The Bloodline System - Chapter 831 - Oh Shit!

Chapter 831 - Oh Shit!

Chapter 831 - Oh s.h.i.+t!

Placing his other hand on the internal walls of the shard, icicle-like rocks began to shoot out of the wall.


The iro silk from the partial Kilapisole alien from Gustav took a shot across the place straight down to the bottom, destroying the inside of the ma.s.sive shard.

[Energy Discharge Has Been Activated]


Red energy blasted forth from Gustav's being, destroying the entirety of the shard as it spread across the vicinity.

The other Gharkle Warts below were disintegrated into fine powder as the energy blast was too much for them to absorb.

As the shard was destroyed from the inside out, Gustav fell but landed on an extension from the iro silk he had shot out earlier.

The iro silk had formed a kind of spiky fortress protruding from the ground. It had taken the place of the shard that had just gotten destroyed.

Gustav held onto it and allowed the icicle-like rocks to multiply immensely, which allowed them to shoot further into the ground and form an even st.u.r.dier fortress as he stood atop it.

After some time, Gustav stared at the ground area, which was still several thousand feet below. The fog in the air was still red, but since he was high above, it happened to be very spa.r.s.e around him.

As expected, it was way denser below, and Gustav couldn't even see the bottom of the iro silk due to this, but he could feel something that made him constantly replicate iro silk.

"It's worse than I thought," Gustav voiced out.

("I told you,") The system responded.

"It's even eating up the Iro silk at the bottom... With how st.u.r.dy it is, even atomic disintegration would not be able to make it dissapear this quickly," Gustav stated.

It turned out that the color of the sands in this part of the planet changed color occasionally. When it was pink, it meant the grounds were safe to travel on, and the color of the fog in the air due to that had no negative effects.

However, the moment it turned red, that would mean it was no longer conducive.

The red color of the sand and the fog was toxic to any life or object.

According to the information the system gave him, Gustav would find his body evaporating and turning into a black puddle in a matter of minutes if he traveled on the ground when the fog had changed to a red color.

Gustav could use his ability to wave them off for some time, but that would mean he would be spending energy excessively, which would affect him negatively since he was spending twenty-four hours here.

This was why he had to find high ground. The problem now was that he had destroyed the high ground, so now he had to maintain the high ground he created, which was also depleting energy.

Gustav reckoned whatever material used to create the ma.s.sive shard he was standing on earlier was special since this fog probably didn't have any effect on it.

His iro silk, on the other hand, had to be replicated by the second at the bottom area, or everything would come cras.h.i.+ng down.

After a few more seconds, Gustav voiced out, "It's time,"

[Hover Has Been Activated]

He floated above the iro silk after activating Hover and turned north.

'I have to find another high ground in thirty seconds,' Gustav said Internally as he zoomed off across the sky.

His speed caused the red fog in the air to part ways as he blasted across the sky.

Gustav activated G.o.d Eyes, so he was able to see hundreds of meters ahead.

After about twenty-five seconds of flying, Gustav had spotted a cone-shaped high ground up ahead. Gustav didn't care whether or not this structure seemed suspicious.

He just flew towards it without wasting time and landed atop it. The top area was more than three thousand feet above ground level.

It was so wide that Gustav felt it was comparable to the size of an island. Several weird black-colored could be seen protruding from the surface of this greyish cone-shaped structure.

Gustav moved around the top area, looking to see if he could find signs of life, but there was nothing to be seen around here.

Gustav heaved a sigh of relief as Hover deactivated and began counting down. This was a good breather from the craziness he had just endured with the thousands of Gharkle Warts trying to kill him.

He proceeded to sit in a cross-legged position atop the cone-shaped structure and closed his eyes to channel his bloodline. He felt since this place seemed rather okay, he could hide out here till the end of the twenty fours was over.

It had only been a few seconds since Gustav closed his eyes when he felt like something was watching him.

He opened his eyes and looked around, but he couldn't find anything in the vicinity.

'Did I rejoice too soon?' He wondered as he stood to his feet.

What Gustav couldn't see was, from above the sky, he was actually standing on what looked like a circular platform.

All of a sudden, there was a small tremor that made Gustav stagger a bit as he wondered what was happening.

White suddenly appeared on the place he was standing as the greyish part moved to the side, forming a ma.s.sive circular shape.

It moved from right to left and from left to right once more, pa.s.sing underneath Gustav's feet.

"What is... Is that an eyeball?" Gustav's eyes widened a little as he figured it out despite the size.

Grrrrhhhhh~ Bang!

The entire platform suddenly shook violently as small cracks appeared all over the place, and the structure ascended.

"Oh s.h.i.+t," Gustav rarely cursed, but this was an unprecedented moment as the structure rose further into the skies with him atop.

Gustav was already like an ant standing on this platform initially; now, he was like a grain of salt.

Greyish-colored rocky shoulders appeared by the sides as the platform rose to more than seven thousand feet in the air and kept rising even after reaching such height.