The Bloodline System - Chapter 832 - Danger At Every Corner

Chapter 832 - Danger At Every Corner

Chapter 832 - Danger At Every Corner

From far ahead, one could see that Gustav was standing on a creature's head. The head had been the only thing protruding out of the ground initially, and it was already around three thousand feet in length.

There was no doubt that this creature would be humongous. Gustav wasted no time in using combination.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Mutatated Bull + Demonic Bunny + Blood wolf + Savrina Serpent + Solar Worm...]

This wasn't the time to spare energy as he felt immense pressure from this creature encompa.s.sing the surroundings.

Gustav instantly zoomed off across the air with immense speed after completing transformation.

The skies parted ways behind him as a ma.s.sive hand that bloated the reflection of light coming from the moon and stars descended upon him.

Gustav's forehead broke a sweat as he stretched his hand out while flying and pushed forward as quickly as he could.

The gravitational force of the environment ruptured as he cut a line across the air and disappeared.

The middle finger of the ma.s.sive hand missed his figure by a hair breath as Gustav reappeared up to a hundred miles ahead.

He had managed to replicate the ability Endric used when chasing him back in camp. Gravitational ability branched off Telekinesis and s.p.a.ce manipulation, so he was able to replicate that same ability in a moment of danger.


The gigantic hand landed on the ground, causing red dust to blast across the vicinity as the fog in the area increased in density.

Even though Gustav had managed to outrun the gigantic hand, the wind stirred across the air and the red fog sent him spiraling across the air.


The heavy winds that blasted fiercely across the place covered more than a hundred miles. After being tossed across the air and carried by the wind turbulence without control for some time, Gustav finally managed to stabilize himself.

At the moment, he couldn't even tell where east was from the west, but he could still sense a faint pressure from the ma.s.sive creature, so he knew he had to move in the opposite direction.

Gustav was fortunate because the creature still hadn't managed to completely pull its body out of the ground before it decided to attack him. If it was fully out of the ground, catching or swatting Gustav like he was some bug would come very easy.

Gustav flew across the air for many minutes, not wanting to stop and transform back even though he was spending a lot of energy maintaining this form.

He just wanted to make sure he had given himself a lot of distance between himself and whatever that creature was supposed to be.

("You have to be careful, according to my data that was a Yhidirhia giant. There are still about ten of them that exist on this planet. Fortunately they stay very far away from each other due to enmity but so there are low chances of you running into one for thousands of miles,") The system voiced out.

"That thing cannot be referred to as a giant... It's too humongous... It's practically a walking city," Despite the system's rea.s.surance, Gustav's guard was still well up.

What he had just witnessed was enough to traumatize anyone. If others had been in his shoes, they would have most likely p.i.s.sed their pants.

Gustav didn't doubt that the creature would be no shorter than the MBO tower in Plankton City that was so tall it reached s.p.a.ce.

After flying for some time, Gustav found another high land and returned to his human form.

However, the moment he did, another issue came up, and this place began to experience some weird weather turbulence.

A tornado made out of a firestorm appeared, and one made out of water appeared. Another one made out of wind with lightning strikes within appeared around here as well. The Red fog that nearly got him the other time was being stirred up, and he had to leave this high ground before it would get to him.

Gustav activated Hover once more and flew away from this place, looking for another highland.

Scenarios kept playing out where he would run into one bad situation after arriving on high land. It was as if this entire world was out to get him, there was danger everywhere, and Gustav couldn't catch a break.

He had said he would make sure he spent very little energy but right now, he had already spent a quarter, and only six hours had pa.s.sed since he arrived here.

"This is all your fault," Gustav voiced out to the system as he fought a group of weird-looking snake-like creatures on another highland.

("Oh come on don't cry over spilled tea,") The system voiced out in response.

The entire place was crawling with them, and no matter how many Gustav killed, more would appear. He was waiting for Hover to finish counting down as he cut down these venomous-looking creatures.

"I thought you said you were gonna help? You haven't really done anything," Gustav kept voicing out with an annoyed tone as he swung the atomic blades in his hand, repeatedly slicing these creatures' heads off.

The system didn't want to interfere too much, knowing Gustav could learn from this experience.

Difficult situations always lead to improvement. Prove of that was Gustav making use of the same ability Endric had used to chase him back in camp.

However, Gustav wouldn't stop complaining that this was the system's fault, so it finally decided to a.s.sist more.

[Host Has Been Granted 2 EP Boost For The Next Twelve Hours]

[Host Has Been Granted 2 HP Boost For The Next Twelve Hours]

[Skills Time Lockdown Has Been Reduced by seventy Percent For The Next Twelve Hours]

As Gustav saw the notifications, he nodded in satisfaction. At this point, Hover was now available for use again.

[Hover Has Been Activated]


Gustav lifted up into the air and zoomed off. He only had to survive for twelve hours more before the punishment would end.