The Bloodline System - Chapter 830 - Fending Off The Gharkle Warts

Chapter 830 - Fending Off The Gharkle Warts

Chapter 830 - Fending Off The Gharkle Warts

Another thing that surprised him was how they had changed colors from green to bright blue.

The creatures began to crawl up even faster than before, lighting up the internal structure of the shard as they swarmed upwards.

"What the h.e.l.l are those things?" Gustav voiced out as he prepared to use another long-range attack.

He didn't want to use something overly powerful so he would not destroy the entire structure, so Gustav decided to take some items from his storage device.

Three small circular-shaped metallic b.a.l.l.s. He dropped them through the hole.

These small b.a.l.l.s fell into the middle of this swarm of an unknown creature, and three small blasts were heard within the ma.s.sive shaft-like structure.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The structure vibrated a bit from the force of the explosions, but luckily, it didn't have too much effect as the structure remained standing.

Smoke drifted upwards from the holes on the tip of the shard-like structure. The internal part was filled with smoke and barely visible.

Gustav should have looked relieved at this point, seeing the effect that these had caused, but he looked even more astonished than before as he kept staring in the direction of the hole where smoke was still drifting out.

"They are still alive," Gustav voiced out as his pupils dilated and he zoomed his eyes further in.

Some of the cotton-like creatures had turned from light blue to a shade of red as well and were close to reaching the top at this point.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Flames with a mixed color of red, blue, and green began shooting out from the holes.

Gustav quickly moved away, dodging one of the finger-sized flames that flew out of the hole he was staring into.


The air sizzled from the hotness of the thousands of flames shooting upwards out of the hole.

Gustav had to start swerving across the top of this shard to dodge these thousands of small flames jetting out with little to no s.p.a.ce around.

Moving back once more on the west side, Gustav's foot slipped as he got to the edge, and his body slanted backward as he nearly fell off.

His upper body slanted to the point where his back would almost be at ground level if he was standing on the ground. Pus.h.i.+ng his body upwards, Gustav quickly moved to the side to dodge another one.

"This is troublesome," Just as Gustav voiced this out, the cotton-like creatures began to climb out of the shard.

They instantly headed for Gustav as they piled up on each other in different sets of swarms.

An Atomic blade appeared in Gustav's hand as he began to swing them across the place.

Swwhiii~ Slas.h.!.+

He was finally using an attack that affected these creatures as the atomic blade disintegrated the ones it made contact with as he swung out repeatedly.

[Host has killed Alien life form 'Gharkle wart' +5000 EXP]

[Host has killed Alien life form 'Gharkle wart' +5000 EXP]

[Host has killed Alien life form 'Gharkle wart' +5000 EXP]

However, anyone that was not snuffed out instantly and only slightly damaged would explode.

Gustav found himself nearly falling off the top of the shard again as the first explosion took him by surprise, which triggered others as well.

On the part of the shard Gustav was standing on, cracks appeared, and in the next moment, he had his foot stuck in a hole that had been created due to the top giving away.

"Ugh," Gustav groaned as he felt stings on his left leg.

[Toxins Have Infiltrated Host Blood Stream]

[Toxins Have Infiltrated Host Blood Stream]

[Toxin Immunity Has Been Activated]

[Toxin Is Being a.n.a.lysed]

Gustav pulled his leg out in the next instant and could see many of these Gharkle warts latched onto his leg.

Gustav covered his entire left leg in milky-colored light, knowing flames wouldn't harm them as he shoved them off. They began disintegrating into nothingness, and more notifications popped up in his line of sight.

Gustav's leg was now freed of them, but not only had it turned green, but he could also barely feel his left foot, and many more of the Gharkle Warts were headed for him in such outrageous numbers they had formed what looked like b.a.l.l.s of cotton the size of a human.

"Going down might be the best option now... I'll just destroy this entire structure," Gustav voiced out as he decided not to hold back anymore.

("You can't do that,") The system responded in his head.

"Why not?" Gustav asked with a slightly annoyed look.

("Look down,") The system started with a tone of urgency.

Gustav turned his face to the side and looked down. The pinkish fog had turned red, and just like it was when pink, it was denser the closer in proximity it was to the ground.

"It started?" Gustav voiced out.

He nearly facepalmed at this point because the timing couldn't be any worse. Going down was no longer an option, and he needed to keep this structure standing.

[Toxins Have Been Successfully Cleared From Host Bloodstream]

Gustav felt his leg returning to normal as this notification popped up in his line of sight.

"Alright, enough of this... I'll just make my high ground then," Gustav voiced as his entire body glowed up with milky-colored light.


A wave of Atomic Disintegration Energy phased out of him, obliterating all the Gharkle Warts in the vicinity. But, unfortunately, the part of the shard Gustav was standing on wasn't spared.

As the blast of milky light disintegrated everything in the vicinity, a quarter of the top part of the shard-like structure also disappeared.


Gustav began to fall at this point into the shard-like structure where more of these creatures could be seen hiding.

His body bloated as his skin turned green.

The moment he arrived within the middle part of the shard-like structure, he stuck his fingers into one of the holes, which prevented him from falling farther in.

Placing his other hand on the internal walls of the shard, icicle-like rocks began to shoot out of the wall.