The Bloodline System - Chapter 82 - Using Recreation

Chapter 82 - Using Recreation

Chapter 82 - Using Recreation

This topic seemed to have opened a lot of scars for him.

"Hmm, good questions my boy... The answer is something that I'm sure you know deep down but don't want to admit it," Boss Danzo stated while turning around to face Gustav again.

"Which is?" Gustav asked.

"There are people who are actually decent in this world..." Boss Danzo replied, "And those kinds of people are the type that deserves your mercy since they've never hurt anyone," Boss Danzo turned around once again and went in leaving Gustav to wallow in his thoughts.


Even when the day ended Gustav couldn't stop thinking about what boss Danzo said.

Maybe he was truly turning a blind eye as he got more powerful.

If boss Danzo had told him to become a hero outright he would have turned him down instantly but the way he spoke made a lot of sense to Gustav.

'I'll just keep doing what I'm doing... I know for a fact that I haven't harmed anyone who didn't deserve it,' Gustav stopped the internal battle going on within his mind with this.

Everyone left for home after school came to an end for the day.

Gustav also left for home since today was a free day for him.

Miss Aimee wouldn't be training him today.

Although he could still go to the Dojo and do self-training, only one thought was in his mind right now and that was to try out recreation.

The only problem was he hadn't decided on the bloodlines he would combine.

Beast Transformation was still a no, along with atomic manipulation. He didn't know if he would be able to use them separately after the transformation. Same with his genetic transformation bloodline.

The two he could use in performing the experiment were the ones he extracted from Gordon and Charles.

The reason Gustav was feeling reluctant about he was, he liked Charles's bloodline and what it could do. He didn't want to use recreation on it but there was no other bloodline he could use so he had to come to terms with it.

When he thought about it more he realized that this was a better option since he wouldn't be able to use the abilities in public places.

If he did they would be recognized but with recreation, they could turn out to be something different when mixed and no one would be able to recognize the abilities.

Gustav got home later and sat on his bed to test it out.

'"Now that I think about it, will recreation work without the need for requirements like the bloodline acquisition?" Gustav wondered.

But after thinking about it for a while, he decided trying it out would be the best way to know.

'Activate Recreation,' Gustav said internally.

[Recreation has been activated]

Gustav felt hot on the inside all of a sudden.

"Wow, what's that?" He wondered.

He could feel the bloodlines around the channel points bubbling with intensity.

[Which bloodlines does host wish to combine?]

The system asked.

'Combine gravitational charge and energy Transmutation bloodline,' Gustav commanded internally.

[Host has decided to combine gravitational charge and energy transmutation bloodline]

[Gravitational Charge + Energy Transmutation]

[Calculating Compatibility Rate: 0%]

[Calculating Compatibility Rate: 17%]

[Calculating Compatibility Rate: 37%]

Gustav watched as the system calculated the Compatibility Rate.

In a few seconds, it was done.

[Compatibility of combination is 58%]

[Does Host still wish to combine both bloodlines: Yes/No]

Gustav was about to say yes when a warning notification popped up.


Gustav read the warning notification with a look of amazement.

'This can only mean two things, first, the bloodline created from the combination of both bloodlines will be powerful. Second, it will be so powerful and hard to control that I may harm others and myself with it if I'm not able to control it,' Gustav analyzed.

Surprisingly he looked quite excited instead of looking disturbed.

'Now I'm looking forward to this even more,' Gustav said inwardly before giving the system his answer.

"Yes combine the bloodlines,"

[Combining energy transmutation and gravity charge]

Gustav suddenly felt a cool and soothing feeling welling up from within.

[Recalibrating bloodlines to their initial genetic form]

[Mixing Endoplasm/Antimycogen/Cellulose...]

Different notifications begin to pop up in his line of sight as Gustav felt his body undergo different kinds of internal changes.

[Combination process will begin]

[Combination procedure: 0.01%/100%]

Gustav watched as the percentage moved up slowly.

[Combination procedure: 0.19%/100%]

Even after two hours, it was still at 0.19. Gustav's mouth was slightly opened in frustration.

'At this stage, it will take at least two days,' Gustav sighed internally.

He thought it would be fast like bloodline acquisition but he was wrong.

Recreation didn't have requirements like bloodline acquisition but the process was really slow.

It was time for Gustav to go do his usual night routine.

He didn't know if his movement would affect the combination but he had to move or he'll cancel the combination entirely.

Gustav stood up and went to change his clothes.

The soothing feeling he was getting from the combination came occasionally but he was able to ignore it and move.

The soothing feeling always made him want to lie down and relish the enjoyment coming from within but at the moment he had to block the feeling from affecting his movement.

Gustav went out for neighborhood inspection after a while with Angy.

He arrived back at midnight and just as expected no mixed-breed showed today.

The only reason why Gustav was feeling disappointed was because of the notification that was still displayed in his line of sight.

[Combination procedure: 12.7%/100%]

'This is gonna take a while,' Gustav said internally.

This meant he would have to go to school the next day, this way.

Gustav went to school the next day with the combination still in process.

Sometimes the soothing feeling would be so good that Gustav would have the urge to moan but he would hold it in.

If he suddenly started moaning in classes, people would think he had gone from being trash to being possessed.

He wasn't really bothered by his classmates' thoughts about him right now but he would prefer not to add more to the weird list.