like a building in the distance.

It looked rigid and rough, like a bunch of greyish and red-looking stones stacked upon each other, but even with this, Gustav was a bit surprised since this was the first time he was finding anything remotely close to the looks of a building.

The structure was oddly shaped like half a triangle with pole-like objects protruding from the sides.

Before he landed on it, he could already see lifeforms in the vicinity. Gustav still had no choice but to land here since th Ultimate Combination Form was taking up a lot of energy.

Even with the system's boost, he had less than half of his original energy left at this point.

The moment Gustav landed on what seemed to be like the seventh floor or this structure, he transformed back into his human form.

The creatures in the vicinity were initially frightened, sensing the immense and powerful pressure from the approaching figure, but the instant Gustav transformed back, the pressure disappeared.

The fear they had on their faces disappeared at this point as they began to head towards Gustav's current position from every nook and cranny of the surroundings.

"Four hours left," Gustav voiced out with an elated voice.

In the next four hours, this nightmarish experience would come to an end. Gustav couldn't wait to finally get back to his room and take a long shower.

Despite the fact that he could stay awake for days without having a wink of sleep, this experience had worn him out due to always being on the alert every second.

The experience in the underground mixedblood prison during the MBO tests was nothing compared to this, even though they had spent two weeks there. If he came here with the strength, he had back then, he wouldn't survive an hour in here.

Gustav turned to the side as he sensed figures approaching.

"If they created this then they are slightly intelligent... I should try talking to them first before anything. I might be able to stay here for the next four hours and rest," Gustav thought as he began walking across what seemed to be a rough corridor.

There were holes on the walls by the side that could not be called windows since they were so large, it felt like the inside was outside.